Cal Club News Blast
June 2020
Double Divisional/Track Event
June 27-28, 2020
Buttonwillow Raceway Park
  Cal Club Region’s, rescheduled from May, Buttonwillow Double Divisional and Track Event weekend. A LONG TIME IN COMING, will be June 27-28, 2020. Cal Club returns to the Track after the Pandemic Stay-at-Home journey we’ve all been dealing with the past 4-5 months. Thanks to Buttonwillow Raceway, we were offered this end of June date to get back in the swing of things, scrape off the rust, burn some rubber, and exercise our road racing passions. As we all have been hearing, we will be back, but things will be a bit different. In order to be able to hold the event and keep everyone safe Cal Club has been working on a game plan, here is some, but not all the changes you will see:

  • Starting with REGISTRATION – we would like to minimize the crowd in the Registration Building. We’ll have someone on hand to help organize this, but basically minimize number of inside registrants to 2 Drivers/Crews/Teams at a time – limiting total to 10 waiting inside to Register.
  • We will form a line at the door, outside and feed the inside population from that line. We ask that you please wash your hands before entering, wear a facial covering and of course maintain the social distancing guidelines.
  • The Snack Bar dining room will be closed and all orders will be to go, ordering will be done at the outside window.
  • Impound and Tech area activity will be brief. Hopefully all can and will practice safe distancing.
  • Race Awards – There will be no Formal trophy stand presentation, but awards will be at a table at impound and the ladies will be there to hand them to you.
  • Race Control and Timing and Scoring will be no-go places. If you need to speak with anyone in either location, please knock on the door.
  • The Drivers letter will have complete changes and guidelines, it will be sent out to all entrants a few days before the event.

Now that we have pointed out the changes ( might be more to come stay tuned) you are still thinking " June at Buttonwillow? Really?" well we know it can be toasty in the central valley in the summer, so we have come up with a schedule that still gets you out on track with a qualifying and race session each day, but we are all out of the heat by 1:00 pm. The worst of the heat at Buttonwillow is after 1:00 pm so we will all be tucked away for an afternoon siesta by that time!! See schedule here: June 2020 Schedule

Please note that we have reduced fees a bit to reflect no practice time and that we have inverted the run groups on Sunday so that everyone has a different time slot each day to make it as fair as we can. 

Buttonwillow Raceway will hold a Test and Tune on Friday June 26, 2020, please contact the track for information regarding the Friday Test Day, Camping Spots, Garages and Tire Shop Questions. 661-304-9382

Sign up today and let us know that you will be coming! As always your credit card WILL NOT be charged until you come in to onsite registration and there is no fee to cancel or not show.

U.S. Majors
September 5-6, 2020
Buttonwillow Raceway

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