Cal Club News Blast
October 2021
Double Divisional
Track Event
October 30-31, 2021
Buttonwillow Raceway

Join us at Buttonwillow Raceway for the LAST race of 2021!

Wow, this year had some speed and it has almost reached the checkered flag! We had to do some schedule changes to the end of the year, due to the delayed construction at the new track, so this is it!

We are bringing back the Pumpkin run, complete with Saturday night Halloween party, costume, prizes, food, drink and overall fun!

Configuration 14 A Clock Wise will be used by both the racing and track event cars! 14 A Map

Enter today, your credit card will not be charged until you come in to on site registration, so help us make it the best event we can by entering early!!!

´╗┐Road Racing
Many of you have been asking about the 2022 Road Racing Schedule and we have it, finally! We are still awaiting news on some materials for the new track. As many of you know, this is a difficult time, many items are back ordered or simply can not be found. This has plagued finishing up the new track at Buttonwillow, but it is very very close!

You will also see there is no Auto Club Speedway on the schedule. Auto Club could not commit to dates until about 2 weeks ago and we could not wait to give SCCA our dates that long, so for 2022 we are skipping going to Auto Club.

There are some other events that may be added to some of the dates, nothing is settled yet and the board along with SCCA are working on some new and exciting things!

The dates are set in stone, the Majors and Super Tour are set. Now we need to work out adding new and exciting stuff and which track and configurations we will run at Buttonwillow. So set your calendars here is the 2022 Road Racing Schedule:

Notice- From our Associate Membership Crew:

As of December 31, 2021 Cal Club will no longer have an Regional Associate Membership Program. Over the years we have discovered that there is much confusion and redundancy regarding our Regional program and the SCCA Dual Member option. Since both the Cal Club Associate Memberships and the SCCA Dual Members provide the same privileges our Regional Associate Membership program will be discontinued: 
  Dual Members receive the full privileges of a Regular Cal Club Member, such as Regional championship points for drivers and associated awards, non-drivers and drivers can hold Regional Offices,   vote in Cal Club elections, be Chiefs of Specialties, etc.

For those out of Region SCCA members who want to continue with Cal Club in 2022 please contact the SCCA Membership office at

Thank you for all your support

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