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February 2023

The Second Western Conference Majors will be stopping at Buttonwillow Raceway on March 25-26, 2023. Configuration 14 Couter Clockwise will be used! Test day on Friday March 24, 2023. ALL SCCA classes welcome, regional and national! You must have a full SCCA competition license.



Flaggers for Long Beach Drifting Event

April 7-8, 2023

No Experience needed!

Hey Drivers, Crew, Family and Friends,

Want to help out your club? How about volunteering to work the Long Beach Formula Drift Event as a flagger? No experience needed.

(We can all put out a yellow flag when a car spins or pick up debris) all you need is a white shirt, jeans, comfy shoes and want to be out on track for a couple of hours!

We are looking for 4 to 5 folks that can help us out!!!!

If interested please contact the Cal Club Flag Chief, Bob Jardine

We could use the same amount of folks for Evening Drift during the Long Beach Grand Prix on April 14 and 15. Evening drift is a short amount of time on track from 6:00 pm to about 8:30 pm, we will arrange to get you in to the facility! 

So again, let the Cal Club flag chief know! 

Great way to have fun and give back to your club!!!!!

Regional/Divisional and

Track Event

April 29-30, 2023

Configuration 1A Clockwise

We go back to regional racing and welcome back our Track Event folks on April 29-30, 2023. Two days of racing and track fun! Sun will be shining and the temperature will be perfect for some great racing!

A test day run by Buttonwillow Raceway on Friday April 28th will be held. Contact the track for information, 661-764-5333

Registration opens March 26, 2023

On line Registration

flaggers doing monkey dance

Do you know all your benefits as a SCCA Member? If not here is a list SCCA MEMBER BENEFITS

If you are needing an SCCA Competition License waiver, the process is pretty simple! Follow the instructions on this form and it will be a breeze:

Competition License Waiver

Cal Club will no longer have a Regional Associate Membership Program. SCCA offers a Dual Region Membership, so it was a redundancy to have a special Cal Club associate membership. For those drivers wanting Dual Region memberships, please contact SCCA, or 800-770-2055.

The 2023 SCCA Annual Waiver is now available online. 

Here are the links to do this.  It makes it easier for Drivers and Race Officials at Onsite Registration especially if you travel out of region.

The 2023 Annual Waivers are available in the Member Account Portal! Click the link below to digitally sign your annual waiver and be prepared to upload your selfie photo (remember no sunglasses or hats, we need to see your face!)

Adult Annual Waiver 

Minor Annual Waiver

Parents Annual Consent (Required for the parents of minors who are participating in SCCA events as a competitor or worker in a restricted area)

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