News about California Community Colleges building makerspaces with support from the CCC Maker CCCCO grant under the Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Economy framework. 

Project Updates January 2018
Recent CCC Maker initiative activities included:
  • CCC Maker colleges submitted fiscal reports on January 16
  • CCC Maker Colleges submitted narrative quarterly reports on January 16
  • "Tap the TAP" Thursdays at noon webinar series restarted on January 18 with Toni Edgerton, Grant Accountant for Sierra College, Fiscal Agent for CCC Maker
  • CCC Foundation presented a webinar on internships on January 25
Impact of College Makerspaces in First Half Year

CCC Maker colleges submitted their quarterly reports in January documenting the impact of CCC Maker funded makerspaces. Below are the results of the first six months of implementation:
  • Makerspaces
    • 24 colleges are creating makerspace communities with CCC Maker funding
    • 9158 students participated in activities in CCC Maker college makerspaces 
  • Curriculumn
    • 81 student badges were earned
    • 292 courses accessed  makerspaces 
    • 144 faculty professional development events were delivered
    • 303 faculty were engaged in college makerspaces
  • Community
    • 65 makerspace advisory meetings were held
    • 98 college blog posts described makerspace activities
    • 3951 ecosystem connections were documented
    • $808,951 in in-kind match was documented
  • Internships
    • 235 employers were recruited
    • 214 students recruited
    • 127 students completed pre-placement training
    • 2 internships were completed
Overall CCC Maker Grant Management Six Month Update
  • Operations
    • Expended $1,096,613 with 28 colleges completing the "Seed Grant" Year 1 startup process. 
    • 24 colleges were awarded $5.8M for Year 2 funding (FY 2017-2018)
    • 60 people attended on-boarding workshop and symposium on August 17-18 
    • Implemented processes and procedures for fiscal reporting and accountability
    • Developed matrix of required internship placements for each funded college, developed roll out plan with CCC Foundation and sent subcontracts out
    • Offered weekly series of informational "Tap the TAP" webinars
    • Community of Practice was launched through Workplace with 74 users with groups on internships, community, curriculum, makerspaces and TAP updates
  • Strategic Communication
    • 48 YouTube videos are posted from CCC Maker webinars. Several explain how to use grant systems such as Kumu mapping or comply with fiscal reporting requirments. Instructional movies enable college teams to tell their stories by posting results on their college page on and in social media
    • Newsletters reported results monthly to 487 subscribers with 42% open rate
    • 3600 users visited with 15,000 page views
    • Of 98 college blog posts, 33 were tagged as student impact stories
    • 9 articles were published and 8 presentations were made
    • In the past quarter, tweets earned 37.9K impressions; 554 people like the Facebook page, CCC Maker is also on Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube
Colleges Share Implementation Stories on 

Folsom Lake College continues to share curriculum being developed for the Making Social Change class, and applied projects being made n the Innovation Lab such as an A-Z of Planned Parenthood quilt, laser cutting safety stencils and design thinking for early childhood education.

Congratulations to Cabrillo College on the successful makerspace grand opening on January 20 with excellent media coverage. The college built momentum by offering "sneak peeks" on January 12.

City College of San Francisco (CCSF) MakerSPHERE engaged students in Architectural Graphics to redesign the SmartHUB and in a Computer Science Special Projects course to work with faculty member Erez Morag to create a badge system for makerspace equipment coming online. Deborah Bird, TAP, and Brie Lindsey, CCST presented at a Flex Day professional development for 37 people on "Strategies for Equity and Inclusion in the CCSF MakerSPHERE from the CCC Maker Initiative."

Michelle Zamora, Makerspace Student Lead, Sacramento City College, reported on a blog post the progress the college is making on badging, inventory, QR codes, website & branding, and outreach and teamwork. Building on badging and internship plans through the CCC Maker grant, the makerspace team met with administrators and instructors to investigate how to incorporate a badging system throughout the entire campus.

Nine Sierra College students participated in New World of Work (NWOW) Modules on Communication, Analysis/Solution Mindset, & Entrepreneurial Mindset delivered by Aleda Vaughn, Sierra College Welding faculty member and NWOW facilitator. Sierra College also shared hands-on project curriculum and announced a Spring 2018 Social Entrepreneurship class that will ulitlize the Hacker Lab powered by Sierra College.

Chaffey Community College is partnering with the City of Rancho Cucamonga to build the Maker Innovation Center as a regional hub for innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

On December 9, Allan Hancock Community College, with the Santa Maria Public Library and the Santa Maria Valley Discovery Museum, held a Holiday Makerspace five-hour event attended by over 700 community members.

Orange Coast College is actively engaging in the local creative economy by developing action sports curriculum and facilities to teach the fundamentals of designing, engineering and making performance objects, such as skateboards, skimboards, handplanes, surfboards, standup paddleboards and small boats.

Moorpark College invited the College of the Canyons makerspace team to provide professional development to 30 faculty and staff members on January 4. The College of the Canyons makerspace opened in 2016 and will be expanded to 2,052 square feet this year. Attending faculty members are now considering some ideas for curriculum development that would incorporate the Moorpark makerspace.

To see college blog posts go to resources on the CCC Maker website.
CCC Maker Spreads Educational Makerspace Knowledge

Conferences & Presentations: 
  • 1/12/18 Strategies for Equity and Inclusion in the City College of San Francisco MakerSPHERE from the CCC Maker Initiative by Brie Lindsey, CCST and Deborah Bird, TAP
  • 1/11/18 US Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) with NAACE - CCC Maker Ecosystem Mapping with Kumu by Deborah Bird, TAP 
  • 1/26/18 AMETLL workshop for high school and college counselors in Long Beach by Deborah Bird, TAP 
Important Dates

Feb. 13 -- Linked Learning Orange County Pop-up Makerspace
Feb. 18 -- Maker Faire Bay Area 2018 -- Call for Makers!  First application deadline is Feb. 18.
Mar. 16 -- CCC Maker Symposium at Glendale College on work-based  learning  and internships
April 13 -- CCC Maker Symposium at Folsom Lake College on embedding making in curriculum
April 28 -- SCCRC Regional Maker Faire - College of the Canyons, Allan Hancock College and Moorpark College in Valencia from 10am -2pm Sign up to participate
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The CCC Maker initiative is funded by Grant # 16-203-001 awarded by the California Community College Chancellor'sOffice , Workforce and Economic Development Division, to Sierra Joint Community College District.