News about California Community Colleges building makerspaces with support from the CCC Maker CCCCO grant under the Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Economy framework. 

Project Updates December 2018
Recent CCC Maker initiative activities included:
  • CCC Maker with the California Council on Science and Technology held a Fall Symposium on Makerspace Sustainability on Friday, November 30, 2018 at College of the Canyons attended by over 50 people.
  • CCC Maker with Sacramento City College completed the pilot of the eight session MakerMatic cohort internship program. 
  • On November 11, Deborah Bird and Salomon Davila, CCC Maker Technical Assistance Providers, delivered a webinar to prepare colleges to participate in the Sustainability Symposium.
  • CCC Maker is collaborating with the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship to hold MAKE/shift, a national Makerspace Ecosystem Summit in Irvine California on April 24-26.
CCC Maker Completes MakerMatic Internship Pilot

CCC Maker was funded to provide students with 20 hour internships connected with the college  makerspaces. Coordinating student internships can be time consuming and it was challenging for many of the colleges to set up these internships.

So, CCC Maker with guidance from our advisory committee sought a better solution that would benefit employers as well as the students. The result is MakerMatic, a cohort internship based in the makerspace. The 20 hour internship is delivered in eight sessions with the business partner. The students are taught design thinking skills to address a specific problem presented by an employer. Faculty and makerspace student leaders facilitate students' learning experience as they form teams, brainstorm, select promising ideas, reiterate possible solutions and finally present to an employer panel. Student comments included:

I really enjoyed the ideation portion because of all the wild solutions we thought of.
The last day went really well as my team presented our idea to the business leaders.We had so much fun during this program!
To see the final results of all our hard work was rewarding and to have actual feedback from a established company was also a great opportunity. 
It was nice to see ourselves actually doing it! And not just imagining it.

Sacramento City College students completed the eight session MakerMatic pilot in November and plans are being made to offer this internship program at six CCC Maker colleges in the spring. Our goal is to further develop this new model for makerspace students to gain relevant work-based learning experience. Videos showing the MakerMatic program are now posted on the CCC Maker website.
Makerspace Sustainability Symposium was Well Attended

Thank you to College of the Canyons for hosting the CCC Maker Fall Symposium on Sustainability on Friday, November 30. Over 50 representatives from CCC Maker colleges gathered to share, collaborate and plan for the future of their makerspaces.
  • Dr. Dianne Van Hook, President, College of the Canyons, extolled makerspaces as places where students could experiment, gain confidence and cultivate a creative mindset.
  • Dr. Kim Bateman, Sierra College Executive Dean, Tahoe-Truckee Campus, used humor and storytelling in an inspirational keynote that reflected on the colleges' journey establishing makerspaces and the values that will guide future plans.
  • Suzanne Vallery, Evaluator, Central Coast Makerspace Collaborative, encouraged colleges to plan for the next iteration of their makerspaces by reviewing, refining and renewing their workplans.
  • Jeffrey Forrest, DSN, Gig Economy, College of the Canyons, and Amy Schulz, Dean of Career, Continuing & Technical Education, Division of Business & Technology, Sierra College, led a discussion on the convergence of makerspaces & entrepreneurship.
  • During the tour of College of the Canyons' MakerSpace, students presented their projects.
  • Colleges met in regional clusters to collaborate and share what's worked, what didn't and what could be done differently in a future iteration.
  • Makerspace teams practiced presenting their makerspace sustainability strategies.
Colleges Stand Together in Face of Tragedy

During recent tragedies affecting two of our CCC Maker college communities, the campus makerspaces served as havens for students coping with unexpected loss. At the CCC Maker Symposium on Sustainability held on November 30, the attendees were incredibly moved to hear makerspace leaders Daniel Donnelly, Butte College, and Clare Sadnick, Moorpark College, describe the importance of the community formed around their makerspaces in supporting and comforting students.

At Butte College, over 130 faculty members and 750 students lost their homes in the Camp Fire, and the entire region was impacted by the worst fire in California history. Noel Sparks, art student and makerspace community member, Moorpark College, died tragically in the Thousand Oaks Borderline Bar Shooting on November 7.

At the symposium, the CCC Maker community stood together and held a moment of silence. Many asked how they could help, and Donnelly suggested contributing to the North Valley Community Foundation Camp Fire Relief Fund. College makespace communities have proven to be critical resources and support centers to students during disasters. Our hope is that college makerspaces can provide leadership in addressing the needs of their ecosystems as they recover.
What is Happening in the College Makerspaces 

Moreno Valley College unveiled the iMake Innovation Mobile Center on Thursday, December 6, a collaborative space which will bring back the art of making, foster creativity and inspire students to enact change in the world by developing solutions to real-world problems.

Sacramento City College students presented solutions to address customer pain points and pitched recommendations to members of a business panel at CCC Maker's pilot of MakerMatic cohort internship.

Folsom Lake College Innovation Center makerspace hosted an informational session with industrial engineering professionals to highlight industry career opportunities, Professor Max Mahoney conducted a fermentation science workshop and the team customized a new mini bioprinter for fermentation science and other biotinkering research and development.

College of Canyons hosted the 3rd Annual Eco-Zombie Robot Challenge where competing teams created carnivorous Eco-Zombie Scavenger Birds using LEGO Robot kits.

American River College Design Hub embarked on a laser engraving project to provide Engineering Club with promotional materials, built a 3D printer capable of printing bones for the Anthropology Department and with the Physics department honed Hub interns' drone pilot skills at a rocketcar competition with high school partners.

Allan Hancock College with the Central Coast Makerspace Network held the 2nd annual Holiday Makerspace; over 150 community members enjoyed led and self-directed activities at both the Discovery Museum and the Santa Maria Public Library.

Sierra College interns at the Truckee campus developed their communication, photography and storytelling skills working with business partners to highlight local career opportunities in a PechaKucha style public presentation in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each.

Laney College and College of Alameda makerspaces were recognized when the Peralta Community College District Board of Trustees passed a resolution acknowledging the value of Peralta's FabLabs and strongly supporting further growth and development.

When the Hartnell College Makerspace hosted a Cub Scout troop, members of the college Makers Society Club described building and programming a farm bot, service learners from CSU Monterey Bay helped the boys build robots and the Cub Scouts earned their engineering badge.

T o see college blog posts go to  resources on the CCC Maker website .
CCC Maker in the News
  • Medium (11-7-18) Why Students Need These Skills to Thrive in the Future of Work by Van Ton-Quinlivan
  • (11-15-18) Moreno Valley College Unveils iMake Innovation Mobile Center
  • Sierra Sun (11-26-18) Sierra College Students Present Career Kaleidoscope in PechaKucha Format
  • PR Web (11-27-18) Sierra College Plans Holiday Maker Workshop on December 7
Important Dates

January 15, 2019 CCC Maker college Narrative and Fiscal reports through December due

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April 24-26, 2019  CCC Maker & NACCE  MAKE/shift  Makerspace Ecosystem Summit, at the Irvine Hotel in Irvine CA

May 17-19, 2019 Maker Faire Bay Area in San Mateo (CCC Maker celebration May 17)

June 13, 2019 Final Narrative and Fiscal reports due, with reporting of expenses through May 31, 2019, as well as match report
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The CCC Maker initiative is funded by Grant # 16-203-001 awarded by the California Community College Chancellor'sOffice , Workforce and Economic Development Division, to Sierra Joint Community College District.