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December - January 2018
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In the spirit of community giving, over 700 volunteers from Apple and the CSD community come together on Martin Luther King Day to make California School for the Deaf beautiful. (To see individual faces in Google Photos , click on the group photo; then click on magnifier to see individual faces.) Click here for larger photo view.

Photo Description: Group photo of hundreds of volunteers, wearing blue Apple T-shirts, signing "Eagle" with both hands up in the air in the shape of the talons. Volunteers are sitting in rows that gradually ascend, with the bottom row of kids sitting on the grass and the top row standing next to the Bell Tower.
Greetings from the Land of ORANGE and BLACK!
The New Year began with a bang. We were very fortunate for the opportunity to be part of Apple’s annual community giving event on Martin Luther King Day. It was an amazing day as 700+ volunteers (Students, Families, Staff and Apple) came to beautify our grounds. In this issue, there is more information on what occurred on January 15. Again, CSD really appreciates Apple and the individuals who came to volunteer on Martin Luther King Day. 
CSD was invited to the 6 th  biannual CDE professional learning summit. The Winter Institute, “Access for All”, focused on the California Department of Education’s role to ensure access for all children. We served on the ‘Access for All’ panel and presented ‘Access for All: Ensuring Language Opportunities for all of California’s Deaf children' to the headquarter employees. We, along with CDE, believe that its vital to provide our Deaf children with access to inclusion within our programs. The institute gave us the opportunity to share and discuss definitions of the following terms: Least Restrictive Environment, Inclusion, and One System. It is very important that these terms are well defined so that Deaf children will receive the best education and service. Among the central theme of access, we engaged in dialogues on how we will be ensuring action to bring equity and opportunities to diverse students of California.
Early in December, our student athletes and academic team competed at the Battle of California event at California School for the Deaf, Riverside. We had a healthy competition, and our students had a great time. CSD would like to thank CSDR for their warm hospitality and organizing a meaningful event. In the end, everyone left a winner!
Our students continue to excel in and out of the classroom. Our academic departments send out newsletters to share information about their programming and the successes of our students. If you have not been subscribing to their newsletters, please contact the department principal/supervisor. It is very important to keep in mind that our students attend CSD primarily to be educated bilingually. Including our after school activities, athletic and student life program is very important to the development of our students’ identities, self-esteem, and actualization of their ability to succeed as they grow into successful adults.
By sharing this monthly CalNews with you, it is evident that there are so many things going on at CSD! Our students, families, staff, and community members are to be recognized for their commitment towards the school’s mission in serving our students to the best of our ability. Together, we will continue to create more opportunities for everyone at CSD.
Clark Brooke
California School for the Deaf

Your Feedback is Important

As part of the self-study (accreditation) process at California School for the Deaf, Fremont, we are inviting input from you as a valuable member of the school community. Your feedback will assist the school with the development of goals for future improvement.

It is very important that you take every question into consideration and respond to the best of your ability. Thank you for being a part of the school improvement process.

With Eagle Pride,

Accreditation Leadership Team

CSD & Apple join forces
for a Day of Community Giving
See highlights of the event, along with comments from our students and staff, and a glimpse of the many projects the community did to beautify our school!

Special thanks to JAC Cook for shooting the video footage; Ray Gier for taking photos; and Joey Baer for putting it all together in this video memory.

Representatives from CSD's Ebony Club
Zahra Chauhan & Raven Lynch
lead the audience in "Love Conquers All"
(el amor lo vence todo)
Zahra & Raven stand before the crowd
in their blue T-shirts signing
Zahra & Raven stand before the crowd
in their blue T-shirts signing
Zahra & Raven stand before the crowd
in their blue T-shirts signing
"ALL" (1)
Zahra & Raven stand before the crowd
in their blue T-shirts signing
"ALL" (2)
CSD leadership presents T-Shirt to Apple CEO
Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, poses with a group of our CSD staff: Jacelia Washington (Interpreter); Len Gonzales (Director of Instruction); Clark Brooke (School Superintendent); Barbara White (Director of Pupil Personnel Services); Ethan Bernstein (Dean of Student Life); JAC Cook (School & Community Resource Coordinator); Carla Wetzel (Interpreter)

Photo Description: Group standing in front of the Administration building arm-in-arm wearing blue T-shirts. Interpreters on each end wearing gray T-shirts.
"MLK reminded us to live our values and serve our communities. Thank you to the hundreds of Apple employees who volunteered today at California School for the Deaf and projects across the country."
--Tim Cook on Twitter; January 15, 2018

Photo Description: Tim Cook has one hand holding a shovel and the other hand on his hip. He has a big smile on his face. The crowd behind him is taking photos. Everyone is wearing blue T-shirts.
Representatives from the Black Deaf Community
kick off a Day of Community Giving
in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Melvin Patterson
Bay Area Black Deaf Advocates
Lynette Williams
Vice President
Bay Area Black Deaf Advocates
Sam Holden
Vice President
National Deaf Black Advocates
Apple employees join the Deaf community to organize CSD's elementary school art room.
Photo Description: A group of volunteers line up in their blue T-shirts all signing "two thumbs up". Wooden cabinets line the wall behind them. A table with a computer and books is in front of them.
High School Luncheon
in newly renovated BBQ Area
Photo Description: Patio tables filled with high school students intently watching the presentation.
Photo Description: High School Principal Sulghi Hong watches Career & Technology Principal Charles Farr give a presentation.
A group of our high school students who volunteered on MLK Day requested to hold the High School Honor Roll Luncheon in the BBQ area they had helped to renovate. There were 96 honor roll students plus staff in attendance.

Photo Description: Three high school girls enjoy their pizza lunch.

Photo Description: Students sit at black patio tables with red umbrellas watching the presentation.
High School Living Skills students did a marvelous job
painting a wooden sign for CSD's Organic Farm
Photo Description: Girl sitting cross-legged signing "eagle" with both hands. A wooden "Organic Farm" sign, with orange letters is above her. Two students stand on each side of her. A white country-style fence is behind them. In the background, there is a path winding through a grass area, with trees on one side. A hill towers overhead behind the school.
Al Media spotlights CSD family
Kadu family's story seen around the world!
Finding out your child is deaf can leave hearing parents feeling overwhelmed. But the Kadu family's lives were transformed when they discovered that sign language was the key to their daughter's future. Via National Lead-K Campaign for Deaf Kids and Nyle DiMarco Foundation .

Banner description: Green banner with text, "Deaf children thrive with sign language" and emoji blowing a kiss.
Eagle Force Assembly
Photo Description: Student wearing white T-shirt that is covered with yellow post-its, standing in gym.
Photo Description: Guy wearing black shirt and pants that are covered with yellow post-its, standing in gym.
Photo Description: Student wearing Gallaudet T-shirt that is covered with yellow post-its, standing in gym.
Post-it notes are everywhere!
Ms. Nelly Hencker and her Life Skills students created this "Throw Kindness Like Confetti" themed bulletin board in the high school building (and on the lockers).

Photo Description: Black paper background with post-it notes that look like confetti in lime green, bright pink, orange, and blue.
On Monday, January 22, the High School department hosted the 2 nd Eagle Force Assembly in the Big Gym. We kicked off the assembly with a “The Great Kindness Challenge Week” theme and invited Bonnie Jo Morrison from the Counseling Department to give an inspiring presentation and to show a video on kindness. The kindness theme was emphasized throughout the assembly. 

At the end of the assembly, students (by grade level) and staff had the opportunity to engage in two fun activities that promoted the concept of kindness. The first activity was “Post-It Notes” where five groups (Class of 2018; Class of 2019; Class of 2020; Class of 2021 and Staff) had to compete by sharing positive words on post-it notes, then adding them to an assigned person within two minutes. 

The Class of 2020 and Staff tied with 30 post-it notes each. The second activity was “Unscramble” where the same group had to decode two messages from scrambled letters – “LOVE CONQUERS ALL” and “MAKE A DIFFERENCE.”  Staff won this activity. 

Teachers and students were inspired to do additional kind actions during the rest of the week.  

Students with perfect attendance

Photo Description: Sulghi Hong stands in the middle with four students on the left and five students on the right each holding their certificate.
Junior National Association of the Deaf Team

Photo Description: Daniel Girard signing while the rest of the team looks on. All are wearing pink T-shirts.
Athletics Highlights
Our Fall Varsity Cheerleading team won the Northern Coast Section Scholastic Pennant with an overall team GPA of 3.45! This is a tremendous honor because our section serves over 175 schools. At CSD, we believe that "student" comes first in “student-athlete”. With this honor, the pennant will be hung in the Big Gym. All of the other fall sports teams had very high team GPA’s, as well. Congratulations to everyone involved for supporting our teams!

Photo Description: Male and female cheerleaders stand in the background holding the Scholastic Sideline Cheer 2017 pennant. A girl kneels on each side of the pennant. Everyone on the team is wearing their orange, black and white cheerleading uniforms.
NDIAA Coach of the Year
Karina Pedersen was honored as the National Deaf Interscholastic Athletics Association (NDIAA) Coach of the Year in Division One Volleyball! She led a young CSD squad to our first ever Section Championship and then the CIF State NorCal Division 6 Semifinals while breaking the school’s single season wins record with 25. 

Photo Description: Head shot of Karina Pedersen with a big smile. She's wearing a white woman's T-shirt with a leopard-print stole. The wall behind her is orange.
Clerc Classic XVIII
California School for the Deaf Eagles teams pose for a group picture on the steps of Chapel Hall.
Battle of California
Thanks to our host
CSD Riverside!
Above: Cheerleaders working together as a community. (Cheerleaders make a pyramid holding hands.)

Left: Battle of California academic bowl team. Go CSD EAGLES! (Posing arm-in-arm wearing bright orange T-shirts)
Willigan Wrestling Highlights
Top 3 finishes
  • Kal Carpenter (2nd)
  • George Quirie (3rd)
  • Cruz Ascencio (3rd)

Congrats! Amazing effort from every wrestler.

Photo Description: Wrestling team, wearing orange and black uniforms, poses in front of an orange SVRS background.
CSD Athletics in the News
CSD Athletics is in the media a lot, but this one is really cool as Palo Alto High School Magazine featured us. Take a glimpse into our Athletics Program with many extensive interviews on pages 24-29!  

Photo Description: Volleyball players, wearing black shorts and white shirts with orange numbers, are signing behind the net.
STEAM students experience
Augmented Reality by Google
A student views the sun on the mobile device but of course, the sun does not exist in the classroom. 
The latest STEAM fun!
Two Google associates visited our STEAM class to provide Google Expeditions Augmented Reality kits for students to experiment within Augmented Reality sessions. Augmented Reality (AR) is a mixed environment consisting of the real life world and computer-generated images or videos in a real-time view. Students were able to view 360 degrees of AR items while moving around.
All participating students, teachers, and staff really enjoyed exploring these AR sessions.
Many thanks to the participating teachers who gave our students the opportunity to experiment with AR, as one of the emerging technologies for schools.  And special thanks to Kathleen Mockus for taking up the role of interpreting for the Google associates throughout the day. We are excited that they have agreed to come to our STEAM Day, on April 18, to do more hands-on demonstrations for our middle school and high school students!

Video of Augmented Reality in Action

By JAC Cook
ASL Storytelling
by Katherine Greene & Pat Bernstein
"Don't Laugh, Joe"
by Keiko Kasza
California Department of Education’s
Professional Learning Summit
"Access for All"
Davd Eberwein, Presenter
Michele Berke, Presenter
CSD participated in the California Department of Education’s sixth biannual professional learning summit, with an emphasis on “Access for All”. 

Superintendent Brooke served on the initial panel discussion focusing on inclusion, methods, and opportunities. He spoke on what “access” and “inclusion” means to Deaf students in California, and shared what CSD does in terms of an inclusive environment for all students.

Student Outcomes Teacher Specialist Michele Berke, PhD, and CORE Supervisor DE Eberwein presented a session on ensuring language opportunities for all Deaf children in California. CSD’s data collection, assessments, and methodology were touched upon during this session, along with families’ stories and experiences.

Superintendent Brooke and Educational Consultant Julie Rems-Smario lunched with State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson at his headquarters. Brooke also extended an invitation to the participants at that luncheon to visit CSD.

CSD will continue our firm commitment to an inclusive environment and appreciates CDE’s support and professional learning opportunities.

Our own Superintendent Brooke with the panel

Photo Above: Department of Education, State of California emblem
In Appreciation of the State Special Schools & Services Division
The role of the Special State Schools & Services Division is to oversee and provide support to its six sites (California Schools for the Deaf/Blind and three Diagnostic Centers). The division staff is very committed to our children and they are consistently available to us upon any request. They also travel to CSD to work with and/or provide training to our staff. As CSD is writing a new chapter in our history book, there is no way we can forget SSSD’s involvement.  

T-shirts were given to division staff as a token of appreciation for all of their commitment to our school over the years.

Photo Description: Eight members of the SSSD team pose in their orange T-shirts with Clark Brooke who is wearing his black CSD athletics shirt with an Eagle.
California Department of Education
Welcomes Julie Rems-Smario
Education Programs Assistant
Photo Description: Black and white photo of Julie Rems-Smario smiling. She is wearing a black dress. One hand (with a ring and bracelet) holds back her hair.
About Julie
  • California Association of the Deaf (President)
  • Language Equality and Acquisition for Deaf Kids (Co-Founder)
  • Deaf Hope (Founding Executive Director)
  • Senate Bill 210 (Spearheaded its passage)
  • DeafLife (Deaf Person of the Year)

CSD Transportation Team
Have you ever wondered how our students are able to both come to school and go home regularly as well connect with the outside world while being students at CSD?

It is because of this GREAT hard working transportation team! 

Photo Description: Transportation team, wearing orange and black, poses in front of a yellow school bus
Community Advisory Committee
  • Lilly Benedict

  • David Reynolds

  • Roberta Monroe
R oberta Monroe, CAC Chair

Growing up in a Deaf family in New England made an impact on Roberta. She was taught to give back to the community as much as she could. Her earliest childhood memories were created in Massachusetts until her family relocated to Maryland in 1994. While working to achieve her Bachelor of Arts degree from Gallaudet University, Roberta could be found volunteering here and there on campus. Upon earning her BA in 2005, Roberta became the Athletic Department Secretary at her alma mater, Maryland School for the Deaf, where she stayed for five years. In 2015, Roberta and her family decided to move all the way across the country to Southern California in search of better opportunities. Then in September of 2017, her family decided to pick up and relocate to Fremont. Roberta now works at the California School for the Deaf as the High School Office Technician; her son Jazob is a senior at CSD, and her partner Jacelia is CSD's staff interpreter. Roberta has recently been appointed Chair of the school’s Community Advisory Committee. She is extremely excited to bring in new energy and positive changes to CAC this year. She hopes that CAC will thrive and become stronger than ever. To make that possible, she encourages CSD parents and community to show their endless support. 

Family ASL Classes
Spring 2018
Lilly Benedict, CAC Vice Chair

Originally from New York City, Lilly Benedict moved to Los Angeles in 1990 and worked at Pasadena City College as the Teacher Specialist for the Deaf. In 2011, Lilly started the next chapter in her life at the California School for the Deaf, in Fremont, as the school’s Family Education Coordinator, a position she’s held for the past seven years. In this role, she is responsible for coordinating family educational tours and providing support for prospective families. In addition, she coordinates the Family ASL program on campus. Lilly holds a Masters of Arts in Deaf Education and a credential in Adult Education. She has a daughter who is Deaf and in her junior year at CSD. 

New K-12 ASL Content Standards Website
It is finally here!
Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center has just released the K-12 ASL Content Standards. The Clerc Center and the California School for the Deaf, Fremont collaborated to finalize the Standards. ASL teachers, specialists, and experts in ASL instruction participated in feedback groups; their feedback was invaluable in the development of the grade-level standards and the glossary. Special acknowledgement goes to ASLRT and Rory Osbrink, from the California School for the Deaf, Fremont, for their roles in modeling glossary terms.

Photo Description: Woman signs the four parts of the ASL Content Standards. The Welcome webpage is behind her.

CSD would like to thank Sorenson and Chiptole for their support of our staff, as they provided everyone with a meal to enjoy before winter break. Our staff appreciates the generosity of these two companies.  

We would like to thank Sorenson for their continuous support of CSD’s interpreting needs.  Sorenson is partnering with us to create communicative solutions that allow us have access to interpreting during the evening.  Sorenson brought Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) to CSD, and we have been benefiting from this solution.
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