The Following is from Cal OES
The Cal OES Victim Services Branch has been made aware that several organizations providing direct services to victims have been having difficulty sourcing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for their staff. The State Operations Center may be able to fulfill requests for PPE from non-governmental organizations (NGOs) during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Please be advised that the State Operations Center cannot guarantee that all items requested will be available in the quantities requested and the Victim Services Branch cannot at this time confirm for how long these supplies will be available.
The State Operations Center - Victim Services Unit can at this time accept requests for PPE from NGOs only; victim services providers that are local, state, or tribal governments will need to continue requesting PPE through existing mutual aid agreements/disaster response protocols to avoid duplicate requests and confusion across emergency response functions.
PPE available include gloves (single use), surgical masks (single use), and hand sanitizer (individual 16 oz bottles). Please be aware that gloves are a scarce resource at this time; requests for gloves are subject to review and approval by the California Department of Public Health and exact sizes/quantities ordered may not always be filled as requested.
If your victim services NGO would like to submit a request for PPE, please enter all of the following information into the attached spreadsheet and email to 
Please complete one order per organization per line on the form and check all entries for accuracy before submitting, as incomplete or inaccurate forms will not be accepted by the State Operations Center and will be returned to the requester, resulting in delays processing your request. The SOC Victim Services Unit can only accept one request per organization at a time; please only request the items you need, as some items are in short supply and may also be needed by local and tribal governments. 
If you are not requesting a particular item, enter "None Requested" for that item.
A. Organization Name

B. Address: Shipping address for the order. If this is a residential address, please note this on the form, as the shipping company (UPS) may not deliver to homes depending on the size of the order.

C. POC: Point Of Contact for the order. This must be a person. Please be aware that the order may be broken apart into multiple shipments that may arrive on different dates.

D. Phone Number: Phone number that the POC can be reached at. This must be a number that is answered 24/7.

E. Email: Email address for the POC. 

F - I. Gloves: Please enter the number of boxes of each size requested. Be advised that gloves are a scarce resource at this time and exact sizes/quantities requested are not always filled.

J. Surgical Masks (Single Use): Enter the number of individual units requested (e.g., 200 masks), as the packaging varies by vendor.

K. Hand Sanitizer (Individual 16 oz): Enter the number of individual units requested (e.g. 50 bottles), as the packaging varies by vendor.
Complete and correct requests will be submitted for processing on a twice monthly basis, on the 10th and 25th of the month. Requests received after 12:00 p.m. on the 10th and 25th will be included in the next scheduled submission.  
If you have any questions, please contact the State Operations Center - Victim Services Unit by email at

For the PPE Victim Service Providers Spreadsheet, CLICK HERE