March 24, 2020 -- 5 p.m. PDT
CalAPA COVID-19 Update No. 6 -- March 24, 2020
Important Notice: This CalAPA "Member Alert" is an exclusive benefit of CalAPA membership and should not be shared outside a member company without prior permission from CalAPA.

The California Asphalt Pavement Association (CalAPA) is closely monitoring events related to the Coronavirus / COVID-19 virus outbreak to assess what impact it will have on the asphalt pavement industry in California. What follows is the latest information gathered on the topic by the association since our previous Member Alert sent on March 23, 2020. Links to our previous Member Alerts are at the bottom of this report.

  • During a conference call today (March 24) between Caltrans executive management and the construction industry, the department reiterated its commitment to keeping projects going in keeping with the framework of the Governor's COVID-19 executive orders and all applicable laws and safety best practices.
  • Caltrans said projects currently in the pipeline to be put out to bid would continue to be advertised, bids received (electronically) and contracts awarded. The department also said it was looking at possibility of accelerating work, and industry representatives said there was capacity to do additional work given a slowdown in private construction.
  • Caltrans also said that it was reviewing a proposal to expand traffic closures to assist contractors in working faster and more efficiently in a time of reduced traffic congestion. Guidance on that front would be forthcoming.
  • Caltrans said, like all companies and organizations, it was working through the challenges of performing administrative functions, including paying contractors and vendors, in new ways given that many employees have been impacted by the various "stay home" orders. The department pledged to continue to pay contractors in a timely manner.
  • Industry representatives shared various best-practices with regard to ensuring workplaces are safe during the COVID-19 outbreak, including revised safety protocols. Some companies are shrinking the size of crews and splitting them up to minimize the potential number of crews that could be shut down by the infection of one team member.
  • With regard to the Caltrans Material Plant Quality Program (MPQP), Caltrans today announced it was "suspending all MPQP plant certification activities until further notice." Caltrans said it would extend any current or expired MPQP certifications until April 30, including plants that have been mobilized or moved. Questions should be directed to the HQ MPQP coordinator via e-mail at the following address: .
  • The Joint Training & Certification Program released updated guidance on the impact to the program to certify materials technicians, which normally conduct classes on the campus of Long Beach State University and San Jose State University. The updated guidance includes a notification that classes are cancelled through May 22 and additional details with regard to extensions of certifications due to expire, and provisional certifications. You can read the updated guidance on the Joint Training & Certification Program website HERE and via the Caltrans Joint Training & Certification Program website HERE.
  • The California Contractors State License Board put out an appeal for the construction industry to donate masks and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to health workers and other first-responders. The CSLB announcement is HERE. The CSLB disaster response resource center is HERE.
  • CalAPA Contractor Members have expressed concern that employees working in the field may be challenged by authorities with regard to the "stay at home" order. CalAPA has prepared a generic letter that may be modified for use on company letterhead that references the Governor's Executive Order and exemptions for construction-related activity. You may download it HERE.
  • CalAPA continues to contact agencies and members to assess the impact of the health emergency statewide on operations and will continue to compile and summarize that information in upcoming "Member Alerts" as conditions warrant. The March 23 "Member Alert" can be found HERE.

Guidance from government officials continues to be issued at the local, state and federal level with regard to the COVID-19 flu virus, commonly referred to as the novel coronavirus, which originated in China late last year and has been spreading quickly to other countries, including the United States. California is one of the states impacted, and the governor has declared a state of emergency as state and local governments mobilize resources to understand the nature of the flu-like virus, how it is spread, and what health implications it will bring with it. Business operations have already been disrupted as "shelter-in-place" orders are issued. Road construction has so far escaped most of these most severe restrictions as it is considered work related to "essential services" to protect vital infrastructure. CalAPA continues to seek out guidance from government and elected officials on how the public health emergency will impact the construction industry, and is monitoring supply chains to identify and assess upstream disruptions

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For more information on this “Member Alert,” contact CalAPA Executive Director Russell W. Snyder, CAE, at (916) 791-5044.


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