March 23, 2020 -- 4:30 p.m. PDT
CalAPA COVID-19 Update No. 5 -- March 23, 2020
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The California Asphalt Pavement Association (CalAPA) is closely monitoring events related to the Coronavirus / COVID-19 virus outbreak to assess what impact it will have on the asphalt pavement industry in California. What follows is the latest information gathered on the topic by the association since our previous Member Alert sent on March 20, 2020. Links to our previous Member Alerts are at the bottom of this report.

  • The Newsom administration issued updated guidance late yesterday (Sunday, March 22) that specifically adds language related to construction materials (Page 11) in the list of essential activities exempted from his "stay at home" order issued on March 19. The updated guidance is HERE.The original Executive Order is HERE.
  • Caltrans Division of Construction advised CalAPA this morning (March 23) that guidance for contractors will be released soon from the Division of Construction. In general, the guidance will discuss in writing what we have reported previously: Safety of workers and the public is of paramount concern and should be protected; guidance by the Governor's Office considers work on the state highway system to be an essential activity; and that contractors and Caltrans staff are encouraged to communicate and be flexible during these extraordinary circumstances. Caltrans verbally reiterated to CalAPA that it is committed to continuity of service with regard to processing payments and inspections.
  • A coalition of construction trade association executives based in California met via conference call today to coordinate on numerous fronts, including unified messaging and, whenever possible, on policy positions with regard to the COVID-19 emergency. Near the top of the list was the ongoing challenge of getting official guidance from local, state and federal officials with regard to operating in the current environment. For example, a coalition letter was sent today to CalOSHA, seeking guidance on how to treat reportable injuries. It is HERE.
  • With regard to lab accreditation, Caltrans has informed CalAPA that any lab accrediditation that is set to expire during the COVID-19 emergency will be extended by 30 days. A new lab needing accreditation will be handled by an in-person accreditation.
  • Caltrans further reports that, with regard to MPQP of portable equipment (i.e., asphalt rubber blending units), if the equipment was previously certified, even if moved, the State will grant a re-certification through April 30. new equipment requiring MPQP will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.
  • With regard to intelligent compaction training and Just-In-Time-Training (JITT), Caltrans says it will be on demand via remote learning technologies.
  • In response to inquiries about pavement smoothness operator and equipment training, the 2020 schedule for Inertial Profiler Certification Program (IPCP) is posted on the Program’s website HERE. The next certification scheduled for April 7th may be delayed to May if the COVID-19 pandemic dictates this need. Extensions will be provided if the certification date is delayed so the construction program is not impacted.
  • The Caltrans Materials Engineering & Testing Services branch late today released written guidance with regard to some of the materials and testing issues. It is HERE.
  • CalAPA continues to contact agencies and members to assess the impact of the health emergency statewide on operations and will continue to compile and summarize that information in upcoming "Member Alerts" as conditions warrant. The March 23 issue of the CalAPA weekly newsletter, the "California Asphalt Insider," provides a roundup of major activities and can be viewed HERE.

Guidance from government officials continues to be issued at the local, state and federal level with regard to the COVID-19 flu virus, commonly referred to as the novel coronavirus, which originated in China late last year and has been spreading quickly to other countries, including the United States. California is one of the states impacted, and the governor has declared a state of emergency as state and local governments mobilize resources to understand the nature of the flu-like virus, how it is spread, and what health implications it will bring with it. Business operations have already been disrupted as "shelter-in-place" orders are issued. Road construction has so far escaped most of these most severe restrictions as it is considered work related to "essential services" to protect vital infrastructure. CalAPA continues to seek out guidance from government and elected officials on how the public health emergency will impact the construction industry, and is monitoring supply chains to identify and assess upstream disruptions

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