Water Commission Meeting Delivers Passion and Controversy
By Charmayne Hefley
As the California drought has devastated many farms and communities,  solving the drought is critical and urgent. Some advocates believe long-term water storage is the solution, and as a result, the California Water Commission (Commission) has been drawing up a proposal to enact this potential solution.

On Wednesday, Oct. 14 in Clovis, the Commission held a public meeting to discuss their Water Storage Investment Program.

Joe Del Bosque, a governor-appointed commissioner on the California Water Commission, as well as a Westside farmer struggling with the zero water allocation, summarized the meeting, "It was very lively, especially at the beginning. A lot of folks are hurting and rightly so. They have a lot of uncertainties about next year or the year after, or for who knows how many years."

"We don't know when some of these storage projects will be completed and ready to start helping us," said Del Bosque. "A lot of folks have a lot on the line here in the San Joaquin Valley, and I appreciate hearing from them and listening to their concerns."

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Jobs Will Be Lost Without #moreDAMstorage
By Brian German

Greg Musson , president of GAR Tootelian, Inc., shared his thoughts at the California Water Commission meeting in Clovis on Oct. 14.

Listen to the broadcast as Brian German reports.
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Water Rally Calls For Action, More Voices
By Brian German 

At the recent "Take Back our Water Rally" in Mendota, hundreds gathered to call on Governor Brown to recognize the impact of not just the drought, but the bureaucratic decisions that have had devastating consequences for California farmers. Leadership at the water rally called for action and more voices in the plea for change.

Aubrey Bettencourt, executive director of California Water Alliance, shared some points she made a the rally, "My challenge to this audience was to understand there is a void of leadership. We have a governor who says he is handling this, and he is not. We have no recovery plan for how to get out of this drought. How do we get out of the crisis?  There has been no pathway to recovery, neither from the federal government, nor the state government." Finally, last month, a group of 47 legislators, both Republican and Democratic, called for a special legislative session.

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Joint Power of Authority Could Save Temperance Flat Dam
By Patrick Cavanaugh

A Joint Power of Authority (JPA) is being formed to help preserve money authorized for construction of the Temperance Flat Dam with the passage of California Proposition 1, the Water Bond in 2014. Joel Nelsen, president of California Citrus Mutual, has been engaged in getting the project off the ground.

"It is unfortunate what has happened to the Friant Water Authority leadership and the lack of suitable talent there to run with it," said Nelsen. "The situation has adversely impacted getting a Temperance Flat water storage program in front of the California Water Commission, whose nine governor-appointed members are responsible for advising the director of California Department of Water Resources, approving rules and regulations, and monitoring and reporting on the construction and operation of the State Water Project..."

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UC Davis Water Policy For Food Security Global Conference 
By Laurie Greene

A Global Conference for Water Policy for Food Security was held at UC Davis in early October  to focus on global groundwater supplies. Many international speakers talked about water supplies in their own countries.

The take-home message: Water supplies are limited, but growers are being very efficient and groundwater recharge is a priority.

Josette Lewis, associate director of the World Food Center at UC Davis said, "When I joined UC Davis, it was very clear that water is something in which this campus has enormous technical expertise and has expertise to inform and engage in state water policy," she said.

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While it may sound intimidating, encouraging people to become aware of your brand increases the control you have over your brand, particularly over the facts shared in public conversation. So venture forth. We'll  make it easier than ever to get your company social media-savvy. 

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