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Editor's Notes

Results from September's Coastal Cleanup Month

The California Coastal Commission recently reported the results of last September's Coastal Cleanup Month. More than 13,400 volunteers throughout California picked up almost 132,000 pounds of trash from their neighborhoods, local parks, and watersheds during this year's California Coastal Cleanup. Volunteers made a difference by stopping trash where it starts, before it could travel downstream to pollute the coast and ocean.  
The Top Ten trash finds this year:
1. Cigarette butts: 71,721
2. Food wrappers: 36,403
3. Plastic bottle caps: 13,746
4. Plastic grocery bags: 9,488
5. Metal bottle caps: 9,100
6. Plastic bottles: 10,692
7. Straws and stirrers: 7,972
8. Beverage cans: 7,778
9. Plastic takeout containers: 
10. Glass bottles: 7,006
Masks and gloves were the 12th most common item, at 6,343. Information about other trash finds in California is available here. As many as 62,210 PPE items, including single-use masks and gloves were collected during the annual International Coastal Cleanup event last September. This year, 76 countries participated in the cleanup and collected at least 1.6 million pounds of trash.

September's event is over, but marine debris is an ongoing problem. The Ocean Conservancy estimates that the world's oceans have as much as 8 million metric tons of plastic leaked into them annually and the World Economic Forum has warned that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in terms of weight in the world's oceans.

Please continue to conduct cleanups and use the data collection app Cleanswell to post your trash finds, anywhere and anytime. These numbers are used to inform and support policies and decisions surrounding plastic pollution and storm water management. Thank you for participating!

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  • State Awards Millions for Disaster Recovery
  • Sand retention concepts studied for Oceanside
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  • EPA Awards $252 Billion for California Water Infrastructure
  • Climate change: US formally withdraws from Paris agreement
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