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Proposed Legislation in California Would Fund Seawalls and Coastal Other Structures
SB 1009 (Bates-R) (Laguna Niguel, CA) would, in part, would make it possible for property owners in coastal Orange and San Diego Counties to construct seawalls and other structures to improve beachgoer safety from bluff collapses. The bill would also require the California Coastal Commission, if it denies an application or if it receives notice of a local government's denial, to submit a report to the Legislature of its denial or the report from the local government.  

Excerpt from Staff Analysis of SB 1090 (Arguments in Support) 

"According to the author, " [c]oastal erosion has wreaked havoc on communities along California's coastline as increasing amounts of coastal bluffs are collapsing onto our beaches. This issue has risen to a critical level in the Counties of Orange and San Diego. Millions of people visit the beaches in this region each year but are forced to sit at the base of collapsing bluffs due to the lack of sand replenishment and minimal beach area during mid to high tides. The current status quo will not suffice. There needs to be an effective and constructive path for locals to mitigate erosion of vertical bluff faces in these densely populated coastal hazard zones in order to alleviate future fatalities, injuries, infrastructure destruction, and emergency repair costs and litigation."

Except from Staff Analysis of SB 1090 (Arguments in Opposition)

In a joint sign-on letter, environmental groups expressed strong opposition. writes that SB 1090 "would pave the way for private property owners to effectively hasten and accelerate the loss of public beaches from the Orange County and San Diego coasts under the guise of claiming to improve public safety." Opponents of SB 1090 argue that significant fractions of both Counties' coast is already armored and state "[t]his excessive armoring has resulted in the narrowing of beaches along that stretch of Southern Californian coastline. Fast-tracking additional hard armoring - including seawalls and bluff infill - will drastically speed up erosion and beach loss leaving the public with nothing but memories of sandy shores."

At the end of the staff analysis is a list of SB 1090 supporters and opponents.
Staff Members Handling SB 1090

Sarah Couch
State Capitol, Room 3048
Sacramento, California  95814
Phone: (916) 651-4036
Erik Weigand
24031 El Toro Road, Suite 201A
Laguna Hills, California  92653
Phone: (949) 598-5850

Op-Ed Authored by Sen. Bates in Support of SB 1090

Sen. Bates' Press Release in Support of SB 1090

Prognosis for SB 1090

Not surprisingly, Sen. Bates is having a difficult time moving this bill. On May 26th, the Senate Natural Resources & Water Committee heard testimony on the bill, but Sen. Bates recalled the bill to allow time to negotiate with the committee's chair, Sen. Henry Stern (D-Calabasas), and the bill's opponents. However, there have been no negotiations since the bill was heard in committee. Sen. Bates is a member of the GOP's leadership in the Senate and she developed a reputation for working across the aisle when she was a member of California's lower house, but it doesn't look like SB 1090 will pass in either house during the current legislative session due to the controversial nature of the bill and a robust list of opponents. 

To check the status of SB 1090, click here.

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