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News from Quarterly Meeting of the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) Shoreline Preservation Working Group
SANDAG's Shoreline Preservation Working Group (SPWG) advises SANDAG on issues related to the adopted Shoreline Preservation Strategy and opportunities for beach replenishment. The SPWG evolved out of SANDAG's Beach Erosion Committee which was formed in the mid-1990's. SPWG members include elected officials from the coastal cities and representatives from community groups, property owners, environmental groups, state and federal agencies, and Scripps Institution of Oceanography. The SPWG's membership list is available here. The SPWG generally meets quarterly at 11:30 a.m. on the first Thursday of the month. The SPWG's project manager is Sarah Pierce, Associate Regional Planner. Ms. Pierce's phone number is (619) 699-7312 and her email address is sarah.pierce@sandag.orgBelow are bullet points from the SPWG's June meeting.

  • PPT slides and the recording of the SPWG's June 4th meeting have been posted to the SANDAG website and can be accessed here.
  • Staff received notification from the Caltrans Sustainable Communities Grant Program that funding was unfortunately not granted for the regional beach sand nourishment feasibility study update. Staff will continue to monitor grant programs for possible funding for this project.
  • SANDAG's 2019 Annual Shoreline Monitoring Report has been posted to the SANDAG website and can be accessed here. 
  • The San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board is hosting a series of meetings over the summer regarding the FY20-21 Fee Schedule. Additional information on the meetings can be found here.

Highlights from the Articles and Op-Eds Below:
  • Amid threats and political pushback, public health officials are leaving their posts
  • Beach Advocates Optimistic as Ritzy Coastal Enclave Inches Toward Public Access
  • Filling Trump Void, California Steps in to Protect Birds, Wetlands
  • US offshore leaseholders 'welcome' industry milestone
  • EPA Virus Enforcement Policy Threatens Species, Groups Say
  • Southern Shores votes to pursue beach nourishment project; "No Left Turn" weekends set
  • In Letter To Congress, Water Agencies Call For Drinking Water Relief Funding
  • Early Detection of Harmful Algal Blooms Using Satellites Improves Management Decisions and Human Health Outcomes
  • Plastic particles are raining from the sky - just another front for a pervasive pollutant
  • Climate Change Tied to Increased Pregnancy Risks, Analysis Finds
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