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Editor's Notes

Coastal Cleanup Month Will Be Local Due to COVID-19 (Coastal Cleanup Day Goes Monthly - Every Saturday in September)

This annual event is part of the International Coastal Cleanup, organized by the Ocean Conservancy. California Coastal Cleanup Day is the largest volunteer event in the US and International Coastal Cleanup Day is the largest volunteer event on the planet! This year, cleaning the coast will start at our own front door. For safety reasons, there are no large, centrally organized cleanup sites this year. Instead, cleanups will be self-guided and close to home. Practice physical distancing, and strictly follow both local ordinances and this safety document. Cleaning your neighborhoods, local parks, streets, and storm drains helps protect our coast. Trash travels through storm drains, creeks, and rivers to become beach and ocean pollution. Help clean the beach by picking up litter in your community.

Cleanups will be happening every Saturday in September from 9:00AM until noon. If Saturdays don't work for you, you can clean up any day, any time. Report your cleanup efforts by recording data on the CleanSwell app or by completing this form. You can also use this form to enter the Most Unusual Item ContestAll cleanups in September will be included as part of Coastal Cleanup Month. In some areas of the state, your local coordinator has special events and virtual programming scheduled throughout the month. Reach out to the California Coastal Commission and the Ocean Conservancy to see what's planned! Thank you for staying safe, cleaning your neighborhoods, and protecting the coast! [Sources: the California Coastal Commission and the Ocean Conservancy]

Highlights from the Articles and Op-Eds Below:

  • Sand helps bring beach vibes back to Capistrano Beach, an area battered by storms and high tide
  • Manhattan Beach short-term rental ban ruled illegal
  • USDA offers programs, services for wildfire recovery
  • State Announces $7.8 Million for Infrastructure and Planning Projects
  • As New York pushes green energy, localities bristle at loss of control
  • NTB Weighs How to Pay $3M Yearly For Sand
  • Opinion: Controversy Continues Over Radioactive Waste Storage at San Onofre
  • Klamath River reservoirs plagued by toxic algae bloom caused by PacifiCorp dams
  • Project to restore vegetation, eroding shoreline at Heron's Head Park
  • 58,000 tons of rock will create a new artificial reef off Palos Verdes Peninsula
  • Federal report sounds the alarm on climate change dangers to the economy


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