electric train EYE CANDY  

Video of EMU interior including cab car and exterior
Get an up-close view of the new electric train cab car interior! Watch the video to glimpse more finished interiors and exteriors of the first trainset. Then visit the CalMod.org/gallery to see the high-performance electric trains underway.


Graphic_ Over 50_ pole installation complete_

With more than half of the poles installed from San Francisco to San Jose, we are well on the way to providing a modernized Caltrain! In total, the nearly 2,600 poles will support the overhead wires that will power the new electric trains. To learn all about the progress in your city and about various construction activities occurring along the corridor, visit CalMod.org/construction.


In light of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in the Bay Area, Caltrain is monitoring the situation and following local public health agencies and CDC guidance regarding public meetings. To view the upcoming meeting schedule, visit Caltrain.com/Meetings.

Caltrain and CalMod Logos

What Is CalMod?

The Caltrain Modernization Program (CalMod) includes electrification and other projects that will upgrade the performance, efficiency, capacity, safety and reliability of Caltrain's service. The current electrification project will electrify the corridor from San Francisco to San Jose and replace 75 percent of Caltrain's diesel service with high-performance electric trains, reducing air pollution and providing better service to more riders.  


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