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Fall 2020 | Eagles #30
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Scroll down to see how CSD's Career Center continues to create work experience opportunities for our students.
Message from the Superintendent
Greetings from the land
Distance Learning continues to be the norm at CSD. I would like to commend the CSD team for all of their unsung efforts in being innovative and creating high-quality educational experiences for all of our students and families.
Curriculum Outreach Resources Education (CORE) is to be acknowledged for the webinars that were created with the purpose of delivering research-based information and best practices in Deaf education. These webinars were made possible by knowledgeable presenters, with years of experience in serving Deaf children. We are appreciative of the positive feedback received from the general public. Those webinars definitely will continue when we reopen our school for in-person instruction. California Department of Education is currently working on making our webinars more accessible to other parties (e.g. Local Education Agencies; Special Education Local Plan Areas; and County Office of Education).
We have been fortunate to witness our students participate in multiple virtual events and competitions. In October, we participated in a nationwide mock election for Deaf schools that was made possible by Kendall Demonstration Elementary School (KDES), in Washington, DC. California School for the Deaf proudly acknowledges our own alumni who are leading and/or coordinating these virtual events.
Career Preparation is one of many paramount goals at CSD. Every year, we place our students at worksites to provide them with meaningful employment experience before they graduate. The pandemic did not stop us from seeking employment placements! We are very appreciative of those companies that took the time to prepare our students for their future.
Our staff continues to receive six half-days and two full-days of virtual professional development. Recently, we addressed Assembly Bill 2291 by conducting a full-day of anti-bullying staff development. Participants were given the opportunity to provide input towards a newly developed school-wide anti-bullying policy. As part of the process, our staff was divided into breakout rooms to brainstorm a reporting procedure that would allow us intervene and/or eliminate any form of bullying behavior.
As always, we appreciate your continued support towards the school’s mission, as well as your efforts in keeping students connected through our Distance Learning program.
With Eagle Pride,
Clark Brooke, Ed.S.
California School for the Deaf, Fremont
39350 Gallaudet Drive
Fremont, CA 94538
510-344-6010 Videophone
510-823-6071 Spanish Callers
CSD's Distance Learning Program explained

Presentation by:
Len Gonzales, Director of Instruction

Now available
Distance Learning in Deaf Education webinars
CORE has launched a fascinating new Distance Learning in Deaf Education webinar series with highly qualified speakers and useful resources to share with families and community.
Dr. Wyatte Hall & Dr. Naomi Caselli
The final two webinars of fall 2020 were Strategies for Literacy at Home and Deaf Bilingual Education in Action.

Our weekly webinar series includes participants from all over the country, as well as Canada and Australia. We are utilizing our own CORE specialists, as well as a network of outside presenters whom we feel have valuable, well-researched information that is highly beneficial.

With COVID-19 establishing the need for distance learning; combined with the ability to offer webinars through Zoom; along our wonderful partnership with Robin Horwitz, Jewel Jauregui and Andrew Rubin of the Interpreter-Now Agency, we are now able to bring you this amazing series of webinars on Distance Learning in Deaf Education.

Our webinars are every Friday, from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. that cover a wide array of topics. Since the webinars have become so popular, we are planning to continue through spring of 2021.

— JAC Cook
Career Center programs get results
The Career Center at CSD offers two transition programs for students ages 18 to 22, after they have completed their high school courses:
  • Adult Transition Program
  • Work Readiness Program

Both programs support students learning a wide variety of independent living skills. Despite the limitations of distance learning, both programs have seen much success in the last eight months.
Program Highlights
Claudia, Gael & Pedro ready to work!
Three CSD students from outside of the Bay Area were hired by Amazon. These students were then able to move into an apartment in Fremont.

Big Congrats to Gael Barajas, Pedro Cortez-Valdez and Claudia Cortez-Valdez! CSD's Work Readiness Program will continue supporting them on their journey toward independence.
There’s a great cohort of Deaf employees at Amazon.
Over the summer, a CSD student collaborated with the Department of Rehabilitation to get a job with Amazon

Congrats to Maritza Ramirez! CSD's Work Readiness Program will continue supporting her throughout the year.
Students hired by two different Target stores.

Big Congrats to Jazlynn Munoz and Marcio Maldonado-Vega! CSD's Work Readiness Program will continue supporting both students throughout the year.
Marcio packing an online order.
Marcio completing his “picking” duties (selecting items for online orders).
Marcio selecting items for online orders.
All of these student successes would not have been possible without the collaborative effort between CSD’s high school staff, Career Center staff, Department of Rehabilitation on-site counselor and, of course, the students’ families. Kudos to everyone for a great team effort!

— Frank Lester
Career Center offers first virtual FAFSA workshop for CSD seniors
The night before the election, amidst the COVID19 pandemic, the Career Center didn’t stop from providing transition services for students at California School for the Deaf. 

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) assists students in determining availability of financial aid for college. The application process may be complicated for some families because it requires inputting federal income tax information. Every fall, Career Center staff organizes a FAFSA workshop, providing an opportunity for students and their families to receive application support for FAFSA. In the past, we have offered it in person. 

This year, staff didn’t let the pandemic or the election stop them from providing this much needed service. They became creative in figuring out how the FAFSA workshop could be conducted virtually via Zoom. Navigating Zoom and learning how to use its features—such as waiting room and breakout room; moving to different rooms; along with the other Zoom options—were all new to our Career Center staff. The staff was open to learning and had the opportunity to practice before the workshop. 

— Frank Lester
CSD students interview with Victorica Monroe
On October 28, Jayvon Harmon and Shaila Sams, Unity for Diversity members, interviewed Victorica Monroe. The chemistry between Jayvon, Shaila, and Victorica was powerful. The camaraderie between them authenticated their beautiful existence as Black folx. Their questions nourished much-needed answers about being Black, Deaf-Blind, and Androgynous, which is why we must honor every facet of our students' intersecting backgrounds.
Victorica shared a story
At seven years old, Victorica realized that she was different from her white peers when she encountered a racist white man who called her ugly names. Victorica had to ask her mother why that happened, and that was when she realized she would be treated differently just because she is Black. At the same time, she was fortunate to be surrounded by her family, who influenced her to love her Blackness. However, she did not have any Black Deaf role models from the time she entered Deaf schools until she entered college. Victorica was surprised to learn that Black Deaf people could obtain their doctoral degrees. That is when she realized that Black Deaf people could do more in life. She wished she had more encouragement in cherishing her Blackness in Deaf schools.

Pearls of Wisdom from Victorica Monroe
  • If anyone ever tells you that you cannot do something, do not listen; know that it means YOU CAN do whatever you want to accomplish.
  • Know your worth as a Black Deaf person and LGBTQIA.
  • School systems need to expose more information on Black and Brown Deaf role models in different fields.
  • Discuss LGBTQIA. Have role models students can learn from as an ally or to self-identify.
  • It is also so important that all schools serving Black, Indigenous, Students of Color, and Deaf students hire and retain more educators who are BIPOC.

New ASL Signs & Definitions webpage
Our goal has become a reality! The Gender Inclusive Committee at California School for the Deaf had a goal of creating a webpage with ASL signs and definitions for LGBTQIA+ that are current and respectful for each community group. As you may know already, our LGBTQIA+ Resources webpage, including our LGBTQIA+ Signs and Definitions webpage, is available to everyone. (It is NOT limited to CSD staff and students.)

— JAC Cook
October was Bullying Prevention Month
for our students
Bullying Prevention is a school-wide effort
Our school librarians joined Bullying Prevention Month activities by signing in ASL the book “How to Deal with Bullies- Superhero Style.”  

As we prepared for National Bullying Prevention Month, the counseling team at CSD collaborated with our amazing Eagle staff in each instructional department to provide bullying prevention education for students! 

We used a variety of approaches to teach bullying prevention through signed videos, PowerPoint slideshow presentations, and classroom discussions and activities for both the Elementary and Middle School departments.  
Our wonderful high school student, Jalina Dietz, made a video to explain what bullying is for our young Eaglets.
We promoted acceptance and inclusion for elementary-aged students by telling the story of Spookley the Square Pumpkin, signed in ASL by School Counselor Katryna Baldiviez. 
Our middle school students took the pledge to be an Upstander. See their wonderful collage of Upstanders (signing support) below!! 

Go Eagles!
Our high school students actively engaged in a High School Google Survey Quiz to test their knowledge of bullying and bullying prevention.  The following week they got to compare their answers with their peers. Our high school students (98%) recognize the seriousness of persistent bullying which can lead to depression, rejection, isolation and anxiety. In addition, 95% of our high school students who have witnessed bullying said that they would try to stop the bully, help the person being bullied and/or ask an adult or peer to help.
Go Eagles!!

Nancy Moser
Staff Development Training: Bullying Prevention
In alignment with October being National Bullying Prevention Month, we successfully launched our second virtual staff development training which focused on Bullying Prevention. CSD staff received intensive online training; participated in a CSD webinar about Bullying Prevention and CSD policies, and engaged in interactive discussions, sharing information about CSD's school-wide effort to decrease bullying behaviors and increasing safety for all students. Our CSD webinar included teachers and cottage counselors who shared their experiences and suggestions for supporting students and reducing bullying incidents.  

Our Positive Behavior Intervention Supports includes strategies to promote a positive, safe learning environment for all students. During the training, we introduced the matrix (shown below) that is also used by other schools to help differentiate between conflict, rude, mean and bullying behaviors. Often, the term bullying can become over-used, and this matrix helps to identify the four categories. 

Nancy Moser 
World Kindness Day
November 13 was National World Kindness Day. We focused on the theme of Kindness through department activities. 

Encouraging students to show kindness
We encourage families to talk with your child about showing kindness to family, neighbors, friends, and the community, and about being a role model. Kindness can be saying thank you; showing a smile; helping someone; being thoughtful; or making a card to brighten someones day. A small act of kindness can go a long way! During these times of uncertainty, we hope we can all extend kindness not only on that one day of November 13, but also throughout the year!

Our high school students and staff created brief videos via Zoom sharing a ONE word concept regarding Gratitude and Kindness. Special gratitude goes to Maureen Moe Klusza for creating an enjoyable video to wrap up the November social and emotional learning month activity. All the clips in the video are from Pixar Disney Movies and Moe made the connection between each clip and the one word concept created by each group.

We at CSD want to show our APPRECIATION to our amazing families for continuing to support your childs education through Distance Learning; being creative in finding ways to encourage and motivate your child to participate in Zoom; finishing their homework assignments; calling CSD staff for support with technology and other concerns or questions; supporting your child's social emotional well-being; and being partners in education with CSD!  

Nancy Moser
How is your child coping during COVID-19?
The ongoing stress, grief and uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic can wear anyone down, but children and teens may have an especially tough time coping emotionally. Check in with your child often. Watch and listen for signs they may be struggling. It can be a challenge for parents to stay positive, especially if you are struggling with your own stress. It helps to set aside time to take care of yourself, when possible, and to seek support, as well. Building fun and relaxing times with games, movies, or other shared activities can be helpful for the whole family.

If you are concerned about your childs well-being because of changes in mood, motivation, loss of interest or increased isolation, please contact Nancy Moser, Supervisor of Counseling Services via email (or call her at 5103446054 videophone); or contact your childs teacher or school student support liaison to share your concerns and/or request counseling supports. Counseling supports can provide a safe place to discuss feelings. It provides opportunities to build coping skills, resilience and support.
Coming soon... a workshop for parents to review tips and ideas that support the learning and behavior challenges of distance learning. 

We are all in this together! With continued distance learning continuing into January, we want to continue to provide support for parents. 

Parent Workshops will be offered in January. You will be getting a flyer soon about the upcoming webinar!

Nancy Moser
The Reader Family story
CSD has been a home away from home for our whole family. Whether it be extra-curricular, educational, or sports activities that Jaden has been involved in; or activities that his hearing brother was invited to be involved in; or coaching opportunities for Cedric (Jaden's father).
Arc de Triomphe,
2019 International Studies
Foothills Athletic Association Banquet 2019
CSD Classic Tournament Champions, 2019
Our family moved to Fremont and planted roots near California School for the Deaf when Jaden started in the Early Childhood Education department. CSD has been “a home away from home” for us. Whether it be extra-curricular, educational, or sports activities that Jaden is involved in; activities that his hearing brother was invited to be involved in; or coaching opportunities for Cedric (Jadens father). We looked forward to all that CSD and the Deaf community had to offer and imagined finishing our time here much differently then what covid would have. Missing out on all the senior activities, sports, international studies trip, on-campus activities, in-person learning, and just missing seeing familiar faces, is tough. The closure we thought Jaden and our family would have his senior year and as his time at CSD comes to an end is not happening in the way we imagined it. However, we've learned to adapt and find the “orange and black” lining. We will forever be grateful for American Sign Language, CSD, Fremont, and the Deaf Community, as it changed our sons life, our lives, now and for generations to come. We will keep Orange & Black Eagle pride and memories in our hearts forever!
Kudos to CSD High School students
for acing the national Trivia Cup competition
A huge wave of applause for senior Donovan Holmes who placed 1st and sophomore Chang-May Tan who placed 3rd out of the approximately 100 students from all over the country who competed in the Trivia Cup! We are very proud of a job well done. Soar high Brainy Eagles!
As the saying goes... Knowledge is power! Hand waves to all of the students who made the top 10 out of 100 players nationwide! It is a proud moment for CSD to see that out of the top 10, four are CSD students! High fives to senior Donovan Holmes (1st) , sophomore Chang-May Tan (3rd), senior Naomi Brock (7th), and senior Courtney Bronson (tied for 10th).
Click images below to see their Instagram post
Donovan Holmes (3rd)
Chang-May Tan (top 8)
Chang-May Tan (1st)
Donovan Holmes (3rd)
Naomi Brock (top 8)
Donovan Holmes (1st)
Naomi Brock (2nd)
Chang-May Tan (4th) Courtney Bronson (top 8) 
Courtney Bronson (3rd)
Donovan Holmes (top 16)
Chang-May Tan (top 16)
Donovan Holmes (1st)
Chang-May Tan (top 8) 
Donovan Holmes (2nd)
Chang-May Tan (4th)
Donovan Holmes (1st)
Naomi Brock (top 8) 
Courtney Bronson (top 8) 
The inaugural Trivia Cup commenced in September 2020. This multi-event competition is open to all individual Deaf and Hard of Hearing middle and high school students enrolled in any type of school or program.
Middle School students compete in national
Battle of the Books competition
Well, it is that time of year again. The leaves on the trees are changing color; the days are getting shorter; the weather is turning cooler and; most importantly, it is time for Battle of the Books! Due to the coronavirus, this year’s competition will be held entirely online, but that has not deterred our players. Our three teams totaling 13 students are ready to battle. They started reading, rereading, and discussing the three books chosen by Gallaudet for their team on October 30. Their first match will be the week of January 11. We look forward to a fun and rewarding competition this year!

Rory Osbrink
Green Team
Keila Simos
  • Juan Berry-Berlinski 
  • Jaden Dingel 
  • Jalena Dingel 
  • Marisa Goff
Blue Team
Michael Foust
  • Hayden Cervantes
  • Juliana Hammons 
  • Leo Hatch
  • Logan Pendergraft
Buff Team
Charlene Kuyrkendall
  • Gabriella Bibb
  • Lelan Gonzales
  • Sevan Ikeda
Virtual Zumba classes during physical education
In the past, Apryl Chauhan, mother of CSD graduate Zee Chauhan, taught Zumba (exercise to music) in person at CSD. This year with Distance Learning, Physical Education Teacher Debbie Ayres invited Apryl to do Zoom Zumba with middle school & high school classes. Parodi Charitable Trust gladly supported the project and paid for Apryl to teach five 40-minute classes for 6th through 10th graders.
Students & staff had a blast exercising to music and following Apryl’s movements! One other benefit was seeing all classmates on at the same time. Grade levels have been divided into small physical education classes since March, so it was a thrill to see everyone altogether at once on Zoom!

Thank you Parodi Charitable Trust for making this possible! And thank you Apryl for providing us with a special event!

Debbie Ayres
Congratulations to our alumni for being chosen to Gallaudet’s All-Decade Teams
Gallaudet’s All-Decade Teams:

Dyan Kovacs,
  • CSD Class of 1990

Karen Gilbert,
  • CSD Class of 1992

Darriyan Thomas,
  • CSD Class of 2014
  • Current PE Teacher
Election Year 2020: Civic Education in Action
From the simple...
  • “Who will win? When can I vote?”.

To questions of...
  • “What issues are at stake?” 
  • “What are the viewpoints about those issues?” 
  • “Which groups are affected?” 

To the most complex...
  • “Why is it important to participate in a democracy?”
  • “How can I effect change?”
  • “Where do I get trustworthy information?”

These are the types of questions CSD students have been wrestling with during this 2020 election season while developing complex critical thinking, civil debate, and civic dispositions. Our students across campus—from kindergarten to 12th grade and beyond—have been gathering information; engaging in serious discussions; delving into their beliefs and values; and communicating with each other about them.
Knowing that we are educating future voters is an exciting honor! We know that in order for our students to become fully engaged, responsible citizens of our global community in the future, they need to practice being engaged, informed citizens during their K-12 educational experience. And never before have our Deaf students had such access to trustworthy information in ASL in an election year as this year—with an explosion of accessible, informational ASL Internet sites, certified Deaf interpreted events, engaging online instruction, and storysigning provided by our dynamic library team—working towards an informed Deaf electorate.
“Why Voting Matters: What is Voting”

Ethan Bernstein narrates for our library’s storysigning series.
“The Voice that Won the Vote: How One Woman’s Words Made History”

Joann Ikeda and Pat Bernstein tell the suffrage tale of Febb Burn.
Students and staff alike have benefited from The Daily Moth’s ongoing news and Election Night coverage.
SignVote.org is one of several new trustworthy ASL sites for the Deaf electorate.
Continue reading to see how each instructional department participated in a variety of activities surrounding this election.

Kathleen Mockus
Early Childhood Education students learn election vocabulary
Kindergarten taught basic ASL election vocabulary and encouraged comparative thinking skills. (Students worked with their families in an asynchronous unit of study.)
ASL resources created for kindergarten families.
Kindergarten Teacher Katelyn Kleinhans teaches the little ones to compare and contrast.
Elementary election assemblies
Each Elementary teacher approached the election at their students’ level. Students came together during election assemblies to share and review common concepts.
Elementary assemblies highlighted the importance of citizenship skills.
Middle School Hands-on Election Activities
Our middle schoolers studied the national candidates. They created videos to teach each other during their “Why Voting Matters” assembly.

Middle school students had the opportunity to register and mail in ballots from home. Within their math classes, they used the results to tally ballots, find percentages, and display the data they collected.
Middle School’s assembly tackles the issues.
Middle School’s Why Voting Matters assembly
Andres Salazar Ruiz
Gabriella Bibb
Zyier Ali
High School students utilize Youth Voter Toolkit
High school students participated in election activities, including seniors who used the Youth Voter Toolkit as a guide to decipher their own beliefs.
Seniors’ Youth Voter Toolkit Notebook collage.
Students old enough to vote
Quite a few of our seniors, and at least 11 of our Work Readiness Program and Adult Transition Program students, became first-time voters, this year, with the guidance of our teachers and support from their families.
Alternate Curriculum Life Skills: 

Just where do we go to become registered voters?
Campus-wide participation in mock election
  • Across campus, students participated in a nationwide mock election for Deaf schools sponsored by Kendall Demonstration Elementary School, in affiliation with Gallaudet University, in Washington DC. Over 40 schools from states across the nation and the District of Columbia participated in their activities, with 37 finally casting their votes for national candidates. CSD had a high turnout, posting 165 votes for 55 electoral college points. Who won at CSD? Who won at other state’s schools?
Click on image below to see election results by school
Click on image below to see KDES students share political vocabulary in ASL
Basic signs for families
Election and US Government basic vocabulary in American Sign Language

Junior National Association of the Deaf
Taking the lead!
Meet the 2020-2021 Junior National Association of the Deaf members from California School for the Deaf

Jr. NAD Guest Speaker
Each year, Junior National Association of the Deaf members are expected to come up with several projects that acknowledge leadership and community. On October 19, the 2020-21 team kicked off one of their year-long projects, which is to invite a wide array of guest speakers to come inspire CSD students. They started with CSD alum, Leila Hanaumi (Class of 2007)

Students make earthquake preparedness video
Prepare with Pedro and CSD Students
In response to the pandemic, many of us are either working or learning from home. Wherever we are, safety is something that we must always be mindful of. Thanks to the Talon Media class and a few volunteers from the Elementary department for preparing this video.
Employee Engagement
California School for the Deaf completed our first annual Employee Engagement survey during the month of February 2020. The goal of the survey was to gather feedback from current CSD employees to further strengthen CSD’s efforts to retain staff while recruiting new employees.

Out of 356 employees, we got 107 responses. Some of the statements that were rated the highest by CSD employees were:

  • I have good working relationships with my coworkers.

  • I understand how my work directly contributes to the overall success of the California School for the Deaf.  

  • My supervisor demonstrates a commitment to valuing diversity.

  • I feel personally driven to help CSD succeed and will go beyond what’s expected of me to ensure that it does.

  • Teamwork is encouraged and practiced at CSD.  

  • I would recommend CSD, as a place to work, to a friend or colleague.  

Kathryn Canfield
Meet Kevin Blackmer,
CSD's new Information Technology Specialist
I was born in Spokane, Washington but primarily grew up in the Bay Area, specifically in Santa Clara where I attended a mainstream program. I first learned sign language at the age of 19. I learned pretty quickly from then on. 

I have been involved in the Information Technology world for over 25 years, including having had my own business providing information technology support to small and medium-sized companies. I am the veritable Swiss Army knife, having dabbled in a variety of technologies within the information technology spectrum. 

I do sign ASL fluently. I wanted to work at CSD to be around a great group of folks, all looking to help our next generation succeed. 

My hobbies are playing hockey and golf.
CSD's Run for Hunger raises donations
for families in need
This year, the 23rd annual CSD Run for Hunger has gone "virtual"... virtually out of our minds! The CSD Family donated $1,183 to the Alameda County Community Food Bank! 

Before the pandemic, the Alameda County Community Food Bank fed 800 families per month; at present, the Alameda County Food Bank is feeding 1,700 families per week! CSD has just fed 2,315 children, adults or seniors. Handwaves to the mighty Eagles!
CSD physical education students performed their annual Run for Hunger, on November 18 and 19,
during their physical education classes. Students ran, danced and exercised for 20 minutes non-stop to create an awareness of world, national and local hunger.

Debbie Ayres
Run for Hunger sponsors donated generously and specifically for CSD families in need. A HUGE thank you to our local sponsors!
Safeway $25
Safeway $25
Raley's $25
Lucky's $25
Sprout's $25
Gene's $25
WalMart $30
FoodMaxx $50
Target $50
Target $100
Safeway $100
Costco $98
Grocery Outlet $100
Whole Foods $200
Dale's Hardware $200
Bronco Billy's Pizza TBD
Holiday Fundraising
CSD students explain about this year’s holiday fundraiser for families with the Don Jones Foundation.

Get the student perspective
on the news with Talon Media

Holiday Stories
The Gingerbread Boy

Storysigning by:
  • Landen Gonzales

The Gingerbread Cowboy

Storysigning by:
  • Stefanie Ellis-Gonzales

Catch the Cookie!

Storysigning by:
  • Joann Ikeda

“10 Fat Turkeys”

Storysigning by:
  • Joann Ikeda

The Horribly Hungry Gingerbread Boy

Storysigning by:
  • Haruna Matsumoto

The King Cake Baby

Storysigning by:
  • Charlene Kuyrkendall

Keep Running Gingerbread Man

Storysigning by:
  • Michele Berke

The Gingerbread Man 2

Storysigning by:
  • Joey Baer

ASL Storysigning from CSD Library
“There is a Bird on Your Head”

Storysigning by:
  • Joann Ikeda
  • Pat Bernstein

“Lucy's Mask”

Storysigning by:
  • Pat Bernstein

Oscar's Half Birthday

Storysigning by:
  • Frank Lester

“My Lucky Day”

Storysigning by:
  • Joann Ikeda
  • Pat Bernstein

Holiday Zoom Party for Seniors
We, the independent living skills staff and supervising counselor, planned a fun holiday Zoom party for our seniors.

We made cookie jars and a Class of 2021 ornament, and put games in gift bags. Then, staff dropped off all of the gift bags on Thursday, November 19 at the students homes.
We had our Zoom party on Sunday, December 6. We played bingo and had a scavenger hunt. Everyone was a winner!

It was lovely to see our seniors.

Cottages 5 and 9
  • Gillian Baldwin
  • Jeff Buckmaster
  • Maria Tanya deGuzman
  • David Hegarty
  • Cindy Martin Sasser
New Spooky Challenge
CSD Elementary Student Life proudly introduces our Spooky Challenge!

Check out all the Spooky Challenge fun below!

Click photo for Instagram posting
SLED & Halloween Activities
Student Life staff form Cottages 1 and 2 got together and made Halloween goodie bags for the students. Inside, there were candy, Vampire teeth, pumpkin carving outlines, full face masks and water colors for the students to paint during the department activity. 

SLED made the deliveries the week before Halloween so the students would be ready for their upcoming Halloween activities. Staff and students got into the spirit of things and dressed up nightly. We teased and laughed about our costumes and watched Haunted House videos on YouTube.
Shellye Ferguson and Mary Mesa
TJ Harris (MS) was very happy to show he received his Halloween bag.
Jose Carrizales (ATP) happily points to his surprise bag.
Alex Valdez (ATP) is all smiles with his Halloween bag in hand.
Mr. Chris and Mrs. Amber Show
Student Life Elementary department hosted the Mr. Chris and Mrs. Amber Show as a part of our Media Night event on October 22.

CSD elementary students enjoyed the performance of comedy, magic, and juggling acts. We had over 20 students in attendance on Zoom! Everyone was so drawn to the performers and amazed at their talent! After the show, the kids were asking how to juggle; we had fun trying.
Chris is a CSD alum, currently working as a counselor with the Student Life Middle School department. Amber hails from Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf. The duo volunteered to perform for the virtual event. We are grateful for their generosity, as we strive to keep our Eaglets entertained during the pandemic. 

Thursday evenings have been showcased with a variety of shows, movies, and anything media related. All CSD elementary students are welcome to come to our Media Night events! For further information, please check out our Student Life Elementary calendar at csdeagles.comStudent Life→Activity Calendars.

Happy holidays from the Student Life Elementary department!

— Michele Malcolm
December 2020 - Literacy Calendar
Festival of Lights in ASL
CSD teacher Sinju Engineer explains Diwali, the festival of lights. Special thanks to the Sinju and Yatika Engineer for sharing this with us. Enjoy!

Deaf Schools Unite Against Covid-19
We are in this together
Deaf schools from across the country unite

FREE Online Resources
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Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 794-3666
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