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Students thrive with in-person learning!
Message from the Superintendent
Greetings from the land

Our Legacy, Our Focus, Our Impact

As expected, we are BACK!  We are feeling so fortunate for the opportunity to have our students and staff back on campus. The pandemic is not over with yet, and we at California School for the Deaf are taking every safety and health measure into consideration. The Alameda County Public Health Department and the California Department of Public Health, along with the California Department of Education, have been instrumental in providing us with resources (e.g. guidance information and rapid testing kits) to ensure a healthy reopening.

Reopening CSD has been somewhat challenging; we all are trying to get into sync with our day-to-day routines after 20 months of Distance Learning and teleworking. As I look back on previous CalNews, I have to state that CSD is proud of our accomplishment of keeping our students engaged virtually!

I want to recognize our students, families, and staff for their undivided commitment and support during the reopening. Last spring, we reopened on April 27th and welcomed our day students back on campus. The spring reopening gave us the opportunity to test our protocols and the rapid testing program. That ‘soft’ reopening really helped to prepare us for this year. Finally, during the summer, we included the residential program into our Extended School Year program to test our cottage-specific protocols, and we did very well.

The biggest part of our full August reopening has been the implementation of our formal rapid testing program, where we provide our students, families and staff access to COVID-19 test kits. I want to thank the California Department of Public Health; Safely Reopen Schools app; Primary Health; and Vestra Labs. These parties provided us with testing kits and a web-based platform to input test results for monitoring purposes, as well as the nurses who test our residential students on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. The testing program has allowed us to detect any potential for the virus, and manage it as quickly as possible to avoid a breakout.

We are finally getting into the swing of things at CSD. Everyone is still adjusting to new routines, after being Sheltered in Place for such a long time. Change is not easy, but we are making it work!

Lets celebrate the reopening of CSD by enjoying this newsletter!
Clark Brooke, Ed.S.
California School for the Deaf, Fremont
39350 Gallaudet Drive
Fremont, CA 94538
510-344-6010 Videophone
510-823-6071 Spanish Callers
CSD alumna Clara Baldwin selected as acting supervisor for Alaska School for the Deaf
CSD is proud to acknowledge that our alumna, Clara Baldwin, has risen to the challenge of leading the Alaska School for the Deaf. Clara’s mother Gillian is currently an employee at CSD and has been with us for a long time. We wish Clara the best!

CSD library presents outdoor storysigning
Photo by JAC Cook | School & Community Resource Coordinator
Story by Joann Ikeda | School Librarian
When school started for the fall semester and students returned to the classroom, CSD librarian Joann Ikeda had originally envisioned offering storysigning inside of the library; but in order to make it safer for students, it was agreed that offering storysigning outdoors would be a safer alternative. Joann found the perfect location, using the American Sign Language literacy mural, along with the mosaic bench, as the backdrop. (Both of those artworks were created previous years by CSD students.)

Joann wears a full transparent face shield while presenting her storysigning. The face shield enables students to see Joann's facial expressions during her presentation, while remaining COVID-safe. After she finishes presenting her story, Joann switches to wearing a face mask so that she is able to interact directly with students.

Joann signs age-appropriate stories in American Sign Language. Each page of the storybook is projected behind Joann onto a large monitor, so that the text and illustrations from the book are visible to all of the students. Students view the storybook at the same time that Joann is signing, reinforcing bi-literacy in ASL and English. Joann adapts her signing style to fit the age of the children in the audience. For example with a younger audience, she might bend forward so that she is closer to their level ... See More... (Read full story)
Virtual storysigning from CSD Library
“Chicka Chicka Boom Boom”
Signed by Joann Ikeda

Our Middle School Trivia Cup winners
We had several students participate in each subject round of Gallaudet University Youth Programs Trivia Cup. We love seeing our students take academic risks and try new things. For several weeks, our Middle School pod was taken over by properly distanced students with laptops, participating in the national Trivia Cup competition. We are proud of all of them!
Congratulations, Hayden Cervantes! We in the middle school are so proud of you for placing FIRST in the Gallaudet University Youth Programs Trivia Cup for Social Studies. You really looked forward to participating in this competition, and your deep love of history paid off.
Congratulations to Quentin Ertoz for placing in mathematics and thank you to everyone who participated!

The top four middle school students will move on to the Final Competition and the top 32 high school students will be moving on to the Ranking Test. Visit Gallaudet University Youth Programs Trivia Cup webpage for updates on their Trivia Cup journey!
Middle School gets letter from US Vice President
From Adele Ann Eberwein | Middle School Principal
We wrote to Kamala Harris, our Vice President - and she wrote back!!! How exciting!! Our students, with Adele Ann Eberwein as their teacher, wrote to Ms. Harris last spring, going through the writing process. Ms. Eberwein, who is now our principal, got the letter and excitedly shared it with her former students. We are all proud of our students for reaching out and taking their civic duty seriously. We are thrilled to get the vice president's gracious, thoughtful response!
Middle School students make videos in support of wearing masks to protect against COVID
Videos from Adele Ann Eberwein | Middle School Principal
Marin County teacher COVID case
(news story signed by CSD middle school students)
Wear masks!
(signed by CSD middle school students)
Celebrating International Day of Sign Language 
Photos from Carley Carbin | ASL Literature Teacher
Elementary students are learning about the Global Flag of the Deaf Community while celebrating International Day of Sign Languages at the same time. 
New in ECE!
By Michele Berke, PhD | Early Childhood Education Principal
We are so excited to welcome students back to the Early Childhood Education (ECE) department. Our young learners (as well as our staff) are thrilled to be connecting with old friends, meeting new classmates, and learning in a bilingual educational environment. 
Preschool gets ready for picture day.
The ECE department is comprised of an Early Start Program, PreSchool, PreKindergarten and Kindergarten classes. In addition to following the state framework for young learners (California Pre-School Learning Foundations and the California Common Core State Standards for K), we provide social-emotional learning through the use of the Zones of Regulation. 
Kindergarten class builds structures outdoors.
PreKindergarten practices writing.
This year, we have implemented a new caregiver class for families who have newly-identified Deaf babies up to 14 months (see brochure).

In addition, we have opened up our toddler class for children who are 14months to 3 years of age for all families (see brochure)
Due to COVID, our Friday playgroup is on hold but we look forward to hosting it when it becomes safe to do so.

Our PreSchoolers get creative.
ECE often claims to be the cutest department on campus! After seeing the students back in school, we know it's true! 🙂 
CSD fifth grader featured in the media
On behalf of the Elementary Department, we want to share with much pride that our 5th grader, Norah Pendergraft (her stage name is Norah Luna), and our ASL immersion teacher, Bianca Hamilton-Miller, are featured in the Courage and Kindness Club series. Both Norah (right center) and Bianca (right bottom) are our stars! The videos can serve many purposes for our students when it comes to Courage and Kindness. Without a doubt, our American Sign Language program in the Elementary Department, has played a vital role with Norah's placement in this series.

Learn About Determination with Tiana

Featuring our very own...
  • Norah Pedergraft
  • Bianca Hamilton Miller

How Cinderella Shows Kindness

Featuring our very own...
  • Norah Pedergraft
  • Bianca Hamilton Miller
Norah does it again!
Norah and her mom are featured in this Starbucks commercial.

News & Entertainment by CSD Students
New! ASL Language Assessments
FREE to Deaf children in California
By Dr. Marlon Kuntze | Student Outcomes Specialist
“A family told me how pleased they were to have the ASL assessment results, which they will now be able to bring to their IEP meeting to add to their Deaf child’s language goals.”
Dr. Julie Rems-Smario

Our specialists...
  • Dr. Marlon Kuntze
  • Dr. Julie Rems-Smario
CORE at the California School for the Deaf now provides American Sign Language (ASL) assessments to Deaf children ages 0 – 18, who are NOT currently students at CSD. It is a service to help families understand their child’s language and literacy development. The service is available only to Deaf children, of all hearing levels, who live in California, and who have an IFSP or IEP. The assessment results will give the family valuable information they can use in their IFSP or IEP meeting!

The school offers two different assessments:
  • One is for ages 0 – 5. It focuses on where the child is according to the age-expected milestones in language development.
  • The other one is designed for students in grades K-12. It is designed to assess students’ ability to understand narrative in ASL. Their comprehension is assessed on different cognitive levels, and the narrative is grade-based.

The first step for parents is to fill out an online intake assessment. They will then be contacted to schedule an in-person visit to the California School for the Deaf, in Fremont. Families will meet with a language specialist who will guide their child through the assessment process.

The parents will also meet with a family education coordinator who will make sure the family is connected to educational resources, other families with Deaf children, and support from the Deaf Community organization in the geographic area where the family lives. While visiting the school, the family can also request a family tour which includes an opportunity for the child to visit a classroom of their peers. Families will be provided with their child’s assessment results before they leave that day.
Families with children under the age of 6 will get valuable information on age-appropriate ASL levels through a document provided by the California Department of Education as mandated by Senate Bill #210. The title of the document is “SB 210 Language Development Milestones.”

CORE offers Webinar Series 2021-2022
1) Download flyer 2) Tap each ZOOM LINK to register for that webinar
Social Emotional Learning for High School
By Daniel Girard | Student Support Liaison
online presentation

For ASL videos in presentation, click on photos with black lines.

For ASL videos in presentation, click on photos with black lines.
CSD mourns the loss of cherished employee
From Clark Brooke | School Superintendent
It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Russell Thexton. He was a valued member of our team for 20+ years. Russell worked at CSD as a Middle School and High School night attendant. He was assigned to either department dependent upon the needs of the Student Life program. 

Jay Thexton, his son, shared that his father always spoke highly of CSD and enjoyed attending staff meetings. 

Russell will be missed. We will continue to remember Russell for all of his years of endless service to our students.
Celebrating Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month
From CSD Library
“Abuela and The Three Bears”
Signed by Jeana Williams

“In My Family”
Signed by Lorraine Flores

5 Benefits of Student Organizations
Presented by CSD Latinx Students
From Susana Acosta | Raza de Sordx Club
Watch our student leaders in action!
Convo highlights CSD's Raza de Sordx Club in their Deaf Ecosystem Spotlight

High School Student Leaders for 2021-22
Daniel Girard | Student Support Liaison
Sulghi Hong | High School Administrative Principal

Unity for Diversity Clubs
Celebrating Latinx & Indigenous Heritage
Ian Guzman & Omar Guzman, California School for the Deaf alumni, class of 2007, share their story on Convo - SoCal Stories

Homecoming 2021 ~ Come Join Us!
By Jesse "JJ" Bailey | Athletic Director
Hello Eagle Nation... Go Eagles!!!
I am thrilled to inform you that we will have 2021 Homecoming on Friday, October 29. Varsity Volleyball at 4 p.m. followed by Varsity Football at 6 p.m. General admission for the entire event is $10; students and senior citizens are $5; children 4 and under are FREE. We will have wristbands for you, so that if you arrive and pay for the volleyball game, you can return for the football game, and it will be included.
There will be booths and food vendors at Homecoming. We will also have royalty court at halftime.

Good news... homecoming will be OPEN to the PUBLIC! You all can come to support our volleyball and football teams. Yes!!! See you there.

If you have any questions, please contact Athletic Director Jesse Bailey.

Mark Friday, October 29 on your calendar. Go Eagles!!!
Little Eagles Afterschool Program (LEAP)
LEAP is for CSD students from kindergarten through fifth grade. The program includes social time, outdoor play, and recreational activities.

(photo left) Students play 4-in-a-row as one of their many fun activities.
Students decorate miniature pumpkins for the fall season.
Students play fun fishing games while learning colors, numbers, alphabet, and sight words, using cards shaped like fish.
International Studies students will travel to Japan
Being Creative
Our creative International Studies students busily designed a bulletin board to showcase their upcoming trip to Japan that will take place in the spring of 2022.
CSD History ~ Japanese American CSD Alumni
By Ronald Hirano | CSD Alum
Photos courtesy of Selena Moon | Independent Scholar & Researcher
CSD alumna Kikue Ukai, became a groundbreaking Deaf writer and editor

In 1921, Kikue Ukai’s parents enrolled her in the California School for the Deaf, from which she graduated at the age of 18.

In 1923, Kikue enrolled at Gallaudet. Kikue frequently contributed to Gallaudet’s literary magazine The Buff and Blue, providing a number of essays on women’s fashion and social commentary. 

Kikue left Gallaudet in 1928 and returned to Oakland, where she entered California School for the Deaf in nearby Berkeley. In 1934, she passed a civil service exam that allowed her to work as a librarian, the first Nisei ever to do so, and thereafter was hired by the Oakland Public Library.

In 1936, Ukai began writing a literary column titled “Literary By-Paths” for the English section of the San Francisco newspaper New World Sun, or Shin Sekai Asahi.

Selena Moon is a Japanese American historian who has included Japanese American Deaf history into her research:

The first known Deaf Japanese American student at California School for the Deaf was Mary Matsuda, who attended from around 1898-1907. The second was author and literary critic Kikue Ukai (Fujii). She wrote for several Gallaudet publications. After leaving Gallaudet, she wrote for many Japanese American newspapers and eventually had her own column, "Literary By-Paths With Kikue Ukai".

When World War II broke out, 10 of the 11 Japanese American students from California School for the Deaf were sent to incarceration camps. One of them was Hannah Takagi, who came up with the name for the Helen Keller School (which was a school for disabled Japanese American children at the Tule Lake relocation camp in northern California). Hannah Takagi corresponded with Helen Keller, and read Keller’s reply during her testimony at the Redress Hearings, to petition the government for an apology and monetary compensation for the incarceration. She and other CSD alums—siblings Ernest and Nancy Ikeda (Baldwin), and Ron Hirano—have been interviewed about their experiences in the camps to preserve the history and ensure that it never happens again.

Welcome New Staff, Faculty & Administrators
Families with Deaf Children
Learn to Sign from Home
By Lilly Benedict | Family Education Coordinator
Does “Deaf” apply to those children who are Hard of Hearing? Deaf is an umbrella term for various hearing levels, incorporating a whole-child viewpoint.

Did you know that California School for the Deaf serves students with varied hearing levels? Deaf children have the human right to American Sign Language. This refers to Deaf children from the spectrum of hearing levels. Families who learn ASL provide the best gift they can possibly bestow upon their Deaf child. Our classes are available to families with Deaf children, from babies through school age, who live in Northern California..

What level of classes are available to families with Deaf children?
Beginning, Intermediate, Conversational, and Sibling

  • Beginning ASL class is suitable for those who have no prior knowledge of ASL and those who possess a very basic signing level.

  • Intermediate ASL class is for those who are in between beginning and conversational levels, or have taken our beginning class and feel ready to move forward, or have practiced through interacting with Deaf individuals.

  • Conversational ASL class is for those who feel comfortable conversing with Deaf individuals and are ready for an in-depth conceptual and interactive conversation experience in receptive and expressive ASL.

  • Sibling ASL class is for children ages 5 to 12. Both Deaf children and their hearing siblings are welcome to attend.

Families just love this opportunity to learn ASL virtually.

Results from our survey
  • 100 percent of families agreed that our instructors were patient and helpful;
  • 100 percent of families said that learning ASL through Zoom was a new experience for them;
  • 91 percent of families agreed that the lessons were taught at their pace of their learning.
A huge thank you to the wonderful instructors who taught our Family ASL Classes. Having these instructors makes it possible to offer ASL classes at no cost to families with Deaf children.
California School for the Deaf
39350 Gallaudet Drive, 
Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 794-3666
Meta Metal, Editor
Clark Brooke, School Superintendent