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September 2019 | Eagles #23
Eagles Girls Team wins Championship
at Prep Deaf National Cross Country Meet.

[photo description: (above) Three female athletes stand behind a 2019 girl's first place banner with an image of runners below the emblem. The girl in the middle is holding up a trophy. The girls on each side of her are holding up the banner. All three girls are wearing blue first place ribbons with medallions hanging from the ribbons. They have orange California School for the Deaf shirts on. (below) Mug shot of Superintendent Clark Brooke who is wearing a black shirt with an orange tie -- school colors.]
Message from the Superintendent
Greetings from the land
California School for the Deaf is pleased to let you know that our school is moving along very well! 

Building Leaders
In September, our students had the opportunity to engage in leadership-building activities, in the political arena, as well as with the community. This edition of the CalNews highlights activities with students and the community. Integrated into the core values of CSD, incidental learning opportunities continue to be meaningful for our students and our staff. There’s nothing that can replace this type of learning!
At the very beginning of the month, our students participated in the biannual ASL Celebration in Sacramento . The ASL Celebration was established, several years ago, to raise awareness of the value of American Sign Language in our state. It is very important that we continue to emphasize the importance of making this language accessible to all Deaf students in California. We would like to recognize NorCal Services for Deaf & Hard of Hearing and California Association of the Deaf for their continued partnership in making the ASL Celebration possible. 

Sheri Farinha , NorCal CEO, and her planning committee are to be applauded for bringing the Deaf community to the legislative wing in order to point out the significant needs of the Deaf community. This resulted in our students having the opportunity to lead several groups through the legislative halls, and connect with the staff there to discuss issues that are currently impacting th e Deaf people of California.

Cross Country Tournament
Our student athletes represented CSD with pride throughout the month of September. We are fortunate to have many highly qualified coaches among our school community. Without our valued coaches, we would not be able to offer the same high caliber programming to our student athletes. A recent highlight was when our Cross Country team traveled to Oregon School for the Deaf to participate in the Prep Deaf National Cross Country Meet. Head Coach Kris Hatch is to be recognized for encouraging the school to send our runners to the meet.

5K Run and Walk Event
In December 2018, we hosted the first annual Junior National Association of the Deaf joint retreat and conference in collaboration with our sister school, California School for the Deaf, Riverside. We had close to 60 student leaders at the retreat! The 5K run and walk concept was discussed in depth, at the retreat, and it was agreed that both schools would host their own 5K run and walk event. Our Jr. NAD organization invited the Foothills Athletic Association to be part of the planning of this exciting event. There is no question that our student leaders developed their event planning and fundraising skills while working on this project together!

About CalNews
Toward the end of this newsletter, you will find information on a variety of upcoming events that are available to the CSD community and beyond. As a member of our school community, please share this newsletter with anyone you think might be interested in learning more about our programs. Bring them to CSD if you can!
California School for the Deaf publishes 10 editions of the CalNews throughout the year. We send out monthly editions of the newsletter, except for December/January and July/August when we only send a single edition for the two-month period. By sharing this monthly  CalNews  with you, it is evident that there are so many things going on at CSD!

Our students, families, staff, and community members are to be recognized for their commitment to the school’s mission of serving our students to the best of their ability. Together, we continue to create more opportunities for everyone at CSD!

With Eagle Pride,

Clark Brooke, Ed.S.
California School for the Deaf, Fremont
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Fremont, CA 94538
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From the High School department
Students participate in ASL Celebration
at Sacramento, CA
On September 12, over 100  students and staff went to Sacramento for the American Sign Language Celebration that was hosted by California Association of the Deaf and NorCal Services for Deaf  &  Hard of Hearing .
[photo description: (photo 1) Large group of students sitting on the lawn holding up signs. (photo 2) Video of students marching with their signs. (photo 3) Group of students posing in front of a big white government building with columns along the front of it. (photo 4) Students posing in a government office with legislators.]
Our Junior National Association of the Deaf student leaders were able to check off one of their five action plans: “Lead a Deaf Parade.” Jayvon Harmon and Alexis Bravo Calvillo led a parade of students with signs that read “ASL is Beautiful” and “Sign Language is a Human right; it’s not an option.” Students marched around California State Capitol Park. They also marched by the California Department of Education, with signs held high, so that everyone there could see the voices of our students.
At the conclusion of the parade, students watched different presenters. Included in the presentations were students from California School for the Deaf's ASL I classes, taught by Lorraine Flores; ASL II classes taught by Jeff Bibb; and Applied Bilingual Language Arts classes taught by Nelly Hencker. Students in these classes presented different skits and stories that emphasized the importance of ASL in their lives and in their education. California Schools for the Deaf superintendents, Clark Brooke and Nancy Hlibok-Amann, shared the value of ASL in Deaf education and the importance of requiring ASL as the human right of all Deaf people.

Our high school students got to meet Khieem "Khi" Jackson, the Deputy Superintendent of the Equity & Access Branch at the California Department of Education. Superintendent Clark Brooke praised Khi for being a team player. Khi had some nice conversations with our students. He shared with students that he would be attending the high school graduation at California School for the Deaf. Students encouraged Khi to learn some ASL in preparation for attending their graduation. Khi said that he would try. The students replied back that “There is no try; only do.” Khi chuckled and said he would do what he could.
We want to thank all of the staff who made the students' visit to Sacramento possible:
  • Tammi Davidson and Sue Frederich for driving the buses; and the Transportation Department for taking care of all of the travel logistics.
  • High school cottage staff and night attendants for taking in additional day students in the cottage, and for feeding the whole group dinner upon their return from Sacramento.
  • Nutritional Services staff for preparing bulk meals in advanced for the trip.
  • Teachers and staff for their support in preparing our students and supervising them on the trip.
  • Athletics department for working out logistics for team practices.
  • High School Team for all of the assistance on filling in wherever was needed.
  • Superintendent Clark and the Cabinet members for their support.
  • Big Hand waves goes to Daniel Girard for coordinating all of these pieces and putting them together. 
Students develop leadership skills
at California Association of the Deaf Convention
[photo description: (photo 1) Student leaders pose with JAC Cook and Sulghi Hong in front of a California Association of the Deaf banner, with the theme: Preserve, protect, and promote human, linguistic, and civic rights for all Deaf Californians. (photo 2) Animated GIFs of Alexis Bravo and Jayvon Harmon signing their presentations.]

At the end of the ASL Celebration, all of the CSD students headed back to Fremont, except for four students:
  1. Alexis Bravo Calvillo (Student Body Government President and Peer Mentor)
  2. Courtney Bronson (Student Body Government Vice President)
  3. Jayvon Harmon (Ebony Club President and peer Mentor)
  4. David Zhao (Foothills Athletic Association Treasurer).

They remained in Sacramento to experience what the California Association of the Deaf Conference was all about. While at the conference, these four students performed their duties as California School for the Deaf Ambassadors, fulfilling another part of CSD Junior National Association of the Deaf's five-point action plan.

THRUSDAY: Orientation
CSD’s student ambassadors met up with two students from University High School and got oriented on what they would would be doing for the weekend. They went to the cafeteria to get their assignments, including the name of the person they would welcome to the stage for Friday’s Education Symposium.
FRIDAY: Announcing precenters at CAD's Education Symposium
The focus of CAD’s Education Symposium was all about Intersectionality. Alexis, Courtney, Jayvon, and David did a beautiful job welcoming each of the presenters to the stage. The topics ranged from Plights of the Youth , by Raquel (Taz) Espinoza-Ortega; Intersectionality with/without Language , by Susan Gonzalez; Intersectionality in My Life and Family , by Jerrin George; Why Intersectionality Matters to Me , by Mingchen Yang; and ProTactile is for Everyone , by Roberto Cabrera. The students also joined Social Night Out where they shared some of their own stories and jokes.

SATURDAY: Learning Parliamentary Procedure
CAD provided four more presentations including: Celebrating Our Roots: Deaf World CODA Family and CODA Kin , by Paola Morales; Finding my YAWP! , by Neil Sprouse; My Mind Matters , by Millie Stansfield; and Aging: Are You Ready? , by Kay Vincent.

Following the presentations, our CSD students learned by watching how California Association of the Deaf conducted their official business meeting, using parliamentary procedure, Robert’s Rules of Order. They learned a lot and commented that they will apply some of the ideas and procedures they observed in the CAD meeting to their own meetings for student organizations and clubs. After High School Principal Sulghi Hong completed his report as Head Trustee for the CAD Foundation, CSD students and staff returned back to campus to join the Student Leadership Retreat that was happening at the CSD campus.
Special thanks to JAC Cook for coordinating our CSD students' involvement with the California Association of the Deaf Convention, and making sure that our students got the support they needed during their stay in Sacramento. 
Lorraine Flores received the 2019 Unwavering Activism Award from the California Association of the Deaf for her tireless advocacy on behalf of Deaf Youth. All of the beautiful awards presented at the California Association of the Deaf Convention were made by our students and staff from the CSD Career Technical Education department's Manufacturing and Wood Technology program.

[photo description: Female presenter on stage with Lorraine Flores.]
CSD Eagles Athletes compete in
Prep Deaf National Cross Country Meet
at Oregon School for the Deaf
Girls won their first championship of the season! 🏆

CSD Eagles Girls Cross Country results:

Boys came second only 7 points behind Oregon School for the Deaf!

CSD Eagles Boys Cross Country results:

[photo descriptions: (photo 1) Athletes lined up next to the 1 st , 2 nd , and 3 rd place podium. (photos 2 & 3) Boys first place awards. (photos 4 & 5) Group photos on the bleachers & on the track. (photo 6) Group photo of CSD staff & students at the Oregon School for the Deaf sign that is embedded on a stone wall -- four students are sitting on top of the stone wall; with three people on the left & four people on the right.]
Fall 2019 - High School Athletics
Click on image for enlargement
Varsity Football

Varsity Cheerleading

Varsity Volleyball

Junior Varsity Volleyball

Varsity Cross Country

Athletics Department

Youth Atlhetics Teams
Middle School Girls Softball

Middle School Boys Basketball

Elementary School Volleyball

Elementary Latinx Heritage Assembly
The elementary school kicked off Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month with an assembly. The students attended three 15-minute presentations. What an amazing kickoff to something we will incorporate into our classroom not only this month, but throughout the school year.
Above: In the first center, Raza de Sordx High School students Christopher Renteria and Miles Gonzalez shared their Latinx roots with students and presented storytelling and lengua de señas mexicana (Mexican Sign Language) videos by CSD parent, Elvis Zornoza (left) .
In the second center, Vanessa Sandez shared the importance of corn in indigenous cultures. 
Mexican Deaf artist, Rolando Sigüenza, sent a video from his home in Mexico City of different Mexican corn dishes in lengua de señas mexicana (Mexican Sign Language).
Raza de Sordx high school students Erick Sanchez and Michael Franquez helped serve Mexican street corn, tortillas with crema and champurrado. The tasty treats were prepared by CSD elementary parents Vicky Olea, Yasmin Rosales and Karla Diaz. 
In the third center, Doralynn Folse storysigned the book “Mis Colores, Mi Mundo” (My Colors, My World). The students and Doralynn discussed personal experiences of how families can have a beautiful blending of different cultures in one family.
Every year, the Elementary School recognizes and celebrates different heritages and cultures to raise the awareness and knowledge of our students, as we embrace the diversity in our country. Below, you will see our monthly heritage calendar.
Friday, September 6
National Hispanic-Latinx Heritage Month

Friday, October 4
LGBTQ   History   Heritage Month

Friday, November 1
National American Indian Heritage Month

Friday, December 6
Universal Rights

Friday, January 10
Lunar New Year

Friday, February 7
African American History Month

Friday, March 6
National Women’s History Month &
Deaf Women in History

Friday, April 10

Friday, May 1
Asian Pacific American and
Jewish American Heritage Month

Friday, May 21
Diverse Families and LGBTQ Pride

School librarians present storysigning
"Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin"
Community runs & walks
to support CSD student organizations
(Click photo for enlargement)
[photo description: Group photo with lake and hills in the background. There is a blue sky with some gray clouds.]
For the first time in CSD history, a 5K Run and Walk event was hosted by the CSD Junior National Association of the Deaf & Foothills Athletic Association, with 120   runners and walkers completing the course at Fremont’s beautiful Quarry Lakes. This is one of the five action plans that CSD Fremont's Junior National Association of the Deaf established during their leadership retreat with Riverside. The purpose of this event was to raise funds to help both Junior National Association of the Deaf and Foothills Athletic Association meet their goals for this year.

Junior National Association of the Deaf goals:
  1. Send students to the National Jr. NAD Conference in Rochester, NY
  2. Send students to Youth Leadership Camp
  3. Scholarships for seniors
  4. Host future events

Foothills Athletic Association goals:
  1. New uniforms and equipment for athletes
  2. Help athletes with their trips to Deaf tournaments
  3. Snow trip during early spring
Jr. NAD chairpersons George Quirie and Liliana Ortiz worked together with FAA President Esther Biser and FAA Vice President Kara Wolfangle for this 5K   event! Great job!

Kudos goes to Daniel Girard , Jeanne Dike , and Joshua Weinstock for coordinating the event.

There were many players to thank, such as: Oskar Schugg , Tammi Davidson , Gayalene Buck , JoDee Dike-Johnson , Warren Keller , Cindy Sasser , Jeff Buckmaster , Dako Tiku , Instructional Management Team , Cabinet , Department of Instruction staff , Student Life staff , Transportation department , Nutritional Services , and the many more individuals and groups who made this event a successful one!
Jr. NAD and FAA were able to raise $1,945!

Thank you very much for your support, contribution, and donation
that allows our students to TAKE THE LEAD!
[photo description: (photo 1) Group photo in the pavilion with people eating at tables in the background. (photo 2) Seven 10K finishers posing in front of the lake on some green grass.]
For this event, there were three options: 5K run, 5K walk, and 1-mile course for young children. There were several runners that went around the course twice, which means they went beyond the expected course measurement and completed a 10K. Impressive! We were delighted to see staff, students, families, CSD Alumni, CSD retirees, and community members come out to this event to support the goals for our student organizations. After completing the course, attendees enjoyed some social time and BBQ. 
Student-produced video news
Talon Media #6
Check out the new

[photo description: VIDEO.]
Dr. Leala Holcomb presents
“ASL Linguistics Can Be Fun:
Let Me Show You!”
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(Click for reader-friendly version)
High School Leadership Retreat
Student Leaders at California School for the Deaf are the officers for the student organizations and clubs; chairpersons for events; and assistants during New Family Orientation. They also take on other leadership roles at events. In preparation for the year ahead, this year's student leaders were invited to spend the weekend at the CSD campus for a retreat.

On Friday, they helped prepare the BBQ for Back to School events. They also supported the CSD High School Football and Cheerleading teams in their game against Rancho San Juan High School. (Our team won 51 – 7! Go Eagles!)

Friday evening, the student leaders attended an orientation about the upcoming weekend and participated in a team-building activity.
The student leaders started off their Saturday morning learning about meditation, during a Self-Care session with Early Childhood Education Student Support Liaison Tiffany Wilson. Tiffany provided eight different ways of Self-Care and demonstrated six basic yoga poses to help students get in touch with their inner self. Then, Superintendent Clark Brooke provided insights through a DICS presentation on how the student leaders could work with their strengths, and incorporate other’s strengths, in group situations.

Next, the student leaders participated in a team-building activity and attended several workshops including: a time management workshop; design thinking session; and an event planning workshop. They also gave their own presentation to all of their peers.

During the time management workshop, the student leaders had to complete 20   different tasks, at selected locations, within 20   minutes. Completing this activity helped them develop the ability to think and work fast. They had to multitask to make it on time. At the end of the night, they got a preview about what they would do the next day at the San Francisco Scavenger Hunt!
On the last day of the Student Leadership Retreat, the student leaders headed over to San Francisco via BART and began their day at the Ferry Building, nearby Embarcadero Plaza. They divided into six teams that broke out on their own to collect the most points possible for their team. The teams took a photo or a video to document that they had completed various tasks, such as a group photo, dancing, cheerleader chants, and the challenge of teaching American Sign Language to total stranger in public. With the challenge, not only did they have teach stranger how to sign in American Sign Language, they also had to get the stranger to dance with them in public! The teams had a great time completing their tasks at some famous locations in San Francisco. They got to see the sights in San Francisco, bond through silly dancing and travel, and enjoy San Francisco clam and garlic pizzas.
[photo description: (photo 1) Students pose for a photo in the gym. (photo 2) Students sit at individual desks working at a computer. The group of students are sitting in a semi-circle, in the high school pod, watching a presenter. (photo 3) Students sit cross-legged in a circle practicing yoga in the gym. (photos 4-7) Videos. (photos 8-9) Students signing "CSD" while standing in front of landmarks in San Francisco.]
Fun with Learning
On September 19, the high school applied community exploration class exhibited an example of a palindrome with the date: 9-19-19, along with the clocks showing the time all the way to the second at 9:19:19.

For those who do not know what a PALINDROME is, it is a word, phrase, or sequence that reads the same way, both forward and backwards.
During independent reading time, eighth grade boys volunteered to fact-check a book written to help girls navigate relationships and friendships with boys.
Middle School Leadership Retreat
Is that what we are getting now?
[photo description: Student pointing to the word "recess" in a slide presentation, while other students look on.]

Team building activity takes some work! 
[photo description: Student standing at the end of a table giving a presentation while other students look on.]

Group Spirit time!
[photo description: A counselor is standing at the front of the room with a slideshow, while the students are sitting on brown carpet facing him. The students look kind of rowdy -- like they are having fun.]

A couple minutes
before lunch... going hungry!
[photo description: Students sitting outdoors, around a round table, with some light refreshments.]

It’s up for grabs!
[photo description: Students helping themselves to hamburgers and all the fixings.]

Middle School Welcome Back Party
Party Games

Dancing and Making the Moves

CSD Alumni Association
Visit us at csdeagles.com/csdaa
Upcoming Events
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