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May 2019 | Eagles #21
First-ever Senior Walk with the Class of 2019
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[ image description:   Class of 2019 wears graduation caps with decorative messages: #RIT bound; Can I take a nap now; and Keep smiling beautiful world. Colorful artwork is displayed on the wall behind the graduates.]
[ image description:   Headshot of Clark Brooke. Clark is wearing a black shirt and an orange tie (school colors). He is looking at the camera smiling. The background is a professional gray marble screen.]
Greetings from the land
Adios to the 2018-19 academic year!  I can’t thank everyone enough for your endless hours of volunteering, chaperoning, coaching, reading, organizing, donating and doing whatever was necessary to support our students. 

Families: I would like to thank you for entrusting us with serving your children and allowing them to have access to the high quality instructional and after-school experiences at California School for the Deaf.

Graduates: Thank you for all your hard work throughout the school year. I am so honored to be your superintendent; you make me proud to be an Eagle. I am grateful for your joy, astute insights and amazing talents. 

The month of May was filled with ceremonies celebrating the successes of our students. They earned numerous awards and scholarships by meeting the requirements; however, it is important to remember that every child who attends the California School for the Deaf is a winner, regardless of the number of awards or scholarships they receive.

School Organizations: Special thanks to our Association of Families, Teachers & Counselors; Community Advisory Committee; CSD Alumni Association; Foothills Athletics Association; and all of the employees at CSD who went above and beyond the call of duty to provide whatever was necessary to support our students’ rich school experience. The Silver Eagles are to be appreciated for their continued inspiration and their support towards CSD, as well.

Partners of CSD: I want to thank you for all of the support you have provided for our educational programs through in-kind services, working together in planning events, and providing necessary sponsorship. We aim to continue to collaborate with our partners, and we appreciate how it benefits our students.

Once again, best wishes to the Class of 2019, whom I will miss greatly. Once an Eagle, always an Eagle!

With Eagle Pride,

Clark Brooke, Ed.S.
California School for the Deaf, Fremont
39350 Gallaudet Drive
Fremont, CA 94538
510-344-6010 Videophone
510-823-6071 Spanish Callers
Congratulations: Class of 2019
Photos by Marcos Aguilar & Lisa Nunez ~ Video by Joey Baer
As a symbolic way for the graduating seniors to remember their journey at the California School for the Deaf, they partook in a Senior Walk through campus. As the seniors walked through each building, they were cheered on by staff, teachers and students.What a great way to remember all of their hard work, growth, and memories! With each step they took, the seniors reflected on the beautiful lessons learned in these halls – teachings that they will bring with them to their new endeavors.
Director of Instruction Len Gonzales starts a new passing of the senior baton tradition (click for enlargement) .

[ image description:  1) Group photo of the Class of 2019. Their gowns are black. Some of the graduates are wearing shiny orange stoles while others are wearing Mexican-style striped stoles. 2) A long line of graduates walks through the CSD Middle School main entrance. They have their arms outstretched to shake hands with onlookers. 3) Director of Instruction Len Gonzales, wearing a suit, has his arms outstretched toward a long line of graduates outside of the Klopping Theater. The graduates are wearing their gowns. There is an arrow on the photo that points to where the seniors are passing the baton.]
Videos of the Ceremony
Institute of Technology bound
Institute of Technology bound
Gallaudet University bound
Recognition of
Special Guests
Graduation Speaker
Graduation Speaker
CSD Alumnus
Class of 2001
Nuvia Alfonso Hernandez
Brent Fuentes 
Brent Fuentes (Signer)
Jenna Kutsov (Drummer)
Janeva Mosher (Signer)
Congrats to our Alumni ~ College Graduates
CSD alumni rock at Boston University, graduating with a Masters in Deaf Education: Conrad Baer (‘12) Brittany Farr (‘12) and Odun Akintomide (‘10). 
Gallaudet Graduates 2019! How time has flown by so quickly! Before we blinked our Eagle eyes, they have already soared high above the Gallaudet tower clock! Once CSD Eagles, always CSD Eagles: Irisa MacAulay , Connor Baer , Darriyan Thomas and Dakota Daniels . Congratulations. We are very proud of you!
Juniors host Senior Banquet
“On the Red Carpet”
Peter Gopez enjoys the appetizers.
Angelinah Lo, Ayisha Yang, and Cruz Ascencio dressed and ready for their banquet to begin.
Banquet Chairpersons Samantha Medina-Vazquez and Anastasia Mena Vergara on the red carpet.

Just a couple of weeks before graduation, the junior class treated the graduating seniors to a banquet. Though this event is an annual tradition at California School for the Deaf, the juni ors wanted to make this year’s Senior Banquet an especially memorable occasion. Banquet Chairpersons Anastasia Mena Vergara and Samantha Medina-Vazquez chose “On the Red Carpet” for the theme of the banquet. Everyone got dressed up for the occasion!

The juniors spent a lot of effort transforming the cafeteria – decorating the tables, putting up decorative Christmas lights and balloons. They even made a wall display that included each member of the graduating class’s senior picture. The juniors also served the food for the evening. They wore matching white tops, black bottoms, and black shoes. (See their photos below.)

Seniors entered the banquet on a long red carpet with stanchions. They had their photos taken, dressed in their fancy attire – just like at the Academy Awards. Next, they were treated to appetizers and a sparkling cider toast (no champagne). After that, they partook of a lovely meal with teriyaki chicken (meat or vegetarian options), followed by crepes for dessert.

Speakers at the banquet were Len Gonzales, Director of Instruction; Ethan Bernstein, Dean of Students; and Clark Brooke, CSD Superintendent who was the keynote. Clark Brooke touched on the class motto: “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door,” by Milton Berle, encouraging students to build opportunities for themselves.

Senior Banquet Coordinators Anna Woodbury and Sutha Ramanathan had this to say, “The juniors really stepped up. They had a vision and they fulfilled that vision, from A to Z.”

[ image description:  1) Peter Gopez is standing in front of the appetizer bar with a plate of appetizers in his hand. Tables and other banquet attendees are behind him. Peter is wearing a suit; 2) Two seniors in fancy dresses are sitting at a round table that is nicely decorated. A few other people are standing around the table; 3) Two girls in formal dresses are standing on the red carpet, outside of the cafeteria entrance. 3) Two of the junior servers are carrying plates, while one junior server is waiting at the serving line. All of the junior servers are wearing fancy matching outfits with black aprons, black pants and white shirts. Very stylish; 4) Line of 11   junior servers sipping sparkling cider out of wine glasses. They are standing in front of a Hollywood director's clapboard.]
Comments from the Seniors
Emilie Ford:
“I liked the servers and the food. The decorations looked much nicer than I was expecting. I liked the red carpet. It reminded me of Hollywood.”

Emily Anthony:
“I loved the red carpet. It made it feel more fancy!”

Raymond Rivers:
“I liked the appetizers – especially the mozzarella cheese sticks”
Photo left: Junior servers Liliana Ortiz, Tiffany Kutsov (in back) , and Esther Biser
Junior Servers: Kenasia Brown, Kaitlyn Tietje, Esther Biser, Tiffany Kutsov, Liliana Ortiz, Jaron LeMaster, Samuel Brown, George Quirie, Marcos Aguilar, Maritza Ramirez, Alexis Bravo Calvillo
Early Childhood Education
End-of-Year Ceremony
[ image description:   1) Line of young students with their hands in the air signing. They are standing in front of a wooden bridge with a mural backdrop; 2) Three individual photos of students, all dressed up, standing on a bridge decorated with colorful paper flowers. A mural of a picturesque hillside is in the background. In each of the photos, the child's hands are overhead as they are signing to the audience.]
Elementary News
End-of-the-Year Ceremony
On May 30, Elementary School had its annual End of Year Celebration.
This was a time for all of the students to celebrate what they had learned during the year, and to promote to the next grade level.

For our 5 th grade students, this also meant leaving Elementary School and spreading their wings as they fly on to Middle School! We wish them well as they continue to learn and grow!
[ image description:  Fifth grade class all wearing purple. They are taking a group photo on the stage of the Klopping Theater. The students are holding their diplomas, cheering.]
Middle School Awards
CSD chemistry students participate in
Mars Mission Project competition
Photos & story from Sinju Engineer
Jordan and Janeva explain that on Mars, grey hematite may help prove whether large amounts of liquid water ever flowed on Mars surface. Where there was once water, life may have had a chance to thrive, as well.
CSD chemistry students had a conversation about global climate change with Julia Velasquez, former Xploration Station Deaf student contestant.
Two California School for the Deaf students, Janeva Mosher and Jordan Tennison, are winners of the Mars Mission project. They were instructed to do research on NASA s Mars Exploration Program (including space shuttle and supplies). For a period of four weeks, they conducted their project thoroughly. They were prepared for their presentation and after that, their teacher, Sinju Engineer, interviewed them with specific Mars-related questions.

Their presentation video was submitted via email to Apurva Varia, a Deaf NASA project manager. Apurva viewed and evaluated their video based on the criteria of the project.  He was impressed with their excellent in-depth research. Overall, this was a great learning experience for Janeva and Jordan.
VIDEO (right) : Apurva Varia shares with CSD chemistry students about his work at NASA.
Sinju Engineer s chemistry students from California School for the Deaf got the opportunity to have a video conference with Julia Velasquez, Xploration Station s first Deaf #StudentAstronaut. (See photo above.) CSD's chemistry students enjoyed their dynamic conversation with Julia. They learned several facts about Mars orbital period and atmosphere. The students also learned that NASA is moving ahead with plans to return astronauts to the moon by 2024. 
Anastasia Mena Vergara, Julie Wathan, Jordan Tennison, and Janeva Mosher

[ image description:  Four students are seated at a long table in a classroom. They have their cell phones on the table. One student has earphones. Janeva Mosher is wearing a Youth Leadership Camp shirt. She has her hands in the air signing. Two of the students are watching her.]
Foothills Athletic Association Awards
Photos by Kaliska Sloan
Eagle Fight Song
[ image description:  1) Close-up of the three Eagles Fight Song performers signing; 2) Drummer in the background with two performers signing the Eagle Fight Song at the front of the stage; 3) Poster announcing Eagle Fight Song tryouts August 2019. They are looking for high energy, creativity, and spirit. The poster has the school colors of orange and black. It features the Class of 2019 Eagle Fight Song performers.]
Foothills Athletic Association Awards Night
Kaliska Sloan, Photographer
30 th Annual Career Technical Education
Competition / Expo 2019
Photos from Jason Kulchinsky
T-Shirt Design
1 st Place
Zahra Chauhan
2 nd Place
Esperanza Muelas Vazquez
3 rd Place
Tiffany Kutsov
This is who I am ~ Masks
1 st Place
Nate Goff
2 nd Place
Mepper Beshears
3 rd Place
Kia Thao
Dream Career
1 st Place
Cristina Mabuyo
2 nd Place
Nayely Colmenares
3 rd Place
Tyler Cardoso
Culinary Arts ~ Cake Decorating
Information Technology & Manufacturing
CSD will miss our Retirees
Photos from Clark Brooke & Lisa Nunez
[ image description:  1) Photo of the audience signing "Eagle" in the Elementary Activity Center. Two people sitting in the front row look like they are having a conversation; 2) Retirees posing together: Martha Anabu, Linda Dickinson, Eugene LaCosse, Derek Johnson, Juddie Lamberton, Charles Farr, Thuy Dang, and Daryl Wetzel; 3) PowerPoint slide saying, "Congratulations to our retirees! Thank you for your years of service with the California School for the Deaf 2018-2019."]
My Mind Matters: A Day of Healing
Article by Barbara White ~ Photos courtesy of Colleen Ryan
A powerful healing day was had on May 4. Deaf Community members from all walks of life came together, at California School for the Deaf, to address the challenges, realities, education and hope for mental health. 

As May is Mental Health Awareness Month, the timing was perfect for the newly established DeafCare Committee to host this event.  DCARA’s Raymond Rodgers, Rosa Lee Timm, and Marta Ordaz teamed up with CSD’s Barbara White and JAC Cook; Deaf Community Counseling Services’ Joni Teague; and private practitioner  Millie Stansfield, MFT to offer this remarkable day of enlightenment, removing the stigma of mental illness. Melissa Yingst of Melmira and Terrylene Sacchetti came up from Southern California to join “Breaking the Silence”. With JAC Cook as the Emcee, videos of well-known Deaf Community members were shown, sharing their own mental health challenges and healing.

  • Melissa shared her personal struggles with anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. Then, she facilitated a panel of Mental Health Services consumers who shared their vulnerable journeys through their lowest points, help received, and present level of functioning. 

  • Millie Stansfield presented on the spectrum of mental health challenges and when it may be a good idea to seek help. 

  • Joni Teague and her Deaf Community Counseling Services crew presented skits of what counseling services look like.

  • Terrylene presented on the tragic loss of her young son Gio when mental illness took a toll on his life, and the signs that were not addressed. 

Breakout groups with the presenters took place in different areas of the campus, focusing on personal stories of the participants and sharing of solution suggestions.  

At the end, we all came together at the outdoor amphitheater and shared feedback, desires, and a renewed sense of hope and decreased sense of isolation and shame related to mental health challenges among ourselves and our loved ones.  
[ image description:  1) My Mind Matters participants stand in a large semicircle at the amphitheater, at the California School for the Deaf; 2) Woman presenting on the Klopping Theater stage, in front of a slide that says, "Mindfulness: mindful, paying attention, noticing, observing, neutral; No judgement; Being in the present; 3) Schedule of the events (click for enlargement); 4) Refreshment table in the theater lobby.]
CSD Alum honored with national literacy award
Deaf Television Foundation is pleased to announce that Kenneth W. Norton of Fremont, California, was awarded the inaugural Dorothy Miles-Shanny award in Austin, Texas, on May 3.
Ken Norton’s latest book entitled “My Life with Audree” garnered the attention of the Deaf Television Foundation board. Norton published this biography, with over 180  authentic photos, at the age of 90. The book substantiates Deaf Television Foundation’s goal in recognizing living Deaf authors, during the current decade, who have written about Deaf theater or Deaf sports.

Norton’s wife of 63 years, the late Aud ree ( née Bennett) Norton, was a talented college professor who passed away in 2015. She was a nationally known Deaf actress who was one of founding members of the National Theatre of the Deaf. She starred on television and in commercials.

Norton’s touching story is his fourth published book. His works also include “The Eagle Soars to Enlightenment,” a history book about the California School for the Deaf at San Francisco, Berkeley and Fremont. California School for the Deaf has been “home” to Norton for nearly three quarters of a century, as a student, teacher, coach, and administrator.
[ image description:  Black-and-white photo of Ken Norton. He is seated, holding up a Deaf TV Foundation literacy award certificate with one hand, and a photo with the other hand.]
Student Leadership Announcements
for 2019-2020
Student Officers
Family, Career and Community
Leaders of America
  • Ana Garcia
  • Amanda Vega

Feminist Club
  • Reza Mosher
  • Justine Locatelli 
Gay Straight Alliance
  • Adam Kwolek (President) 

Raza de Sordx
  • Liliana Ortiz (President)
  • Christo Lopez (Vice President)
  • Maria Fernanda (Secretary)
  • Jasmine Jimenez (Treasurer) 

Ebony Club
  • Jayvon Harmon (President)
  • Kenasia Brown (Vice President)
  • Jericho Smith (Secretary)
  • I’Yanna Love (Treasurer) 

Asian Pacific Islander Club
  • Emma Oshio (President)
  • Kia Thao (Vice President)
  • Kaitlyn Tietje (Secretary)
  • Tiffany Kutsov (Treasurer) 

  • Eric Botello-Vargas
  • Samuel Brown
  • Jonathan Escobar-Garcia
  • Andrew Garza
  • Robert Gregor
  • Ryan Matthew Nascimento
  • George Quirie
With Appreciation
2018-2019 Volunteers
(Please forgive us if we overlooked anyone.)
Brennan Afana
Annette Anderson
Calel Aramboles
Jackie Badilla
Allison Blackwell
Vanessa Cardenas
Chelsea Carner
Cynthia Cashen
Carmen Chen
Mandy Daniel
Talia Davis
Janelle Dayeh
Jason Dietz
Nathan Dingel
Heidi Dingle
Dalton Favela
Abby Ferrero
Kendall Finch
Melly Flushman
Haley Freedman
Theresa Fuentes
Karina Galvez
Celene Gho
Ray Gier
Daniel Girard
Ashley Gonzales
Jeff Gordon
Dejaun Gray
Haiden Grushkin
Caitlin Gulseth
Zoe Harmala
Farrah Harmount
Jeremy Harris
Leda Harrison
Charles Holmes
Kristina Hopkins
Kimberly Jennery
Eric Jindra
Morgan Johnson
Trinity Kirkland
Cindy Klobucher
Juddie Lamberton
Morgan Lasater
Megan Leytem
Michayla Lipshutz
Amy Lipshutz
Adriana Lopez
Jennifer Luke
Natalie Lyman
Mia Maceira
Mal May
Alexa Miller
Kesa Milts
Megan Mix
Kathryn Molitor
Bonnie Jo Morrison
Dom Morse
Paige Nishihira
Veronica Noard
Stefanie O’Brien
Moriah Oliphant
Yadira Pacheco Lopez
Bella Padavana
Mel Pedersen
Ed Primeau
Billy Raby-Brown
Aishwarya Rajan
Maritell Ramirez
Ria Reddy
Hannah Richardson
Liza Rodriguez
Paul Rosa
Fernanda Ruiz
Diana Silva
Pat Smith
Trulie Sunahdi
Scott Swanson
Talia Weaver
Upcoming Events
International News
California School for the Deaf Physical Education Teacher Deb Ayres to coach the USA Deaf Women's Basketball Team at the 2019 World Deaf Basketball Championships, in Lublin, Poland, June 27 through July 6.

Coming to Fremont!
Youth Empowerment Summit 
The  Y.E.S! program was founded at the 1997 National Black Deaf Advocates conference, in Washington, D.C.. It was designed for Black Deaf and Hard of Hearing youths, from 13  to  17 years old, to promote their leadership skills, non-academic educational and social needs, to accomplish their dreams, and to contribute back to the community. It turned out to be a successful program that has fostered leadership development for more than 200  Black Deaf and Hard of Hearing youths across the country, by providing workshops, leadership training and development, and exposure to Black Deaf role models and challenging activities. Upon the conclusion of participating in the 2019 Y.E.S! Program, the youths will gain experience with overcoming adversity and common issues that minority students constantly face in America. We anticipate having 40 to 50 youth participants for this upcoming 2019 National Black Deaf Advocates conference week.

Click for Summer Happenings
California School for the Deaf
39350 Gallaudet Drive, 
Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 794-3666
Meta Metal , Editor
Clark Brooke , School Superintendent