May 2016                                                                                                                                                          Volume 12 - Number 5

Monthly Market Update

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President's Perspective
CalTRUST Updates
As a reminder, effective immediately, Medium-Term Fund purchases and redemptions can be made each Wednesday, with five business days notice. Previously, Medium-Term transactions took place on the last business day of each month. This chance was incurred at the April meeting of the CalTRUST Board of Trustees in response to participant feedback. 
April State Revenue Collections Lag Projections By 6.6% - Potential Warning Sign As Budget Season Heats Up
Stating that "state revenues cannot defy gravity forever," Controller Betty Yee reported April revenue collections came in $1.19 billion below projections underlying the Governor's 2016-17 budget proposal. Noting that it is too early to know if this is a trend or a one-time anomaly, Yee cautioned that the shortfall pointed out the "peaks and valleys" nature of the state's financial performance. While revenues for the year-to-date remain more than 5% above the prior year, April is seen as a possible bellwether of the state's short-term fiscal future, given its importance with regard to personal and corporate income tax filings.

more information on the CalTRUST funds, please contact me by email at the address listed below, or contact:   
Lyle Defenbaugh, Wells Fargo Asset Management            916-440-4890  
Laura Labanieh, CSAC Finance Corporation                    916-650-8186 
Norman Coppinger, League of CA Cities                           916-658-8277
Neil McCormick, CA Special Districts Association            916-442-7887

Chuck Lomeli is CalTRUST President
and Solano County Treasurer
Financial Markets Update
Maybe The Recovery Has Been Only Subpar Rather Than Almost Comatose - Why US Growth May Be Understated


In his latest Economic & Market Perspective, WellsCap Chief Investment Strategist Jim Paulsen examines whether recent US economic growth is understated. He concludes that, while "the contemporary recovery has been subpar" ... "there is a fair amount of evidence to suggest that economic growth may be significantly understated in this recovery". 

As Jim points out, the growth of investment, consumer spending and job creation in this recovery imply a pace of growth stronger than official reports indicate, perhaps by as much as 1% per year. To examine this, he focuses on the long-standing and close relationship between real wages and productivity growth. With the recovery posting one of the strongest gains in real wages during any recovery since the 1960s, Jim asks, "does it make sense that companies would increase real hourly wages at a historically rapid pace if the real productivity of laborers was weaker than any recovery in the post-war era?" 

There is no argument that economic performance in this recovery has been subpar, even if understated in the official numbers. On the other hand, the perception that growth has hovered near "stall speed" since emerging from the Great Recession has produced a recovery focused on fears of recession/deflation risk. If growth has actually been more robust than the headline numbers suggest, the balance of this recovery may be focused on inflation/rising interest rate fears.  
Jim's complete Economic & Market Perspective can be accessed here. 
CalTRUST Portfolio Snapshot (as of April 30, 2016)
1. CalTRUST Short-Term and Medium-Term and LAIF yields are net of fees.  Merrill 1-5 Year Indexes are unmanaged; and do not reflect any deduction for administrative fees or expenses.
2. CalTRUST and LAIF returns are net of all investment advisor, administrative and program fees.
3. Annualized.
4. The CalTRUST Short-Term and Medium-Term portfolios commenced operations on February 13, 2005.
CalTRUST Heritage Money Market Fund


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2016 Calendar


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January 2, 2016

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