Lake Powell Pipeline Update
Everyone Calculates Water Use Differently
How much water does this person use?

A. 3.3 gallons
B. 5 gallons
C. 10 gallons
D. 15 gallons
E. All of the above
Utah has one of the most comprehensive water reporting practices in the nation, reporting all treated and untreated water use by all users. While this practice is important for planning purposes, it often gives the false impression that Utah uses more water than other states.

So the next time you hear that Utah uses more water than other cities or states - check the math.

When it comes to efficient water use, Washington County is committed. The county's gallons per capita per day (GPCD) has decreased 30% from 2000-2018. During that same time, the county's population increased 88% and nearly 100 million tourists visited the region.

Additional conservation and new water resources are essential for Washington County's growing population and economy. But only the Lake Powell Pipeline can:

  1. Double the county's annual reliable water supply
  2. Provide an essential second water source
  3. Protect southern Utah from climate variability

And, we think that's pretty important.

Read more about the need for the Lake Powell Pipeline here .
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