Quarry Spa Repair Project 
 Both outdoor spas at the Quarry Pool and Fitness Center closed in late October for repair to an underground leak at the lower spa. Repair work is nearly complete and we anticipate reopening the spas by Wednesday, November 20 th . Thank you for your patience and understanding during the project. 
What you need to know about snow removal...

Owners are responsible for snow removal at their residence. All snow must remain on your property. Snow from your property should not be pushed onto common areas, community streets or neighboring properties.

If there is an accumulation of 3” or more of snow, the community roads and the Quarry parking lot will be plowed by a local vendor on contract with the Owners Association.

If a snow storm is anticipated overnight or if the roadways are unusually slick, the gates at Trailmere Circle and Dancing Rock Loop will remain open.

If you are looking for assistance with snow removal this winter, there are many private companies in the area that provide this service. The Sunriver Scene newspaper is a good resource for available vendors. The Lake House Concierge also has a copy of the most recent ads.

Summer Ground Crew Operations
This summer, our Caldera Springs Grounds Crew worked tirelessly to maintain the community. Here are some of the projects they accomplished:
  • Stained posts and painted brackets on all community road signs
  • Cleared encroachment along perimeter bike and walking paths
  • Removed noxious weeds throughout community
  • Cleared willows and brush at Sable Rock Park improving visibility from the road
  • Removed remaining storm damaged trees in common areas
  • Stained and painted pool furniture and fixtures
  • Cleared brush at road intersections for increased visibility
  • Cleared brush from fire hydrants
  • Painted and stained all play fixtures at Discovery Park
  • Patched and repaired bike paths
  • Painted furniture at Harper Pavilion 
Holiday Lights
'Tis the season to deck the halls… or our homes. If you’re hanging exterior holiday lights, please have them turn off by 10 p.m. each evening. Also, once the holiday season concludes, please be sure to remove your exterior holiday décor in a timely manner. Thank you!

Hosting An Event at Your Home?
Please contact the CSOA office at least 24 hours in advance to arrange for road side parking signs. These signs help keep our roads navigable by directing vehicles to park on only one side of the road. Additionally, they alert the security company that temporary roadside parking has been approved by the Owners Association.

Parking Restrictions
Parking of vehicles on and along streets within the Caldera Springs community is prohibited. A maximum of four (4) vehicles may be parked at a residence at any given time, and only in designated parking areas or in the driveway.

Motor Home, Boat, Trailers, Tents
No campers, boats, boat trailers, recreational vehicles, commercial vehicles, or other types of non-passenger vehicles or accessories may be kept or stored at any home for more than 24 hours. This allotted time frame is intended for loading and unloading purposes only. No temporary structures including trailers, tents, or motor homes may be occupied in Caldera Springs at any time.

Key Contact Information
Caldera Springs Owners’ Association (CSOA)
Compass Security
  • After hours, 10:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.
  • (541) 410-6501