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Oxford Students Plant Seeds of Love and Kindness
In the wake of the Orlando tragedy, it is especially moving to see some of the youngest in our community making our world a more kind and loving place. 

The lesson they learn, and the one they teach, is a lesson for all.
Graduations & Promotions: Find Photos on our Website

Congratulations to our students and to their families for reaching another very important milestone together.

Photos and videos of middle and high school graduations will be posted
within 48 hours of the event and can be easily downloaded. 
Middle & High School Graduation Photos here 
Berkeley Juneteenth Event: Sunday, June 19 - 11am - 7pm

Berkeley's Annual Juneteenth event is a great celebration of African American culture, traditions, and contributions to the fabric of America.

Come on out and join the celebration, and stop by the Berkeley Public Schools table to learn about our programs and services for families.
 Details here
Decline of California School Funding Since 1970

EdSource.org produced the information in this time lapse chart showing that in the early 1970s, California had one of the highest per pupil funding levels for K-12 education in the country. Now the state of California's state funding for public education is among the lowest in the U.S. Many school districts, including Berkeley, have provided needed support for schools with local tax funding.
District Meetings & Events

NOTE: Last day of school is Friday, June 17
The new school year 2016-17 begins on Tuesday, August 30

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Brown Act Committees Open to the Public:

Wed., June 15 & 29, 7:30 p.m.
(School Board Meetings are held in the Board Room at 1231 Addison St.)
All School Board meetings are televised live on local cable channel 33 and stream live on  the BUSD YouTube channel .
Don't Wait, Vaccinate!
Since January 1, 2016, a new state law (Senate Bill 277) no longer allows parents/guardians of students in any school or child-care facility, whether public or private, to submit a personal beliefs exemption form for any currently required immunization.

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Students Reach Out
In solidarity with the victims of Orlando, Berkeley students joined together with a message of love and support. For example, at Berkeley High School, students with the Gay Straight Alliance and the Muslim Student Association partnered at lunch to fundraise for the people of Orlando, while students at Longfellow Middle School worked with counselors to write cards to the families of the victims. Flags at every school flew at half staff.

Superintendent Evans sent this message out to the school community along with internet resources for families to use to talk about the tragedy with their children.
Keys to Summer Reading: Access & Choice
On her Great Kids Books blog, Emerson Librarian Mary Ann Scheuer shares her advice on how to help make reading a favorite summer pastime. She writes, "As summer approaches, kids get excited about freedom from the routines and structures of school. But parents often worry how they will encourage their children to keep reading. Kids have put a lot of effort into developing their reading abilities throughout the school year--what's going to happen to all those hard-earned skills over the summer?"

"Parents and children know that it's important for children to develop strong reading skills--the question I hear so many parents asking is, "How can I get my child to enjoy reading more?" They're absolutely right. Enjoying reading is key--we want our kids to get lost in books, totally absorbed in whatever they're reading. "

She also shares that "r esearch has shown that two elements are key: children's  access to interesting books  and  choice of books  that they can read. 

Summer 5th Grade Computer Art Competition

All current BUSD 5th graders are eligible to enter artwork made using Desmos graphing software for this summer's competition.  Desmos is both a free website and an app. Students may work on this at home or using the computers at any Berkeley or Oakland Public Library. Winners will have their artwork published throughout the year as the background wallpaper on every computer in a Chromebook cart at their middle school (at King, Longfellow or Willard).  

All information can be found here
Career Technical Education 
Berkeley High has an emerging media pathway to  equip students with the communication skills to support their education, career and community. In  Art of Video Production , students complete a sequence of projects that culminates in a documentary on a socially relevant topic of students' choosing. For example, here's a short documentary piece about two Japanese Internment Camp survivors, which demonstrates how video can become a powerful teaching and learning medium.

In the next level course of  Advanced Studio Editing , students build upon what they learned the prior year through a series of self-selected topics. Students in this course  contribute to the production of KBHS TV News,  a recurring program produced in collaboration with Berkeley Community Media, the public access TV station located on the Berkeley High campus. 

KBHS Montage
KBHS Montage

The program has been built with the generous support of Berkeley's taxpayers through the Berkeley Schools Excellence Project (BSEP), as well as donations from the Berkeley High Development Group, the Berkeley Public Schools Fund, and State funding for Career Technical Education.