Sorry to send this out again, but I have an important correction: The address for New Hope Baptist Church is 1304 Sonoma Ave, Seaside. It is not on Hamilton Street as sent out before.
Monterey Bay Black Folks Event Calendar
Week of Mon Feb 24th through Sun Mar 1st, 2020
About the Monterey Bay Black Folks Event Calendar

The purpose of the Monterey Bay Black Folks Event Calendar is to connect the Black Community of CSU Monterey Bay with the local Black Communities of the Greater Monterey Bay Area. The Calendar is edited by Steven Goings, MSW and is entirely voluntary and looking for institutional support. To submit an event for possible inclusion, please send to The plan is to send out the Calendar every Monday at 9 AM for those who wish to receive it. The deadline for Monday submissions is midnight of the previous Thursday.
This Week's Events
In the Spotlight:
Darchelle Burnett

CSUMB Black Students United President

Under the leadership of Darchelle Burnett, CSUMB's Black Students United returned to its role of hosting the annual NAACP Monterey County Branch NAACP Black History Month meeting on Feb 27, 2020 at the Alumini & Visitors Center. This young student leader was involved in all aspects of the program and served as our keynote speaker and she dis a marvelous job! We are so proud of her.

Darchelle Burnett is a third year student studying Social and Behavioral Science with a concentration in Anthropology and a minor in Peace Studies, in hopes of pursuing graduate school within the fields branching Ethnic Studies and/or Higher Education.

Ms. Burnett is from Southern California, and is honored to serve her student peers as the President of Black Students United as well as through other important roles on our campus. 

Her other roles include Native American Students United Officer, Cultural Engagement Student Coordinator at the Otter Cross Cultural Center, Student Housing and Residential Life Resident Advisor, member on the Ethnic Studies Committee, and member on the President's Committee on Equity & Inclusion. She strides to utilize the resources that she has discovered to pay it forward to her peers in and out of our community.

She believes that there is always room and time to grow and expand if you are given the resources to succeed. She enjoys her time here at CSUMB, catering to students needs on improving campus climate, by taking up space, participating in focus groups and committees, and by being a bridge-builder between our campus and first generation students of color. She is honored to be a student on the CSUMB campus, and stride for that Otterstastic life.

In the Spotlight
Wes White
Wes White is a helper and a healer, a community enthusiast, and a videographer. His YouTube channel is John Doe13k which covers anything "upful" and "positive", features many civic, social, and environmental justice issue throughout California's 20th Congressional District.

Wes does not charge the individuals and organizations for his video services; he simply wants to encourage others to care authentically about people, issues and freedom.

Let him know if you have a community event and he will try to document and share it.

I encourage you to check out his YouTube channel and subscribe: John Doe13k

In case you missed them, here are recent Black History Month events that Wes recorded:

All Black Gala w/ keynote speaker Kevin Willmott, co-screenwriter (with Spike Lee) of BlackkKlansman:

Super Saturday w/ keynote speaker Ise Lyfe and featuring community forum:

9th Annual NAACP Black History Month Program at CSUMB. Hosted by Black Students United with honorees, President Joe Watson (posthumous) 1944-2019; Mrs. Alice Jordan, Mrs. Paula Carter, Ms. Jeniece Smiley, Mr. Matt Murphy and M.E.Ch.A. Hosted by Steven Goings w/ keynote Black Students United President Darchelle Burnett:

Historically Black Church Tour:
New Hope Baptist Church

Sun Mar 8, 10:45 AM Service
Located at 1304 Sonoma Ave., Seaside

Rev M.L. Carter (pictured with 1st Lady Beberlyn Carter).

This is the 6th stop on the semester long Historically Black Church Tour. Participating churches and dates are:

Mar 8, New Hope Baptist, Seaside
Mar 15, Lighthouse Full Gospel, Seaside
Mar 22, Holy Assembly Missionary, Marina
Apr 12, Christian Memorial Tabernacle, P.G.
Apr 19, Ocean View Baptist, Seaside
Apr 26, Community Mission Baptist, Seaside
May 3, Hays Christian Methodist-Episcopal, Seaside

For Full Tour Schedule and Car Pool Information, Click Here
Ongoing Community Call for bios & pictures of local Black Community leaders and organizations for permanent archive, please send to africanquazar@gmail.comm

Women's History Month Profile Link:
Harriet Tubman

Known as the “Moses of her people,” Harriet Tubman was enslaved, escaped, and helped others gain their freedom as a “conductor" of the Underground Railroad. Tubman also served as a scout, spy, guerrilla soldier, and nurse for the Union Army during the  Civil War . She is considered the first African American woman to serve in the military.  .

Click here for link to story from National Women's Museum History
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