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I write to you at a time of unprecedented national and global challenge . T he spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has challenged and disrupted communities around the world, across the country, and in our own neighborhoods. Here at Calflora, we are working remotely to ensure the health and safety of our communities while continuing to support the Calflora database and those who rely on it.

Home learning tools are more important now than ever before. With Calflora you can learn, study, and appreciate California flora in infinite ways, including by learning local species , reviewing or submitting nearby checklists, using the Planting Guide , and viewing Great Places. If you can get outside, continue to explore and identify wild plants in your neighborhood or nearby park and use Calflora to add your wild plant observations .

If you can’t visit the plants, let Calflora bring the plants to you. Whether you are looking at plants as a new home-school teacher or continuing your work that relies on Calflora, we are here for you.

Calflora relies on the financial support of donors to do our work. On April 1, we will launch our Spring Fundraising Appeal. We ask that you continue to support Calflora , to the degree you are able, with a donation of any size. We know that this is a time of great financial need and we are grateful for your continued investment in the work of Calflora.

Your partnership has allowed us to create the most comprehensive spatial and photo database of over 10,000 wild plants in California. Together, we will ensure accurate and accessible data through Calflora.  


Cynthia Powell
Executive Director, Calflora
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