President's Message
Looking back at 2016, it has been a challenging year for everyone within our industry in Southern Alberta. However, with challenge, brings both learning and growth. I urge everyone to build on what we have learned this past year and use these lessons to be stronger moving forward into 2017.

It has been a very successful year for CIPH Calgary. Our #1 goal for this year was to grow attendance at our region events. The board has accomplished this by presenting well thought out and beneficial meetings and speakers. 

With that being said, we are not done. Moving into 2017, we are planning more fantastic and interesting events for you all, in the hopes of building on 2016. You will all have a chance to meet our CIPH National President, Ralph Suppa and our CIPH National Chairman, Bill Palamar in person at our first event of 2017 on March 7th.


On behalf of the CIPH Calgary Region Board of Directors, I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We look forward to seeing everyone in 2017!

Don Shumansky, IPEX Inc.
Calgary Region President
Calgary Zoo Penguin & Hippo Mechanical Room Tour

Calgary Region tried something different on September 22 by touring the Calgary Zoo penguin habitat after the building closed.  They viewed the state of the art filtration room and the sustainability features of the building.  This was followed by a tour of the hippo filtration system in Destination Africa.  

The 25 attendees all indicated it was an excellent way for them to see how the product they sell is being used in the real world.  More fun and enlightening ideas like this will be explored for future Region events. 

Board Event - November 2016
CIPH Calgary Board held its first ever “Board Team Building Event” in November.

The decision was made to head over to Axe Throwing Calgary to, well, throw axes. Everyone had an amazing time! We were there for a total of 90 minutes. The first 30 minutes was spent figuring out how to actually throw axes. Everyone caught on quite quickly. THEN, it was on!

We moved into a round robin to accumulate points to set up the finals brackets. Stu Davidson (Past President) and Don Shumansky (President) ended up in the Grand Finals. After a hard fought battle, Don was able to take him out and win the entire tournament!!  We then went for drinks and food. 

It was fantastic to have us all together to socialize and get to know each other better. We spend a lot of time in meetings, so it was well worth getting out in a more casual atmosphere to 'connect'. 

All and all, the Board Building Event was loved by everyone. This will certainly be an annual event. 

Christmas Social - November 17, 2016
Tool Shed Brewery

CIPH Calgary held their final event for the year in true Alberta style, with a tour of Tool Shed Brewing Company. A local, Calgary based business, Tool Shed has grown from backyard brewing to a fully licensed, successful commercial operation turning out some of the best tasting brews this particular board member has ever tasted. The brainchild of Owners Graham Sherman & Jeff Orr, the idea for Tool Shed came to them while working overseas in Afghanistan as IT communications contractors for the military. Their love of good beer, family and desire to leave the dangers of military work behind gave them the drive they needed to battle through outdated Alberta licensing issues (and the constant threat of financial ruin) to prevail and succeed in a market ruled by big business. Proving that Tool Shed are not only successful entrepreneurs but also brilliant brewers, Graham walked the CIPH members through a passionate and technical description of the labelling and canning process. Light and oxygen are the enemies of the brewing process, which is why you will never find Tool Shed beers in bottles; only cans. To help combat the misconception that bottles are better, Tool Shed has also added colourful, artistic graphics to the label on every can. "They all tell a story" says Graham.

Educational, social and downright fun are all ways you could describe this final CIPH event for 2016. Tool Shed left just enough of the brewing process unexplored to make room for a great follow up. Possibly next year?

Greg Smith, DC Sales Ltd.
Manufacturer's Agent Rep 2016-2017

Congratulations Glenn on your retirement!
Longtime CIPH Member, Glenn Kirton retires from EMCO Ltd. after 45 years in the industry!

Starting in August of 1971, Glenn joined wholesale heating in Winnipeg as an assistant purchasing agent.  In 1973, like many in the industry have tried, Glenn left EMCO to try something new.  He took on a position with the City of Winnipeg and then returned to EMCO a year later!

Wholesale heating was eventually purchased by EMCO Corporation and in 1990 Glenn saw an opportunity for himself and for his family to move to Calgary.  Glenn took up the position of purchasing manager and spent the last 26 years ensuring a steady flow of inventory for their customers! 

Over the years, Glenn worked hard to develop his skills taking night classes to earn his PMAC designation.  He has also been a member of the Canadian Institute of Management for 30 years!  He demonstrated a high level of dedication and professionalism throughout his career which has been shared with many in the industry.  Beyond that, Glenn has been considered the best and most effective purchaser in the industry!

party was held at Glenmore Inn & Conference Centre on November 30th where people who worked with Glenn over those decades, were able to stop by and wish him well on this next step of his journey. 

Glenn plans to spend more time with his family, but will surely keep in touch!

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