December, 2017 - In This Issue:
Business Meeting # 1
Date: Thursday, February 8, 2017
Location: Glenmore Inn
Speaker: TBD
Business Meeting # 2
Date: Thursday, April 19, 2017
Location: Glenmore Inn
Panel Discussion
September 2017 Keynote - Ken King

"The Business of Sports and The Sports Business"
With the recent negotiations with the City and the Calgary Flames, this was our members' chance to hear from the CEO of Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation!
CIPHEX West 2018
Western Canada's one-stop, must-attend event for Plumbing, Hydronics, HVACR and Water Treatment professionals

More than 200 exhibitors  from Canada, the US and around the world will be in Calgary next fall for a special two-day trade show to showcase the very latest products and technologies for commercial and residential buildings.
November 7 & 8, 2018
BMO Centre, Stampede Park, Calgary, AB

Women's Network
We have received some great ideas and feedback from members for webinar and meeting topics for 2018 and our next two events are based directly on suggestions from Network members.
Free Webinar - February 5, 2018
A "virtual book club" meeting. " Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead" by Sheryl Sandberg. Registration will open soon.
Lunch Meeting - March 1, 2018 Location: GTA
Saadia Muzaffar
Details and registration form to follow.
Wishing you all the best this holiday season!
We look forward to seeing you in 2018!
25th Anniversary - June 28, 2017

Calgary Region Past Presidents

42 members ca me out to Last Best Brewing & Distillery on June 28 to celebrate the Region's 25 years of excellence and mingle with previous Presidents who made the association what it is today.
Annual Christmas Social
National on 10th Bowling Lanes
On November 21st, 26 Calgary Region members gathered to test their skills at the 10 pin bowling lanes.  This event drew an overall younger crowd than usual; everyone had a great time with plenty of food to go around.  
AGM Panel Discussion - April 2017
"A Contractors Perspective - View From the Other Side"
Panelists included:
  • Dale Chisholm - Chisholm Industries
  • Phil Sedran - WM Schmitt
  • Tony Gall - Modern Niagara
Some of the questions the panel was posed with included: 

What do you look for in a strong supply chain partner?
Communication good or bad, Product availability, Competitive Pricing,  Delivery dates
With economic slowdowns, how has it affected your business?
Builders are pressuring for lower pricing to sell homes while manufacturers are raising prices. Builders are not accepting increases at this time. Hiring opportunities are positive.
Pricing is key.
Large commercial projects are difficult to quote. Can you explain some of the process?
Consider where exactly the project is located in the city. This has a large affect on deliveries. Pricing must remain consistent.
What is a rampant problem you face every day?
Back orders. Alternates must be suggested and provided in a timely fashion, v endors must be consistent in all things, price, communication, etc.
Are there any other industries we can learn from?
Supply chain management influences our industry and c ommercial can learn from residential.
What advice would you give a young supply chain person looking to succeed?
Networking is key. Meet people and learn about their business, f ollow through, u nder promise and over deliver.