June, 2015
Issue: 8
Gov. Brown Expands Medi-Cal to ALL Children Regardless of Status. 

California Gov. Jerry Brown discusses his revised state budget plan during a news conference at the Capitol in Sacramento last month. On Tuesday, Brown and top Democratic lawmakers struck a deal on the budget. (Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press)

  • Yesterday, Governor Jerry Brown came to agreement and approved a $40 million allocation in the California State Budget to expand Medi-Cal services to all children regardless of immigration status. [Judy Lin / Associated Press / via Sun Star]
  • "..With this budget, we're saying that immigrants matter, irrespective of who you are or where you're from...healthcare for 170,000 undocumented children is a historic accomplishment.  It's both a powerful act of compassion and a prudent economic approach by investing in preventative and primary care now instead of far more expensive health care later.." 
  • Not everyone agrees, the decision was denounced by Ira Mehlman, a spokesperson for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which supports strict enforcement of immigration laws.
  • "This is just one more example of California paying huge bills for its continued efforts to accommodate illegal immigration...It forces the taxpayers to pay money to provide healthcare that could be going to other vital needs in the state.."
    [Megerian & Manson / LA Times]
  • Amidst the comprise, we as Californians - a widely diverse mix of cultures and traditions can agree that the foundation of California's prosperity was built on immigrants. Gov. Jerry Brown decision in expanding Medi-Cal is just one example of the changing perspective of what it means to be Californian yet alone being human. 


Health 4 All Bill Brings Hope to Merced's Undocumented. 
Adelina Hernandez of Merced, speaks about her experience as an undocumented farmworker in Merced County. ( Photo by Andrew Kuhn / Merced Sun Star)
  • Health care for the undocumented is a hot topic in California but for Merced's most affected it gives a glimmer of hope to health and prosperity. 
  • For Merced resident Adelina Hernandez and her family, the new proposed bill brings hope to her and to the 24,000 undocumented immigrants in Merced County that currently don't have access to health care. [Ana Ibarra Merced Sun Star]
  • Early this month, the proclaimed Health For All bill authored by Sen. Ricardo Lara passed the state Senate floor with a 28-11 vote. [Alexei Koseff / Sac Bee]
  • Senate Bill 4, which heads to the Assembly, would allow undocumented immigrants to purchase insurance through Covered California and provide Medi-Cal coverage for eligible undocumented children. [Ana Ibarra / Merced Sun Star]
  • "There's lots of (agricultural) workers who stay quiet about their illnesses...They don't want anyone else to know. They're scared they'll get fired."
  • A surprising vote of support came from both Central Valley Republican Senators Andy Vidak and Anthony Cannella, who both represent agricultural districts. [Ana Ibarra / Merced Sun Star]
  • "..SB 4 provides a common-sense solution to providing health care services to our immigrant population," Cannella told in a statement..."Far too often, those that do not have proper health care access rely on our emergency rooms to be treated for health issues, causing the state unnecessary costs..."
  • The bill's journey to adoption is not over, inevitably its success will be determined when it lands on the Governors desk; i.e. approved or not. 


Welcome Jose to the BHC Team!
Jose Miramontes, Hub Project Assistant joins the BHC team 
  • Building Healthy Communities Merced would like to introduce the newest addition to our team, Jose Miramontes. 
  • Jose is our new Hub Project Assistant for Building Healthy Communities Merced. He is a recent graduate from the University of California Merced, majoring in Sociology with a minor in Public Health. 
  • His time at UC Merced was spent working in student-leadership positions helping first generation students with school as well as conducting research on last year's BHC Invest in Our Youth Campaign. 
  • He works very closely with the BHC team and Hub Manager and plays a vital role  to ensure internal communications and planning are in line for the Hub. 



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