Prop 68 Deadline Extended Until March 12, 2021
California Consulting is excited to announce California State Office of Grants and Local Services has extended the deadline to the Prop 68 Statewide Park Program- Round Four till March 12, 2021. Please find their official announcement below.

This email provides updates about the $395.3 million Statewide Park Program - Round Four 
$395.3 million is available this round, which is approximately $140 million more than Round 3. This is the final round of funding for the Statewide Park Program (SPP) under Proposition 68. 
Application Deadline Extension to March 12, 2021  
The application deadline has been extended to March 12, 2021, giving applicants more planning and preparation time. Applications must be submitted through the online application system by March 12, 2021. 
Applicants are encouraged to take photos of the project site before seasonal rain or snow affects photo clarity. For more information, see page 49 of the Application Guide
Applicants are encouraged to start using the online application systemnow. 
· Collaborate on an application by clicking “Invite Collaborators” at the top of the online application.   
o   Collaborators must be added before the application is submitted—they cannot be added afterward. 
· Technical assistance links in the system connect you to specific pages where more guidance is available. For example, the "Project Selection Criteria #1 - 9" section has links and guidance under each text box. 
How to submit more than one application in the online application system: 
The system is designed for collaboration between you and your co-workers/partners when working on multiple applications at the same time. 
Applicants planning to submit more than one application will use these steps:  
1.     An applicant must select another person (co-worker or another partner) to start an account for each additional application.   
2.     The person who starts the additional application is called an "owner" in the online Submittable system. Each additional application will need a different owner to create an application's account. 
3.     When an owner sets up an application account, the owner will be able to email a link to invite as many collaborators as needed. Collaborators must be added before the application is submitted. 
4.    A collaborator can work together with the owner on completing an application in the system. 
5.    The owner will click the "submit application" button by or before March 12, 2021. 
6.     To learn more about collaboration, please click here
If you have any questions about the above steps, or have questions about the  Application Guide, please contact your Competitive Review Project Officer
We hope you find this online collaboration feature to be helpful for those who are teleworking, and to support online teamwork between your co-workers and partners while preparing the application. We look forward to your project applications! 

If you would like California Consulting to write this application for you, please call our Southern California Office at 323-728-9002.

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