California Desalination Update - April 25, 2017

CalDesal is pleased to notify you that the Huntington Beach Ocean Desalination project proposal - has received some new and high profile support!
Former United States Senator Barbara Boxer has signed on to support and lobby on behalf of the Huntington Beach Desalination project.
The other high profile environmental leader that has signed on to support the Huntington Beach Desalination project is form Speaker of the State Assembly Fabian Nunez!!.
CalDesal is pleased to see these two environmental leaders join with others and the project sponsor Poseidon Water to speak out in favor of the project and call for the State Approval of the Huntington Beach Desalination project.
Some Quotes from former Senator Boxer and Speaker Nunez:
"The Huntington Beach desalination project is a positive and critical response to the severe impacts of climate change in California," said Boxer.  "The five-year drought that we experience between 2012 and 2016 caused great suffering and I saw it first hand; it turned our farmers against our fisherman and caused anxiety for all our families.  We should and must respond in an environmentally sound way..."  "As a long time proponent of desalination, who wrote the desalination provisions in the last federal water bill in 2016, I urge all the state administrative agencies to move forward on the Huntington Beach proposal..."
"One year of good rainfall doesn't mean we can site back and not preparer for our future climate change, and the next drought," said Nunez.  "The Huntington Beach desalination project will be the most technologically-advanced, environmentally-friendly desalination plant in the world.  This makes California beautiful - we use our ingenuity and innovation to solve problems and protect our planet."
Some press clippings:
Kudo's to the CalDesal member and Huntington Beach desalination project proponent Poseidon Water for getting this support for desalination in California.
Thank you,
Paul Kelley  
Executive Director
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