DATE: December 12, 2016
California Film & Television Tax Credit Program 2.0 - Made for Television Movies may qualify to apply in the Feature Film allocation period
This notice is to inform producers and production companies that Made for Television Movies (MOWs) may apply during Program 2.0 feature film allocation periods if certain eligibility requirements are met.

Program 2.0 defines a movie of the week and a feature film as follows:

"Movie of the Week" which may also be known as "MOW" or "made for television movie" means a motion picture produced for initial exploitation on television, which contains a scripted storyline with a total running time of at least seventy-five (75) program minutes in length, exhibited in one part.

"Feature Film" means a production of a film intended for commercial distribution to a motion picture theater, directly to the home video market, or via the internet that has a running time of at least seventy-five (75) minutes in length. 

A Made for Television Movie may apply in a television allocation period, assuming it has a minimum $500,000 production budget and will have its initial airing on television.
A company which intends to produce a made for television movie with a running time of at least 75 minutes and a minimum budget of $1 million dollars which will be distributed via the internet may apply during a feature allocation period. 

The next feature film (non-independent) allocation period is January 2 - 13, 2017. Applications will be accepted via the on-line portal system. Independent Film applications will also be accepted during this time.

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