Coronavirus Update, Sunday, March 15, 2020
Dear Neighbors,

The City of Monterey feels the need to share with you the following information announced by Governor Newsom today. The City of Monterey is in the process of analyzing the measures suggested by the Governor and will work collaboratively with all our residents, neighbors, and businesses to implement these. These are dynamic changing times - we are all well prepared and ready to act!

Here is what, on Sunday March 15, 2020, the Sacramento Bee reported:

Faced with mounting coronavirus infections, California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Sunday issued sweeping new restrictions in California, calling for home isolation of everyone in the state over age 65 and people with chronic disease, both high-risk populations.

He also asked for closure of bars, wineries, night clubs and brew pubs, and called for restaurants to reduce their occupancy by half. He called that “deep social distancing” and a “pragmatic response to the moment.”
The dramatic announcement, designed to keep people away from each other, stopped short of closing restaurants. Instead, the governor said they can also operate at reduced capacity and with curbside food service and at-home food deliveries.

The governor said advise of self-isolation is effective immediately. He said he will be setting up a system to help get food to needy home-bound seniors.

“We recognize that social isolation for millions of Californians is anxiety-inducing,” he said. But, “we need to meet this moment head on, and lean in and own this moment ... and take actions we think are commensurate with the need to protect the most vulnerable Californians.”

He said the state will work to help bring food and health services to people who now must stay home.

The governor stopped short of issuing an edict, but said he expects businesses and citizens to follow his directions. “I am confident these guidelines will be well received and will be appropriately enforced. If it is not being (done), we will do what we need to do.”