How Many Affordable Homes Are At Risk of Conversion in California?
The California Housing Partnership released the 2023 Affordable Homes At Risk Report today. Notable findings include:

  • 4,749 subsidized affordable rental homes may no longer be affordable as soon as next year.

  • 22,078 have been lost in California since 1997 through conversion to market rate housing or expiring regulatory restrictions.

  • More than 31,300 could lose their affordability within 10 years if nothing is done.

  • Nearly 40% of these are home to seniors on fixed incomes and people with disabilities.

California's housing crisis will only worsen if we do not preserve the homes imminently at risk of market rate conversion. Thousands of low-income seniors, families, and other individuals will be at risk of losing their homes. Research has also shown this affects Black, Indigenous and people of color the most.

Last month, we released the first statewide assessment of the unsubsidized apartments still affordable to low income renters, often referred to as “naturally-occurring” affordable housing or NOAHs. Defining the universe of California’s subsidized and unsubsidized affordable rental homes compared to its vast lower income renter population puts into perspective why every affordable home is vital to protect.
If you want to learn from policy experts and nonprofit housing providers working in the trenches to ensure more affordable homes are not lost as the need for them grows, join us April 26 at 2pm for a virtual discussion of Preservation Challenges and Opportunities.

The following are ways state leaders can provide the tools necessary for local governments and nonprofit, mission-driven housing organizations to effectively preserve existing affordable homes in California:

1. Aggressively enforce the State Preservation Notice Law.
2. Expand funding available for affordable housing entities to purchase at-risk developments.
3. Create incentives for the owners of at-risk developments to sell to affordable housing entities. 

Learn more by visiting the Housing Preservation and State Policy sections of our website.
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