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Letter from the Director 

Greetings!  Welcome to CHBRP's Fall Quarterly Newsletter. 

In November, CHBRP's Faculty Task Force, Staff, and Researchers convened in Berkeley and looked at ways to continue to refine our methods and approach in preparation for the next Legislative cycle. CHBRP faculty and staff are also working to further disseminate evidence-based findings from the most recent bill analyses to broader audiences through presentations and journal articles. We have also worked on our new two-year fiscal projections approach (based on the request made by Assembly Bill 2893. enacted last session). 

We have one significant bit of news to share. CHBRP completed a competitive bidding process for a three-year actuarial services and related consulting services contract. Our complicated work (and authorizing statute) require that we work closely with an actuary in making our projections of fiscal impact. We are pleased to announce that we have awarded a new contract with Milliman, an actuarial firm. They put together an excellent team, and have enhanced their data capabilities since we last worked with them. We are very appreciative of the excellent PWC Team that we have worked with for the past few years. Several members of our Taskforce (representing UC San Diego, UCLA/CSU Fullerton, and UC Berkeley participated on the selection process).

In this newsletter, we provide a brief snapshot of some of our activities this Fall, as well as some updated resources. 

We wish all of our readers a peaceful and enjoyable holiday season. We look forward to working with new colleagues and many longstanding ones as the new Administration and new legislators and staff settle in. 
Until next time,

CHBRP's UC Faculty and Researchers convene in Berkeley, California on November 15, 2018, to discuss next year's legislative cycle and identify ways to improve its work.

CHBRP Staff News

CHBRP said good-bye to Erin Shigekawa earlier this fall. Erin has been a Principal Analyst at CHBRP since 2015. She is now a consultant at JSI, John Snow, Inc., in San Francisco. She will surely be missed!

2018 Bills - Final Status
CHBRP completed 11 analyses of in 2018. The reports, bill language as analyzed, and Key Findings are available for each analysis at

Five bills analyzed by CHBRP were signed into law by Governor Brown before the September 30th deadline. While the bills have been amended since CHBRP analyzed the versions as introduced, most if not all of the analysis is still relevant. Take a look at the reports published to the website to see what impacts these bills may have on Californians. The following graphic shows which CHBRP analyzed bills were signed (colored bars) and which bills are inactive (grey bars).

CHBRP Faculty and Contributor Spotlight

Erin Shigekawa, Consultant at JSI, San Francisco, (and former CHBRP analyst) and Alan Weil, a CHBRP National Advisory Member and Editor of Health Affairs, presented on a panel for the Health Affairs December Issue, about Telehealth on December 4, 2018. See their talks, along with the distinguished panel here:

CHBRP Task Force Contributor, Jacqueline Miller, presented her poster "Community Health Workers: Workforce and High-risk and Vulnerable Populations," at this year's American Public Health Association Conference, in San Diego, California, November 13, 2018.

Joy Melnikow and Elizabeth Magnan (pictured) presented at the  NAPCRG Annual Conference (North American Primary Care Research Group), "Prioritization of Health Care Needs for Patients' Multiple Chronic Conditions" in Chicago, Illinois, November 9-13, 2018.

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