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Letter from the Director 


Welcome to CHBRP's Summer Quarterly Newsletter. 

We've spent the first part of the Summer of 2018 visiting Sacramento and meeting with key stakeholders  to review the past  analytical  cycle and discuss any trends on the horizon. We've engaged staff representatives from the Legislature, health plans and associations, regulatory agencies, and other stakeholders in an effort to continuously improve our work. 

In June, CHBRP's Faculty Task Force, Staff, and Researchers convened  in Berkeley and looked at ways to continue to refine CHBRP's methods and approach in preparation for the next Legislative cycle. CHBRP faculty and staff are also working to further disseminate evidence-based findings from the most recent bill analyses to broader audiences through presentations and journal articles. 

Below, we provide an overview of our activities this summer, as well as some updated resources.
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CHBRP's UC Faculty and Researchers convene in Berkeley, California on June 4, 2018, to discuss this year's bills and identify ways to improve its work.

Welcomes and Farewells


Our Graduate Summer Intern, Christie Ahn, will be leaving us in August. We wish Christie the very best as she continues her second and final year of her MPH degree in Health Policy and Management at UC Berkeley. 

CHBRP will be welcoming a new Graduate Assistant,
Ana Ashbya 2019 Master's Candidate at the Goldman School of Public Policy at Berkeley. She's worked as a staffer, lobbyist, organizer, and advocate on behalf of low-income communities, and supported ACA implementation in Minnesota from 2011-2017.  Her primary health care interest is in Medicaid, particularly 1115 waivers. She looks forward to joining the CHBRP team and learning from its experienced and knowledgeable team.  Welcome Ana!

2018 Active Bills 
CHBRP completed 11 analyses of in 2018. The reports, bill language as analyzed, and Key Findings are available for each analysis at

Many bills analyzed by CHBRP are sill moving through the legislative process. At the end of June, CHBRP attended the second round of health committee hearings, as several bills that CHBRP analyzed were heard. We continue to track bill activity and are available to respond to any legislative committee inquiries. The following graphic shows which CHBRP analyzed bills are currently active and have been referred to Appropriations (colored bars) and which bills are inactive (grey bars).

CHBRP at the AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting

CHBRP Staff Members, John Lewis and Erin Shigekawa attended  Academy Health's Annual Research Meeting in Seattle, WA, June 24-26. 

CHBRP Faculty Task Force member Sara McMenamin, PhD, presented a poster focused on the 2017 analysis of AB 1316 (childhood lead poisoning prevention) during the AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting. CHBRP Task Force member Riti Shimkhada, PhD, and staff member, Erin Shigekawa, MPH, presented at the State Health Research and Policy Interest Group meeting.  In their presentations, Shimkhada and Shigekawa discussed 2017 analyses (AB 391 asthma preventive service providers and AB 1316 childhood lead poisoning prevention, respectively). Shimkhada's presentation focused on how a state policy change has the potential to impact care delivery (in this case, for asthma management), and Shigekawa's presentation highlighted some of the ways that states are addressing the social determinants of health using testing for lead exposure as an example.

CHBRP Updated Products

CHBRP was requested to analyze AB 1860 Cancer Treatment earlier this year. On May 8, 2018, the Senate Health Committee requested additional analysis on the impacts on premiums and utilization of oral anticancer medications should AB 1860 not pass and the cost sharing limitation in current statute sunset.  CHBRP submitted its  updated analysis of AB 1860 to the Legislature on June 20, 2018.

CHBRP was also requested to analyze SB 1021 Prescription Drugs earlier this year. On May 8, 2018, the Assembly Health Committee requested additional analysis on the impacts on premiums and utilization of prescription drugs should SB 1021 not pass and the cost sharing limitation in current statute sunset. CHBRP submitted its updated analyses of SB 1021 to the Legislature on June 20, 2018.

Faculty Recognition - CHBRP Focused Seminar at UC San Diego

CHBRP Medical Effectiveness and Public Health Vice Chair Sara  McMenamin lead a seminar for five undergraduate public health majors at the Uni vers ity of California, San Diego over the Winter and Spring academic quarters. Students delved into health policy topics and CHBRP's methods in order to study the legi slative process in California. Students started off by reviewing the 2016 ana lysis of SB 999 Contraceptives Annual Supply in depth, in order to fully under stand the structure and details of CHBRP reports. Students also selected two health policy related bills introduced in California to track mov ing through the Legislature in 2018. 

After CHBRP completed analyses of 11 bills in 2018, students reviewed the Key Findings and proposed a final project, translating their selected analysis into two separate work products. The first was a poster to convey the information to non-academic audiences that was presented during the final seminar meeting. In addition, students produced brief reports based on the analyses of SB 1034 (Mammograms), AB 2384 (Medication Assisted Treatment), AB 2861 (Medi-Cal Telehealth Substance Abuse Disorder), AB 2342 (BRCA Screening), and AB 2193 (Maternal Mental Health). 
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