October 10, 2016


House of Delegates Cap'16
Report to The California Society of Pathologists

The House of Delegates (HOD) met at CAP'16 on Friday, September 23, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  A record number of Delegates attended including a record number of California Delegates.  California's own Dr. Eric Glassy was sworn in after winning his first full term after his initial appointment as Governor to join California's Dr. Gerald Hanson on the Board of Governors. California is well represented with many of our colleagues active in CAP Councils, Committees, the HOD and the Laboratory Accreditation Program.  The meeting was convened by our Speaker, Dr. Jim Richard.  CAP President, Dr. Richard Friedberg gave a thought- provoking presentation with the message that medicine today is a "team sport" and that pathologists are at the crux where medicine and science meet presenting information to providers in a way to unravel the complexities of new technology using genetic and molecular information. Steve Meyers, interim CEO, assured us the CAP is fiscally healthy continuing to use different revenue sources to support its programs and continued services to members. Our Speaker delivered the "State of the House" emphasizing its mission as the voice of the College. Dr. Emily Vogt, Chair of the Council of Professional and Government Affairs, gave a comprehensive presentation of important government controlled issues facing pathologists such as fees schedules, Local Contractor Determinations (LCD), laboratory developed tests (LDT), Medicare quality related payment systems (MACRA with MIPS and APMs), and the requirements to develop a new laboratory payment schedule (PAMA). The project to strengthen the important relationship between CAP and the State Societies including the importance of State Society membership was also presented. Elections were held for officers of the HOD Steering Committee. An open forum allowing delegates to hear from our leaders, Dr. Friedberg, Williams, and Gomez, and for the Delegates to voice their suggestions completed the proceedings. The next HOD meeting will take place on March 4th in San Antonio, Texas. Delegates and Alternates, as well as any CAP member are welcome to attend, and I hope to see you there. 

If you wish to serve as on the California Delegation, please contact Leah Norparstak at lnopars@cap.org. or 800-323-4040 x 7438.

S. Robert Freedman, MD
Chair, California Delegation

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