December 22, 2016


CSP Board of Directors for 2016-17
Elections were held for officers and several Board of Directors positions at the recent CSP Annual Meeting in San Francisco. The current Officers and Board members are:
James Carry, MD



Derek Marsee, MD, PhD

Kristie White, MD

Past President

Tim Hamill, MD
Board of Directors
James Harris, MD
David Kaminsky, MD
Luke Perkocha, MD
Balaram Puligandla, MD
Emily Ann Green, MD
Wayne Garrett, DO
Melvin Hoshiko,MD

Gerald Weiss, MD
Ryanne Brown, MD

Michelle Don, MD
Brent Larson, MD

CSP Annual Report to the Membership

Here is a link to the 2016 Report which highlights the activities of the CSP and major legislative and regulatory issues that are the focus of our advocacy efforts.

New Work Comp Law May Impact Pathology Groups

We wanted to alert you of an unintended consequence of a new law that takes effect on 1/1/17. The purpose of AB 2883 was to tighten up the current exclusions from mandatory work comp coverage for all employees that the sponsor claims were being abused by companies claiming that an employee was an owner. Owners are exempt and it is well known that physician members of a group are typically exempt. The change states that in order to be excluded as an owner from the mandate to have Work Comp coverage, a person has to own at least 15% of the corporation. The impact goes well beyond that with the arbitrary 15% requirement.  

Pathology groups may be contacted by their Work Comp carriers indicating that they have no choice but to include physician members as employees unless they have 15% ownership interest. The CSP is in discussions with CMA and others to quickly craft a clean-up bill to eliminate the application to physicians. We will work to eliminate this unnecessary requirement as quickly as possible when the Legislature reconvenes on January 4, 2017.  


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