Welcome to the February 2017 issue of California Track & Running News' monthly e-newsletter!

Welcome to the February 2017 issue of California Track & Running News' monthly e-newsletter!
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Welcome to the FEBRUARY 2017 issue of California Track & Running News' monthly e-newsletter! 

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California Track & Running News, Winter 2016

Nominations Open for USATF PACIFIC Board of Directors

The USATF Pacific Board of Directors nominations are open until Tuesday, 21 March at 10:00pm.
The offices open for nomination are: President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer. Nominees must be 18 years of older, a current member of the Association, and have attended at least four Board of Athletics meetings in the past three years before their nomination.

Nominees must have a nominator, and a seconder who are current members of the BoA.

Send all nominations/seconds to Secretary JR Heberle:  secretary@pacific.usatf.org, and the association office:  Pausatf@aol.com.

Terms are for two years and begin June 1. Committee Chair elections will take place after the Association officer elections are concluded in the spring.

For additional information on officer job descriptions and election process, refer to Articles 5 and 8 of the Association Bylaws:

Jordan Hasay's Renaissance: Has Talented Distance Star Finally Found Her Event?

By Dave Hunter

An essential ingredient for the success of any athlete who aspires to compete at the highest levels of international track & field is talent. Some -a very few-might be able to achieve on talent alone. But for the vast majority, success requires that God-given talent be joined by a thoughtfully-assembled training regimen, an unwavering work ethic, savvy coaching, an ever-present support system-and a pursuit for excellence in a carefully-selected event that is right for the athlete.

No one has doubts the natural talent Oregon Project athlete Jordan Hasay brings to her craft as a distance runner. Since her prep days where she first tasted success, through her undergraduate years at the University of Oregon, and now in her post-collegiate career as a professional, Hasay has been a dedicated athlete who has been wisely coached. The California native became a household word throughout the track community at the 2008 Olympic Trials where the high school junior ran 4:14.50 in the semi-finals of the 1500 meters to break the national high school record and advance to the final where the emerging prep star finished 10th. 

Bob Kennedy, 20 Years after Atlanta: He started the American run to the podium

By Jeff Benjamin 

With the recent rise of American distance running, culminating with the great Olympic successes last Summer in Rio, American fans of the sport, whether present in the stadium or watching on tv, without a doubt swelled with pride. But there was one person present in Rio whose pride may have been the most-earned and respected. As Americans (from Matt Centrowitz, Emma Coburn, and Galen Rupp, among others) reached the top 3 spots of the podium, Bob Kennedy had to have seen things from a perspective quite more rewarding than others. After all, Kennedy started it. READ MORE
Ben True wins a big one, the Paavo Nurmi 2 mile 
By Larry Eder

The Paavo Nurmi 2 mile is one of the highlights of the NYRR Millrose Games. In 2017, it may have been the best race of the meet. A great field, with it all coming down to Andrew Butchart, Mo Ahmed, Ben True and Ryan Hill...

Ben True and Ryan Hill, end of Paavo Nurmi 2 mile, photo by PhotoRun.net

Indoor distance races can be full of drama. They can also be dreadfully boring. The 2017 Paavo Nurmi 2 Mile was one of the finest middle distance races that I have seen in a long time. Here is what I saw:

Andrew Butchart, the Scottish star, has come into his own. A fine sense of humor, great racing skills and a soul that needs to compete, Butchart is now a factor in any race he runs. He has run a fine 3000 meters, a 3:54 mile and now, an 8:12 two miler!

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