Welcome to the June 2017 issue of California Track & Running News' monthly e-newsletter!

Welcome to the June 2017 issue of California Track & Running News' monthly e-newsletter!
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2020 U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Track & Field
awarded to Mt. SAC and L.A. area

INDIANAPOLIS - The U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Track & Field will return to the Los Angeles area in 2020, with Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC) in Walnut, California, hosting the 10-day event, USATF announced Wednesday.

USATF's board of directors voted to award the Olympic Trials to Mt. SAC based upon its desire to take the sport's biggest event to the country's second-largest media market; the historical strength of the sport in the Los Angeles area; Mt. SAC's record of hosting elite track events that produce top performances; and a $62 million upgrade to Mt. SAC's Hilmer Lodge Stadium that will enable the venue to expand to a seating capacity of more than 21,000. READ MORE
Welcome to the June 2017 issue of California Track & Running News' monthly e-newsletter! 

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California Track & Running News, Spring 2017

2017 Spring Shoe Review
Vin's Vision: TrackTown USA's Lananna Upbeat About Domestic Track & Field

By Dave Hunter 

On the eve of the 2017 NCAA Div. I Outdoor Track & Field Championships, Vin Lananna, president of TrackTown USA and Associate Athletic Director at the University of Oregon, was relaxed and smiling as he watched scores of hopeful athletes get their final warmups in at Hayward Field. Fueling his upbeat spirits is Lananna's optimism about the present state and likely trajectory of American track & field.  

The architect of so many the sport's advancements is comfortable reflecting on the evolution of the NCAA championship gathering. "I grew up in a period of time when you had a men's program only. So when [the NCAA first recognized women's track & field in 1985] and combined the championships, I looked at it from a practical perspective. As I was coaching just men, I knew the guys would get more rest," recalls Lananna. "But I also remember being really intrigued and enthralled by the fact that the women athletes were really good. And with the events developing - the pole vault, the triple jump, the steeplechase, and the hammer, events that women didn't do - the progression was terrific." READ ONLINE
Evan Jäger Dominates Steeple: Olympic Silver Medalist Captures 5th National Title

by Dave Hunter
June 25, 2017, Sacramento

It is difficult enough for track & field athletes to religiously hone their craft in the never-ending drive to be among their country's best. But it is only in very rare circumstances when an even more remarkable performer can rise not simply to be among the country's best, but to be the country's dominating performer in that event. Today, steeplechase specialist Evan Jager showed once again that he is such an athlete.

After Jager left the University of Wisconsin to turn professional, it took a while for the Illinois native to find his best event. After dabbling with the longer, flat distance events, the young professional decided in 2012 to give the steeplechase a whirl.  READ MORE
by Dave Hunter
June 22, 2017, Sacramento
With all due respect to every other event on the track and in the field, isn't there just something special - almost magical - about the 100 meters?
The heritage of the 100 meters - the "Century" as it is often referred to by the old-schoolers - is deeply rooted. Our fascination with speed, running speed, goes way back. It is engrained in our culture. From schoolyard squabbles to see who can run the fastest to the quadrennial Olympic finals in the dash, the 100 meters is the battlefield where the argument is finally settled: Who really is the fastest?
There is a certain notoriety that accompanies the "Fastest" title. With apologies to the mile, the 100 meters is probably the best known and most embraced track & field event for the expanded population that extends beyond track & field's hardcore fan base. Jesse Owens, Carl Lewis, Usain Bolt - all household names borne from, among other things, 100 meter success. READ MORE 

Sandi Morris: The View from 5.00 Meters
By Dave Hunter
When Sandi Morris sailed over 5.00 meters/16'5" in last year's Diamond League pole vault final in Brussels, she became only the third woman in history to conquer that mythical height. It was a clearance that clinched for Morris Track & Field News' #1 world pole vault ranking and was the perfect capper for Morris' 2016 breakout year. It was quite a year indeed for the young South Carolina native who just four years earlier was a bundle of unharnessed potential utilizing unrefined technique to clear 4.15 meters/13' 7¼".
It all started back in Greenville, South Carolina where Sandi grew up in a track & field oriented family. "Both my parents were multi's at Western Illinois," explains Morris. "I started track in 2nd grade and I started running hurdles in 6th grade." In the summer before entering high school, her coach Rusty Shealy, noting Sandi's speed and jumping agility, worked with her father to teach her the basics of the pole vault. After capturing two South Carolina high school state vault championships and a two-year detour through Chapel Hill, Morris ultimately took her talents to Fayettesville where she entered the University of Arkansas with a PR of 4.30m/14' 1¼".
2017 NCAA Division I Track & Field Championships

  2017 NCAA Division I Track & Field Championships
California Track & Running News, via it's partner RunBlogRun, is pleased to present coverage of the NCAA Division 1 Track & Field Championships held in Eugene, Oregon. Our writers are students at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication. Thanks to all of them, as well as to their instructor, Lori Shontz.

Running Events
by Kim Holm, Ariel Sax, Gus Morris, Abigail Winn, Maverick Pallack

Stories about the men's 10K, 400m, 110m Hurdles, 1500m and the women's steeple and 5K.
Field Events
by RJ Chavez, Ariel Sax, Abigail Winn, Becky Hoag

Stories on the Gators long jumpers and men's hammer throw, women's shot put, and men's high jump. READ MORE HERE


Oregon Women Claim Team Title
by Morgan Sudduth and Emma Childs  READ MORE HERE
Bread for Runners: Good, Bad-or Yummy?

by Nancy Clark, MS RD CSSD

Many runners are staying away from bread these days: It's a waste of calories. ... It's fattening. ... It's inflammatory. These active people often struggle with denying themselves of this pleasurable food: I tell the waiter to remove the breadbasket so I don't devour the whole thing. ... No more sandwiches for me; I eat just salads. ... On Sundays I cheat and eat a bagel! ...

Perhaps you are feeling confused about the role of bread in your sports diet? After all, eating (white) bread these days is commonly viewed as nutritionally incorrect. Here are some facts to resolve some of the bread confusion.   READ MORE
Videos by The Shoe Addicts

Rebekah Broe Interview at 2017 New Balance Indoor Grand Prix

Take a look at what's new in New Balance running shoes with New Balance's Rebekah Broe, Product Line Manager. Larry Eder sat down with her at the New Balance at the 2017 New Balance Indoor Grand Prix.  WATCH IT HERE

More Videos from the Shoe Addicts, Digital Partners of RunBlogRun:

London Marathon Post Race Press Conference (Pt 1): Women's Top 3
The 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon was a tremendously adventurous race on the women's side. Not since Paula Radcliffe in 2003 have we seen a women run with such abandon. In Mary Keitany's case, she ran with a pacer, but after halfway, was on her very lonesome. Mary Keitany ran 1:06:55 through halfway, and as BBC pundits Brendan Foster and Steve Cram were wondering outloud when she would collapse, Keitany kept on. Only Paula Radcliffe, the only women who has run faster than Mary Keitany, defended Keitany as she ran 2:17:01.

After the race, we were told that Mary had asked her pacesetter to slow down. Mary Keitany had run 65 and change, in the early spring, and she had been training for this. This presser is the post conference, part 1, an amazing discussion with Mary Keitany, Tirunish Dibaba and Aselefech Mergia. WATCH IT HERE

Conversations with Larry: Why the Boston Marathon is Important
Presented by RunBlogRun, Conversations with Larry is my attempt to provide some clarity in our crazy sport. My topic today is the importance of the Boston Marathon. Special thanks to the Shoe Addicts, our digital partners, who produce the video series. Tell us what you think, just email me at  runblogrun@gmail.com. WATCH IT HERE

Conversations with Larry: Why the Prefontaine Classic Meet is Important
The Hayward Restoration Meet began in 1974. One of the finest races of the day was a battle between Frank Shorter, Olympic gold medalist and Steve Prefontaine, Olympic 4th placer, in the 5000 meters. Frank Shorter took the lead in the 3 mile with a lap to go, and with a long wind up, and the support of 'his people' Steve Prefontaine flew by Frank Shorter as they both broke the AR for 3 miles, with Pre running 12:51.4. In the following year, Shorter and Prefontaine both battled over 5000 meters,with Prefontaine getting the win, nearly beaking the AR. Prefontaine died early the next morning. Nike has been involved since 1978, as the meet became the Prefontaine Classic in 1975. I've missed just a few meets since the late 1980s, and for good reasons. With Nike's support, and Tom Jordan's magnificent obsession, the Prefontaine Classic has given American fans a chance to see European style track meets in the Pacific Northwest. WATCH IT HERE

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