Welcome to the May 2017 issue of California Track & Running News' monthly e-newsletter!

Welcome to the May 2017 issue of California Track & Running News' monthly e-newsletter!
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Welcome to the May 2017 issue of California Track & Running News' monthly e-newsletter! 

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California Track & Running News, Spring 2017

2017 Spring Shoe Review
Centrowitz, Martinez Impress at USATF Distance Classic

By David Monti, @d9monti
(c) 2017 Race Results Weekly, All Rights Reserved
Used with Permission

LOS ANGELES (18-May) -- As the warm Southern California sun set over the Bill Henry Track at Jack Kemp Stadium at Occidental College here, action on the track heated up at the USATF Distance Classic, led by USA-leading and meet record marks by global medalists Matthew Centrowitz in the 1500m (3:33.41) and Brenda Martinez in the 800m (1:58.78).
Martinez, the 2013 IAAF World Championships silver medalist at 800m, glided through the first 400-meters behind the pacemaker in a swift 57.23, then bolted to the lead with 300 meters to go.  Pumping her arms furiously as she ran down the backstretch, the 29-year-old Californian did not let up in the final meters and was the only woman to break two minutes here tonight.  She was clearly pleased with her effort and saved something for the Prefontaine Classic 1500m one week from Saturday in Eugene, Ore.   READ ONLINE
Sam EmcEntee Gets PB, World Champs 5000m Qualifier

By Cathal Dennehy

At the Payton Jordan Invitational, the elite 5000 meters was a fantastic race as Justyn McKnight and Sam McEntee battled to the finish in a fine 13:17 on a cold and windy night in Palo Alto, Calif. Cathal Dennehy shares how Sam McEntee went from a college runner to an elite athlete.

For many distance runners, the landscape of life after college is a wasteland - an empty scene where there is no visible route from where you are to where you want to be.

Sam McEntee knows this, but the 25-year-old Australian is one of the fortunate few to have had a path mapped out for him, thanks to two world-class coaches who nudged him in the right direction at a pivotal point in life.

It was May 2015 and McEntee, a middle distance talent plying his trade at Villanova, was coming to the end of his collegiate career. Three years earlier, it seemed he had endless options available for the future after clocking a PB of 3:36.81 at the age of just 21. But the only predictable thing in life is that it's utterly unpredictable, and after being eliminated in the heats the 1500m at the NCAA Regional Championships in Jacksonville, Fl., he faced the daunting decision every athlete must when the safety net of a scholarship disappears: What next? READ MORE
By David Hunter

As is the case in virtually every undertaking in life, goal-setting is an essential ingredient for track & field success. The better athletes in our sport reflect upon past accomplishments, assess their fitness level, target their goals, and map out a strategy to achieve them. Yet without the athlete's commitment, the prospects for goal achievement are slim indeed. Studies show that when an athlete does commit, but then also verbalizes and shares the targeted goals with others, it serves to strengthen the resolve of the athlete who has gone public with the dream. Some athletes - who see risk in sharing their goals with others - are coy about their annual or long-range objectives and are reluctant to share their goals with others. Other bolder and more confident track & field performers do not fear publication of what they hope to accomplish and see it as technique to inspire them to employ their best efforts to succeed. Kerron Clement is one such athlete.
Five Lessons We Learned from the 2017 Boston Marathon
By Larry Eder

For me, the 2017 Boston Marathon, with the heat, humidity and wind, was still one of the finest races in the event's storied history. Americans had two women and six men in the top ten in each elite race. 30,000 runners battled heat, humidity and wind on April 17, 2017.Edna KIplagat and Geoffrey Kirui showed that running for the first time on the course does not dampen your chance of running well through the towns around Boston.

Here are five things I learned from observing the 2017 Boston Marathon:
Ekaterina Stefanidi's Motivation

  By David Hunter, March 26, 2017

A successful track & field athlete needs several critical traits: natural talent; a disciplined work ethic; a reliable support system; knowledgeable coaching; an unflappable demeanor; an unshakeable focus; and - among the most important - an engrained sense of motivation which inspires the athlete to employ all of those other characteristics in the quest to achieve the targeted track & field goal. A survey of the current marquee track & field athletes suggests that Ekaterina Stefanidi, reigning Olympic and Diamond League pole vault champion, is among those few athletes who receive high marks in virtually all of these categories - especially motivation.

Stefanidi - who likes to go by Katerina - was born and raised in Greece by parents who themselves have tasted track & field success. "Both my parents competed for the national team in Greece. My mom ran the 400 meters and my dad competed in the triple jump," the Nike athlete explains. "Neither of them competed in the world championships, but we have smaller championships in which they competed. And that's how they met each other." While only Greek was spoken in her home Katerina, a gifted student, began learning English at an early age. "English is the language we learned in school - starting in the 3rd grade." The young grade schooler began vaulting at age 10 and five years later she cleared 4.30m/14'1ΒΌ" to win the gold medal at the 2005 IAAF World Youth Championships.   READ MORE
Videos by The Shoe Addicts

2017 Skechers Performance LA Marathon Diaries:

The PUMA NETFIT launch was held May 4, 2017 in New York City. The PUMA NETFIT is all about providing you a more personalized fit experience. PUMA is a well respected global brand that has been in running, football and sports lifestyle for many years. For information on the footwear, visit www.PUMA.com/netfit. Let us know if you need help finding the shoes. You can reach us at runblogrun@gmail.com.

Here are some videos by the Shoe Addicts of some of the highlights. WATCH IT HERE

PUMA Unveils NETFIT, Part 1
On May 4, 2017, in New York, PUMA launched NETFIT to the media world. This is part one of The Shoe Addicts coverage of the live event. NETFIT is built around providing a personalized fit for the PUMA shoes. The launch is for PUMA Running, PUMA Sportslifestyle, and PUMA Soccer. The introduction to the event was sent by Julianna Goddard (@YesJulz). It was a fun introduction, and received strong coverage. The challenge always is, how does one stand out in an 24/7 world of overwhelming media overstimulation? PUMA is telling the story, having some fun, and letting the consumer see NETFIT. WATCH IT HERE

Yandel Joins YesJulz to Discuss Everything PUMA
The world of running footwear is that combination of form and function. Great running shoes can look cool too. The PUMA NETFIT launched on 4 May 2017 in New York City. PUMA uses its brand ambassadors to reach out to the their followers to tell the story of PUMA NETFIT. Here's YesJulz with @Yandel speaking about all that is PUMA.  WATCH IT HERE

Usain Bolt Discusses PUMA & NETFIT in NYC
Usain Bolt has been with PUMA since he was a 19-year-old emerging star. At the PUMA NETFIT launch, Usain hung out, spoke about PUMA, showed how he laces the new PUMA NETFIT to get his personal fit.
The NETFIT concept? PUMA wants to provide the consumer a more personalized fit. So they provided hundreds of options to personalize your fit by using the PUMA NETFIT lacing system to provide you a fit that provides more comfort and stability.

The video is from the launch of PUMA NetFit on May 4, 2017 and is from The Shoe Addicts, the digital partners of RunBlogRun. WATCH IT HERE

More Videos from the Shoe Addicts, Digital Partners of RunBlogRun:

London Marathon Post Race Press Conference (Pt 1): Women's Top 3
The 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon was a tremendously adventurous race on the women's side. Not since Paula Radcliffe in 2003 have we seen a women run with such abandon. In Mary Keitany's case, she ran with a pacer, but after halfway, was on her very lonesome. Mary Keitany ran 1:06:55 through halfway, and as BBC pundits Brendan Foster and Steve Cram were wondering outloud when she would collapse, Keitany kept on. Only Paula Radcliffe, the only women who has run faster than Mary Keitany, defended Keitany as she ran 2:17:01.

After the race, we were told that Mary had asked her pacesetter to slow down. Mary Keitany had run 65 and change, in the early spring, and she had been training for this. This presser is the post conference, part 1, an amazing discussion with Mary Keitany, Tirunish Dibaba and Aselefech Mergia. WATCH IT HERE

Conversations with Larry: Why the Boston Marathon is Important
Presented by RunBlogRun, Conversations with Larry is my attempt to provide some clarity in our crazy sport. My topic today is the importance of the Boston Marathon. Special thanks to the Shoe Addicts, our digital partners, who produce the video series. Tell us what you think, just email me at runblogrun@gmail.com. WATCH IT HERE

Conversations with Larry: Why the Prefontaine Classic Meet is Important
The Hayward Restoration Meet began in 1974. One of the finest races of the day was a battle between Frank Shorter, Olympic gold medalist and Steve Prefontaine, Olympic 4th placer, in the 5000 meters. Frank Shorter took the lead in the 3 mile with a lap to go, and with a long wind up, and the support of 'his people' Steve Prefontaine flew by Frank Shorter as they both broke the AR for 3 miles, with Pre running 12:51.4. In the following year, Shorter and Prefontaine both battled over 5000 meters,with Prefontaine getting the win, nearly beaking the AR. Prefontaine died early the next morning. Nike has been involved since 1978, as the meet became the Prefontaine Classic in 1975. I've missed just a few meets since the late 1980s, and for good reasons. With Nike's support, and Tom Jordan's magnificent obsession, the Prefontaine Classic has given American fans a chance to see European style track meets in the Pacific Northwest. WATCH IT HERE

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