The Workers’ Compensation Action Network today made the following statement regarding action by the California Department of Industrial Relations and Division of Workers’ Compensation to suspend seven medical providers from treating workers’ compensation patients because they have been convicted of fraud or suspended from the Medicare or Medicaid program for fraud or abuse.

The statement may be attributed to Jerry Azevedo, spokesperson for the Workers’ Compensation Action Network. He can be reached at 916-475-2437.

The DIR’s full announcement can be accessed here:

“We commend the Department of Industrial Relations and Division of Workers’ Compensation for quickly utilizing new tools provided by the legislature last year to suspend fraudulent medical providers and prevent them from seeking payment through liens.

“For too long, certain medical providers have treated California’s workers’ compensation system as their personal ATM, with no regard for California’s rules for treating injured workers, employer costs or the injured workers they are supposed to help.

“Ridding California’s workers’ compensation system of fraudulent medical providers is a win for injured workers and employers who depend on responsible, quality medical care.

“California’s workers’ compensation system is frequently criticized by doctors and lawyers for investing too much time and money into reviewing medical care, arguing that these reviews create barriers to care.

“In an ideal world where every medical treatment is justified and proven to help an injured worker recover, such reviews would be unnecessary. The world of workers’ compensation, however, is far from ideal. These suspended providers remind us we need every tool at our disposal to stop those who exploit injured workers – and jeopardize their health – simply to line their own pockets.”

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