California WaterFix Update
Issue 5, December 8, 2016
Delta Water Recharges
Southern California's
Groundwater Basins

Did you know that groundwater is Southern California's single largest local water source?  This water is located beneath the earth's surface and is an important source of water used to supply our homes, businesses and agriculture.
While groundwater is a large local resource, these basins must be refilled regularly to provide the best benefits, maintain high quality water, and avoid land subsidence. Most local groundwater managers depend on imported water from Northern California to help replenish and recharge these basins.
California WaterFix is a proposed plan to update the aging water delivery system in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and help ensure that reliable water supplies will be available to keep local groundwater basins healthy and sustainable.

  About Salt and Drinking Water 

Salt is a mineral that comes into contact with water in almost every system, but too much salt is a serious concern and must be managed.

Some examples where salt can impact drinking water quality include:
  • Groundwater basins in coastal regions can be threatened by seawater intrusion.
  • Rivers including the Colorado River have higher salt content that need to be blended to improve the taste and quality.
  • Levees and artificial barriers in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta have been used to protect fresh drinking water systems from salt water intrusion from the San Francisco Bay.
California WaterFix is designed to help capture and deliver high quality water from the Sierra Nevada mountains and keep the state's drinking water fresh, safe and pure.
When blended with Colorado River supplies, this water helps to reduce the amount of salt in Southern California water supplies, allowing it to be stored in underground aquifers that currently have salt restrictions. Less salt also makes it easier to recycle water, which is important for Southern California's long-term water supply reliability.

Photo courtesy of DWR:
2015 Sacramento - San Joaquin Delta temporary rock barrier to prevent saltwater intrusion.


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