California WaterFix Update
Issue 16, May 11, 2017
How Do We Know California WaterFix
Will Protect Delta Fish ?
The California Endangered Species Act (ESA) is a strong and important law that helps protect native endangered species, including the Delta smelt. The proposed California WaterFix project is being developed to fully comply with the state ESA and improve conditions for Delta smelt and other native species.

Before work can proceed to build California WaterFix, the state agency responsible for the ESA -- the California Department of Fish and Wildlife -- will issue an Incidental Take Permit, also known as a 2081 permit.
This permit will require California WaterFix to implement measures tailored to protect Delta smelt, other species and their habitat during the project's construction and as part of the proposed new water operations.
Using collaborative science and adaptive management, officials will monitor these actions, assess their performance, and make necessary adjustments to ensure full compliance with the Incidental Take Permit.
The California WaterFix will help establish a healthier Delta that can contribute to better conditions for fish populations.
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