California WaterFix Update

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 Issue 12, March 16, 2017
State and Federal Actions Pending on California WaterFix
In the coming months, state and federal agencies are poised to make several major decisions on California WaterFix:
State of California 2081 Permit
The permit application to comply with California Endangered Species law, also known as the 2081 permit, has been submitted to the state Department of Fish and Wildlife.
Federal Environmental Permits
The U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife and the National Marines Fisheries Service are drafting biological opinions on the project impacts for the Delta to ensure the best updated science is applied for protected species.
When the above environmental approvals are complete, California WaterFix can receive a "Notice of Determination" from the state Department of Water Resources and a "Record of Decision" from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.  These are important approvals allowing the project to move forward.
Point of Diversion Permit
The State Water Resources Control Board must issue a permit to allow a new diversion point of entry for the State Water Project from the San Joaquin River to the Sacramento River.

View a short video about California WaterFix here.

Next Steps for Southern California Water Agencies

Metropolitan Water District (MWD) has long supported the planning process for California WaterFix. Later this year, MWD plans to present to its board three white papers on the proposed project, including reports on:
  •  Construction and risks of the project
  •  Biological opinions, project operations, and expected yield
  •  Cost share analysis and cost impact to rates.
MWD's board will hold a series of meetings to discuss these topics followed by a board workshop, prior to a final vote on the project.
A number of water agencies around Southern California are also reviewing California WaterFix and will be taking their own actions to review and consider the project. 

Photo Courtesy DWR   
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