California WaterFix Update


Issue 24, August 24, 2017
Southern Californian's are Speaking Out
On California WaterFix

This summer, Metropolitan has held a series of meeting to consider issues related to the construction, operations and financing for California WaterFix. Three policy white paper subjects have addressed the  physical infrastructure, operations, and costs of the project. Transparency and public input are important to the decision-making process. A full listing of public comments is available here.
Over the course of these hearings many speakers have presented a variety of perspectives on California WaterFix.
Here are excerpts from some of the comments that were made in support of California WaterFix at recent committee meetings:
Central City Association of Los Angeles (Shane Phillips) 
"WaterFix is the most cost effective solution available adding only about $2-3 per month per household. WaterFix will support an important role in providing jobs..." 
International Union of Operating Engineers Local 12 (Dan Billy)
"Our membership are people who survey, inspect and run heavy equipment in the construction industry. I'm here today to communicate the International Union of Operating Engineers unconditional support for the CA WaterFix Project..."
Bright Theory (Ann Carpenter)
" Implementing the California WaterFix, an innovative infrastructure and improvement program to modernize the state water system, is fundamental to California's businesses and residences alike."
New Environmental Leaders of America, Fontana (Natalia Boden)
"We believe that an investment in water infrastructure of this state is an investment in our future survival and sustainability. We ask that MWD ...consider the New Environmental Leaders of America as a powerful ally to help bring home this message to our students and communities they will serve in the future."
Los Angeles County Business Federation, BIZFED (Mike Lewis)
"Our membership represents 325,000 employers and 3 million employees in LA County. We drive this economy, and we intend to drive public policy to improve the quality of life in our region. The very people who tell you today that they cannot afford reliable water will be the first to be impacted and will be the first to hold you accountable when water no longer comes out of their walls."
Sports Fishing Conservancy (Tom Raftican)
"The Sports Fishing Conservancy... supports the responsible use of resources that balance conservation and utility. California WaterFix is a proactive approach to addressing habitat and resource needs in addition to updating long neglected infrastructure."
Valley Industry Commerce Association - VICA (Elizabeth Holly)
"From a business perspective, reliable, safe and affordable water is critical to the economy and jobs. We must modernize the state's water delivery system in the Delta to ensure this long-term water security."
Southern California District Council of Laborers
"We represent over 30,000 hardworking construction laborers throughout Southern California from Kern County down to the Mexican border in San Diego and Arizona. We would ask that this Board support the California WaterFix, as this will continue to have a reliable source for Southern California working families."
Metropolitan has scheduled a special board meeting on September 26 to consider an investment decision on California WaterFix.

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