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 Introducing Our Inaugural Issue: October 13, 2016


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With California in drought eight of the last 10 years, there is a growing sense of urgency within the Southland to ensure reliable water supplies. Much of the water delivered to Southern California from Northern California comes through the State Water Project.  It diverts water via the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta estuary. Unfortunately, the Delta's declining ecosystem and fragile 1,100-mile levee system are increasingly vulnerable. A n earthquake could cut off this water supply for  as long as three years. 
California WaterFix is a comprehensive solution proposed by state and federal agencies to ensure our state has a reliable water supply for many years to come. As the project advances this year with much activity coming in the next several months, "California WaterFix Update" will be Metropolitan's effort to communicate key information about the project as events unfold. This update will provide background information on the project as well as recent updates. We will be sending this update every two weeks and we hope it provides helpful information. 
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What's Happening in the Coming Months?
California WaterFix is fast approaching the final stages for approval of the project. These are the next steps:
SWRCB Point of Diversion Permit
The State Water Resources Control Board must issue a permit to allow a new diversion point of entry for the State Water Project from the San Joaquin River to the Sacramento River. (More info)
State of California 2081 Permit
The permit application to comply with California Endangered Species law, also known as the 2081 permit, has been submitted to the Department of Fish and Wildlife.  Completion of this permitting process is planned for late 2016 or early 2017.  
The state and federal environmental documents, which  includes the preferred alternative for the project and responses to comments, are expected to be finalized later this year. 
Federal Environmental Permits
The U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife and the National Marines Fisheries Service is drafting the biological opinion on the project impacts for the Delta to ensure the best updated science is applied for the Delta Smelt, Salmon and anadramous species (fish born In freshwater who spend most of their life in the sea and return to freshwater to spawn) within the Delta. (More info)
Cost Allocation for SWP/CVP
The cost of California WaterFix for Southern California will be clarified by decisions that identify the share of the cost to the State Water Project (which includes Metropolitan) and how Metropolitan and other SWP agencies decide to allocate their portion of the investment.
When the environmental approvals are complete, California WaterFix can move forward with a "Notice of Determination" (from the CA Department of Water Resources) and a "Record of Decision" (from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation) which are the final approvals allowing the project to move forward. (More info)

Why a California WaterFix?
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