California WaterFix Update

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 Issue 6, December 22, 2016
Final Environmental Documents Released
Marking a major milestone for the proposed California WaterFix, the California Department of Water Resources and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation today released final environmental documents for the project.
The Final Environmental Impact Report / Environmental Impact Statement (EIR/EIS) is now available online for public review.
"This historic milestone completes the process of identifying the preferred project to modernize the state water system, reduce environmental conflicts and increase water supply reliability for California," said Jeffrey Kightlinger, general manager of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. "After more than 10 years of planning, analysis and debate, the time for decisions is finally in sight." Metropolitan has supported the planning process for California WaterFix as a way to improve water reliability and restore the Delta.
The EIR/EIS is part of the larger state and federal regulatory review and permitting process that is typical for large infrastructure projects like California WaterFix.
California WaterFix is an upgrade to the state's aging water infrastructure in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The public will now have the opportunity to review the Final EIR/EIS for at least 30 days before state and federal agencies issue their final decisions.

View a short video about California WaterFix here.

Key Components of California WaterFix   

California WaterFix, described in the EIR/EIS as Alternative 4A, has three key components.
First, the project calls for three new intakes in the north Delta where the water quality is higher and impacts to fish are reduced.
Second, it includes two new tunnels, located up to 150 feet below ground, to transport water. These gravity-fed tunnels would protect the water supply from salt water intrusion due to sea level rise, levee failure and earthquakes.
Third, improved state and federal pumping facilities in the south Delta reduce environmental and construction impacts.

The final project has been refined from what state and federal agencies had originally proposed to better protect wildlife, fisheries and habitat.
California WaterFix is a modernized water delivery system designed to provide a reliable water supply while protecting Delta flows for water quality and fish.
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