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2015 Neighborhoods, USA  
National Conference
~Call for Presentations~
Neighborhoods, USA (NUSA) provides its members with the tools and training to improve and maintain great neighborhoods every year. These cutting-edge workshops provide an education for anyone who is committed to community improvement, whether you're a grass-roots activist or a professional. Many professional organizations, including the American Planning Association and several fair- and affordable-housing programs, offer continuing education credit for NUSA workshops.


NUSA is proud to host its 40th anniversary conference May 20-23, 2015 in Houston, Texas, where the theme is Passion Into Action.


The Program Development Committee of NUSA is seeking proposals from the best and brightest to present workshops on a wide range of topics related to neighborhoods in the following areas.

Proposals are due by Wednesday, October 1, 2014, 5 p.m. EDT. Proposals must be submitted in the Proposal Outline format described below. Preference is given to proposals that address the conference theme, Passion into Action, in one of the following 10 workshop tracks.
  • Social & Civic Engagement

Different cultures living together; Managing community groups; Spreading good news; Obtaining public opinion or support, etc. 

  • Changes in the Natural Environment

How to plan for and deal with the after-effects of drought, flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, landslides, earthquakes, etc.

  • Housing

Affordability; Design; Small-house design; Renovations and compatibility; Homelessness, etc.

  • Demographics & Population Change

Data; Changing social cultures; Mapping tools; GPS; How to keep up with changes, shrinking centers, exploding growth, etc.

  • Transportation

Rail, bike, bus trails; Traffic-calming; Clean-up; Tunnels; Accessibility; Complete streets, etc.

  • Green Things & Food Sustainability

Recycling; Solar; Going green; Reuse; Money-saving design; Building orientation; Cooling efficiencies; Construction materials; Geothermal technology; Community gardens; Backyard gardens; Backyard livestock; Food trucks; Plant walls, etc.

  • Show Me the $$$

Government grants; Private grants; New fund-raising ideas, etc.

  • Neighborhood Initiatives

Examples of projects initiated by communities; Successes, pitfalls, influence on the community; How to get the neighborhood involved, etc.

  • Social Concerns & Political Advocacy

Use of social media; Building and keeping association membership; Town and gown communities; Socially-engaged art projects, etc.

  • Health & Safety

Diet, health messaging, food choices; Accessibility to exercise facilities - youth and seniors; Sunday streets; Neighborhood watch, design, strategies that work; Preventive programs for youth; Senior safety and communication networks; Fire drills; National Night Out, etc.


All proposals must be received on October 1, 2014  by 5 p.m. (East Coast Time) to be considered and must follow the "Proposal Outline" below.


Please e-mail your proposals to the following address: 

Proposal Outline

Workshop Information

  1. Workshop title.
  2. Description - should be 50-60 words maximum.  This will be used to prepare the conference registration and program booklets.
  3. Extended Description - 300 word maximum, including a minimum of three learning objectives.
  4. Primary and Secondary Conference Tracks 
  5. Session Format (i.e. debate, clinic, moderated session, panel, etc.
  6. AV equipment to be used.

Proposer/Session Organizer Information

  1. Name, Title
  2. Company / Organization
  3. Address, City, State and Zip
  4. Phone:  Daytime, Evening and Fax
  5. Email Address

Panelist Information (list for each panelist)

  1. Name, Title
  2. Company / Organization
  3. Address, City, State and Zip
  4. Phone:  Daytime, Evening and Fax
  5. Email Address
  6. Describe experience in presenting this workshop topic. Include academic and/or professional credentials as appropriate.
  7. Describe overall presentation experience. Include a link to any YouTube video that provides an example of presentation skills, if available.
  8. Include statement confirming the panelist is aware of the submission and agrees with the terms and conditions described below.
Workshop Expectations
& Terms and Conditions

Workshop proposals must be submitted with the prescribed "Proposal Outline" above. Proposals must be submitted via email and received by 5 p.m. (East Coast Time) on Wednesday, October 1, 2014. If we select your presentation, you must adhere to the established guidelines.


Workshops will be held on Thursday, May 21, 2015 and Friday, May 22, 2015. Speakers should be available on both days until an actual workshop time has been confirmed. Your assigned time will be provided to you as soon as possible.


Workshop proposals demonstrating significant audience participation will be given priority. The Program Development Committee reserves the right to merge workshops and panels as it sees fit.


Presenters shall limit statements advertising, announcing or marketing professional services or product promotion during the workshops. A brief statement, either at the beginning or end of the session, is permissible.


We encourage speakers to participate in the entire conference.  ALL speakers are required to pay conference registration fees. 


The following AV equipment will be provided in each workshop room:  laptop, LCD projector, screens, laptop tables, easels and markers.  Presenters will need to provide anything additional at the presenter's cost.  


Some sessions may be recorded on video. If yours is chosen, you will be asked for your permission in advance.