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RDCK Climate Truth Actions

Join The Zoom Meeting Tuesday April 11th, 2023
How are the RDCK and municipal governments spending the additional millions of dollars they're receiving this year? What strings are attached?
The New RDCK Climate Action Plan is now public. The budgets tell us the framework of the future. Climate action plans, urban planning and land use by-law changes may herald in 15 minute cities and the social credit system. Involvement from everyone is needed. We are forming action groups to ask questions as there are definite game's afoot.
The Climate Action Group is inviting you to a Scheduled Zoom meeting, chaired by Judy Lamb Richardson.
Topic: RDCK Climate Truth Planning Meeting # 2
Time: Tuesday Apr 11, 2023 06:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 843 3385 5039

Passcode: 998060

Find your local number: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kd0zKFwPku

To prepare for the meeting, please read the Climate Action Plan and Reading Material
and https://www.rdck.ca/assets/Services/Sustainability~and~Environmental~Initiatives/Documents/RDCK%20Climate%20Actions%20-%20digital2.pdf

 Considering that the RDCK Climate Action Plan policies being pushed through may have severe economic consequences for all residents, with possible bankruptcy, loss of residence, etc. (ie: farmers forced to trade out farming vehicles to ZEV’s), it is not reasonable, ethical or moral to not have proper town hall meetings or to hold a referendum with timely notice and information shared.

April 6th Updates

Call To Actions
April 20th is the next RDCK open board meeting. Two of our members applied to speak as a delegation at this meeting to present our concerns, but they were both denied, however there is a question period towards the end of the meeting, and we're requesting as many volunteers attend as possible to ask strategic questions. Potential questions will be uploaded to the next newsletter. Our short term goal is to halt the Climate Action approval plan by the RDCK Board until RDCK residents' concerns are adequately and fairly addressed, and residents are able and willing to give informed consent. We are also requesting the RDCK schedule in-person, local community meetings in facilities providing suitable access to allow for adequate discussion, with a representative and diverse number of RDCK residents (See Petition)
At our upcoming zoom meeting, participants will be given an overview of what the RDCK may be up to as well as our previous and future actions . We will then continue to form individual groups based on research topics which are listed in the April 5th agenda. Each spokesperson and/or group will be requested to research their chosen topics and upload important resources to the Team Resources Folder. Areas of concern tend to overlap so its encouraged that delegation speakers and volunteers stay updated for a broad based understanding.
Moving forward we would like to then branch off into groups which represent RDCK district areas to educate as many directors as possible. Our goal is to present our information to as many RDCK area directors through letter writing campaigns, information packages and as delegations which speak before the board at RDCK board meetings and potential Town Hall meetings. Other actions will also be carried out if needed. With the many different faces from different areas all stating similar concerns we may enable them to pause and consider the aspects of their decision making.

Immediate Actions

Sabrina, one of our team leaders, has prepared an RDCK PETITION which requests a halt of the Climate Action Plan approval by RDCK Board, slated to occur on April 20th, 2023. Please print copies and canvass signatures until April 27th and then mail in the original copies before April 30th to:

Box 371, Kaslo BC V0G 1M0

Petitions can also be left at key businesses and locations and then picked up and mailed in by April 30th.

Call To Actions
Join the Letter Writing Campaign

Judy has written 6 template letters to be distributed to all area directors. Volunteers are encouraged to write their own letters or use the template letters but its preferable to personalize them by adding your own comments.

Sabrina has also submitted a personally written letter to the next issue of the the Valley Voice. We encourage all volunteers to move simultaneously from all angles as they do.

All RDCK Area Directors Contact Information Can Be Found Here

SMART Cities Notice of Liability

Are SMART Cities really so smart? If the answer is no, then you need to get involved and make your voice heard.

In response, please print and deliver an A4C Notice of Liability to help educate RDCK board members as they are being sold a bill of lies in order to get them on board with SMART/15 Minute cities.

Call To Action

Does spending trillions of taxpayers dollars on this money laundering scheme sound like a good deal?

Resources Folder

Sabrina has also created a "Team Resources Folder" for teams to upload resources which can be accessed by all participants.
Please check it out. Resources can be downloaded from the Team Resources Folder and saved into your files.

Columbia Basin Trust Community Meetings and Open Houses

Lets also ask questions as delegations at the Columbia Basin Trust Open House and Community Conversation meetings. A list of events in all areas along with details is found at: 


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