We Need Your Help
Filling out the Technical Program
The program committee has extended the Call for Proposals until April 15th for specific tracks. This is part of our plan in providing comprehensive tracks that cover important quality topics. Subjects we're looking for include:

  • Technologies & Tools
With so many technologies and tools coming and going, it’s hard to figure out what to use. Should you consider functionality alone or are there other considerations? We would love to hear from those of you with wide-ranging experience with a variety of tools, from automation and performance to security and process management. Please share your experiences, good and bad, with your peers.

  • Performance & Security
Let’s face it; you can’t be a part of the party if you’re late, which is why performance is so important. Security, on the other hand, means you need tough bouncers to keep the bad guys out. Tell us how it's done as you, the expert, share your experience from the trenches.

  • Automation
The automation track needs your manual labor to beef it up! We're looking for presentations on many topics in this category: black box to white box, API test automation, and more. Tell your peers how you discovered new ways - through trial and error perhaps - to use automation to complement and speed up your efforts on all types of platforms from ITO to mobile and web.

The Call has been extended until  Sunday, April 15th. Get on the Road to Quality with us!
Get Motivated to Get Involved!
Need more reasons to jump on the road to quality now? Take courage from what two of our long-time supporters have to say about the value of being part of the program.

Heather Wilcox regularly submits proposals for the Call. In this blog post, she explains why she chooses to get involved in the program and the joy she experiences through active participation.

Or perhaps a poem is just the right inspiration for you. Meet PNSQC's Poet Laureate, Moss Drake, who will move you to submit a proposal in rhyming couplets. A must read!